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IRT Best Practices: How Companies are Accelerating Timelines While Improving Quality


Date: September 13, 2017 (60 minutes)

Featured Speaker:

  • Robin Barber, Manager, RTSM Solutions Engineering, Bioclinica

Condensed solution implementation timelines are a perennial challenge for clinical teams and interactive response technology (IRT) suppliers alike. Improvements in more agile methods of solution delivery using configurable technologies have transformed the implementation process, but further opportunities exist to leverage the typical solution sourcing and planning habits of multi-disciplinary clinical teams.

This webinar will highlight the use of more innovative agile methodologies to achieve better project delivery predictability, streamlined processes and high quality studies. Through case studies, presenters will share insight into improving quality and reducing risk while accelerating timelines.

In this practical, guidance-filled webinar, you will:

  • Identify immediate and downstream benefits of how highly configurable IRT technology can transform study inputs from RFP onwards to deliver working solutions, whilst simultaneously removing significant risk from sourcing and clinical teams' decision making
  • Gain insight into achieving high quality studies through early, constant team collaboration, streamlined processes and improved efficiencies

Keywords: Clinical Trials, IRT, Study Design


    Robin Barber, Manager, RTSM Solutions Engineering, Bioclinica

    Robin Barber is Manager of RTSM Solutions Engineering at Bioclinica, a global clinical trial services provider. She has been working in the application of software technology in clinical trials since 1999. Robin has held multiple leadership positions with global responsibilities in operational and developmental management functions and is a Certified Project Manager (PMP).


    • Clinical supply managers
    • RTSM leads, IRT leads
    • Clinical trial leads
    • Clinical operations
    • Clinical outsourcing
    • Clinical technology
    • Data management


    Bioclinica is a specialty services provider that utilizes expertise and technology to create clarity in the clinical trial process. Bioclinica is organized by three business segments to deliver focused service supporting multifaceted technologies. The Medical Imaging and Biomarkers segment provides medical imaging and cardiac safety services and includes a molecular marker laboratory. Our eHealth segment comprises eClinical Solutions, Randomization & Trial Supply Management, Safety & Regulatory Solutions, and Financial Lifecycle Solutions. Under the Global Clinical Research segment, Bioclinica offers a network of research sites, patient recruitment-retention solutions, and a post-approval research division.

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