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June 25, 2013

Practical Uses for Flow Cytometry in Toxicology Studies Within a GLP Environment

Speaker for this Event:
  • Brandon Zeigler, PhD, research scientist, MPI Research  Learn More

    Flow Cytometry and Toxicology within GLPFlow cytometry is a valuable tool used to gain information pertinent to the immunotoxicity of pharmaceuticals. These assays can be integrated into preclinical toxicology studies and used on all standard toxicology species including mice, rats, dogs, nonhuman primates, and pigs. Flow cytometry assays have also the ability to monitor rare cellular subsets for drug discovery purposes and evaluate custom biomarkers for pharmacodynamic evaluations.

    In order to utilize flow cytometry assays in a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) environment, they must be validated. In other words, these assays must meet stringent benchmarks in assay precision, reproducibility, and stability.

    Currently there are ongoing discussions and widely varying practices in the design of flow cytometry validation studies. This is due to a combination of challenges such as heterogeneous cell populations, lack of reference material for accuracy evaluation, and instrumentation complexity. This presentation will explore optimization and validation strategies for flow cytometry assays, as well as highlight assays used at MPI Research on GLP toxicology and drug discovery studies.

    Event Learning Objectives

    • Considerations for the inclusion of flow cytometry assays in toxicology studies
    • Current best practices for developing and validating a flow cytometry assay for use in GLP studies
    • Overview of flow cytometry assays used by MPI Research for immunotoxicology evaluation and drug discovery applications



    This webinar would be of interest to:

    • Scientists
    • Researchers
    • Directors
    • Laboratory Professionals
    • Study Coordinators
    • Study Monitors
    • Consultants
    • Managers

    With responsibilities in:

    • Pharmacology
    • Toxicology
    • Clinical Safety
    • Clinical Research
    • Principal Research
    • Research Investigation
    • Drug Development
    • Regulatory Affairs

    Within Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device companies


    Flow Cytometry in Toxicology Studies within GLP

    Brandon Zeigler, PhD, Research Scientist, MPI Research

    Brandon Zeigler, PhD, is a research scientist in the cellular and molecular biology department at MPI Research. As a scientist, he is responsible for the development and optimization of novel flow cytometry technologies, mentoring junior personnel, and providing scientific insight for internal studies. He obtained his PhD in biochemistry from Dartmouth College in 2008 and completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Pfizer. During his time at Pfizer, he contributed to early stage drug discovery research in anemia and inflammation therapeutic areas.

    Dr. Zeigler has extensive experience in immunotoxicology, hematology, and cell biology as noted by recognition in peer-reviewed publications such as Nature, Development, and Disease Models and Mechanisms. Dr. Zeigler is also an Adjunct Professor at Western Michigan University where he teaches graduate-level coursework in neuropsychopharmacology. He is an active member of AAPS and GLIIFCA Societies.


    With global headquarters in Mattawan, Michigan, MPI Research is a preclinical, contract research organization that provides discovery, safety evaluation, bioanalytical, and analytical services to the biopharmaceutical, medical device, animal health, and chemical industries. Responsiveness, scientific knowledge and experience, integrity, trust, teamwork, and dedication to strong and enduring Sponsor relationships are the defining attributes that characterize MPI Research as a high-performance, high-quality organization that is committed to bringing safer and more effective products to the world.

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