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Immunological Mechanisms of Vaccine-elicited Protection: Licensed Vaccines


Date: April 28, 2016 (60 minutes)

Featured Speaker:
  • Rolando Pajon, PhD , Vaccine Validation Scientist, Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Laboratory Solutions, Covance

    Vaccines elicit protection through the expedited action of our immune system. However, many first-line vaccines and immunotherapies were created with an empirical factor at play. Recent discoveries and technological breakthroughs in the field of immunology have offered new insights about the mechanisms of vaccine-induced immunity. Now, a variety of approaches exist for improving current vaccines and aiding the development of novel vaccines and immunotherapeutic agents. When a mechanism of protection is known, its quantification also offers practical advantages in the areas of process development, licensure and effectiveness monitoring.

    In this presentation, the speaker will cover known or suspected mechanisms that mediate protection elicited by very different licensed vaccines: MMRV (anti-Measles, -Mumps, -Rubella and -Varicella), Pertussis (anti-whooping cough), and the recently introduced anti-serogroup B meningococcal vaccines. He will also discuss the contribution of antibodies and the complex role of the human complement system along with key areas where significant challenges can be turned into scientific, technical and commercial opportunities.

    Keywords: Vaccine Validation,Vaccine Research


    Rolando Pajon, Covance

    Rolando Pajon, PhD, Vaccine Validation Scientist, Vaccine and Novel Immunotherapeutic Laboratory Solutions, Covance

    Rolando Pajon is responsible for the design, execution and validation of complex assays for vaccine evaluation. Drawing on his 20 years of experience in vaccine research and development, he assists clients with the application and interpretation of scientific theories, concepts, techniques and regulatory requirements to develop strategic approaches, improve processes and support complex vaccine programs. Dr. Pajon joined Covance in 2015 and has over 35 peer-reviewed publications in the vaccine/ immunology area, past WHO expert in quality control of meningococcal OMV vaccines and more than 14 patent applications.


    Chief Medical Officers, Chief Scientific Officers, plus senior level professionals involved in:

    • Medical Affairs / Regulatory Affairs
    • Regulatory Strategy
    • Translational Medicine
    • Personalized Medicine
    • Biomarker Development
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