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Innovation through Integration Providing Next Generation Biomedical Devices and Interconnects


Date: September 22, 2017 (60 minutes)

Featured Speaker:

Samtec provides innovative solutions for interconnecting chips, packages, modules, and systems throughout the electronics industry. In order to address such a large range of applications, Samtec's focus is on innovation. This presentation will provide insight into new packaging concepts, interconnects.

As a part of Samtec's Technology Centers, Samtec Microelectronics has provided device packaging services for medical devices and medical diagnostic equipment over the past 20 years.

For example, typical products packaged by Samtec Microelectronics are:

  • DNA sequencing devices containing microfluidic features
  • Implantable, foldable neuromodulation devices, implantable blood pressure sensors (cardiac), implantable optical prosthesis (retinal), and implantable audio sensors (ear)
  • Miniaturization of endoscopes on connectors, ultrasound imagers, and MRI sensors

To quote Brian Otis (CTO, Google's Verily Life Sciences), "Our mission is to bring together technology and life sciences to uncover new truths about health and disease." Samtec has and will continue to partner with biomedical companies to enable and ensure successful product development and production. By making use of all of Samtec's resources, Samtec can provide more comprehensive package integration solutions for our clients.

Key takeaways of this presentation are the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the key biomedical packaging technologies?
  • What are the elements of innovation and integration in new biomedical packages and interconnects?
  • How can miniaturization principles be implemented in biomedical packaging?
  • In order to deploy disruptive biomedical technologies, what are the roles of new materials, manufacturing processes, and even new packaging equipment?

Keywords: Medical Device, Medical Diagnostics, Biomedical Packaging


    Steve Groothuis, Chief Technology Officer, Samtec Microelectronics

    Mr. Steven Groothuis is the Chief Technology Officer at Samtec Microelectronics and maintains the package technology roadmaps for Samtec's microelectronic packaging products. He is involved in leading edge IC, MEMS, sensor, and optical/photonics package technology. He is a market strategist and technology advisor. He is involved in autonomous vehicles, biomedical, optical/photonics, and microelectronics sectors.

    Prior to joining Samtec, he was a DMTS at Micron Technology providing advancements on the advanced Hybrid Memory Cube package technology development and path finding, and multiphysics simulations. Mr. Groothuis worked at ANSYS as a Multiphysics Industry Specialist on MEMS simulation initiatives. He started his career as a package technologist at Texas Instruments and later becamethe Advanced Semiconductor Packaging Lab Manager.

    Mr. Groothuis received his BS Physics from Michigan State University and MS Physics from the University of Texas at Dallas. He has coauthored over 50 technical papers, holds over 17 US patents, and is a Senior Member, IEEE.

    • Biomedical engineers, scientists, test engineers, sensor packaging engineers, and industry consultants involved in R&D, design, materials selection, product manufacturing, and testing of biomedical devices and products
    • Individuals involved in nanotechnology, implantable devices, medical diagnostic equipment, medical imaging, in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices, and mobile health

    The presentation will also benefit medical venture capitalists, mobile health specialists, and intellectual property engineers.


    Known as the worldwide service leader for electronic connectors and cables, Samtec has focused on leading edge high speed products and services for the last two decades. The tremendous success in these areas has driven Samtec to further move into faster and smaller arenas. They now provide full turnkey solutions for your entire signal chain from Integrated Circuits, MEMS, and sensors, through the package, and through substrates, connectors and cables. Samtec Microelectronics can help you design, model, layout, and assemble your biomedical device packages. Our core capabilities include:

    • Advanced Semiconductor, MEMS, and Sensor substrate design
    • Flip chip, die attach, wire bonding, dam, encapsulation, transfer molding, and lid attach
    • Modeling and prototyping
    • Electrical testing and debug
    • In-house mid-board optical/photonic engine design, manufacturing, and packaging
    • New capabilities in glass interposers and substrates with low loss electrical characteristics, biomedical microstructuring, and 2.5D package integration

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