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May 30, 201

Development of an Innovative Microtablet Dosage Form

Speaker for this Event:
  • Torkel Gren, PhD, Director, Recipharm Learn More
  • As the R&D sector becomes increasingly competitive, there is a strong push within the industry to deliver better products, faster. Collaborations between Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations and pharma companies often means turning big ideas into reality, within short time frames.

    Microtablets, developed in collaboration with Sensidose AB and Recipharm, is one example of how effective outsourcing can bring products to market sooner. The partnership resulted in the development of a new dose automate delivery technology —slated to launch later this year— which can be customized to dispense medication according to individual requirement related to both dose amount and time.

    In this webinar, the presenter will review how an effective collaboration between client and service provider can be achieved in outsourcing pharmaceutical development. The development of the microtablet, as well as how this concept can be used to develop new products of established active ingredients with a significantly improved therapeutic value, will be discussed.


    Leaders in pharmaceutical and biotech fields with expertise in:

    • Product Development
    • Drug delivery
    • Life cycle management
    • Research and Development
    • Outsourcing Management
    • Product Development Strategies

    Torkel Gren, PhD, Director, Recipharm

    Torkel Gren is Sales Director at Recipharm Pharmaceutical Development AB. He is a pharmacist and holds a PhD in Pharmaceutics as well as a BSc in Business Administration. Torkel has 25 years of experience in industrial pharmaceutical development in Europe and the US. He was lead formulator for of Detrol LA / Detrusitol SR and co-inventor on several patents for this modified release product.


    Recipharm is contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO). With nine sites commercial manufacture in France, Germany, Spain, Sweden and the UK we offer manufacture of a wide range of dosage forms including solids, liquids, semisolids and steriles.

    The pharmaceutical development service division operates from a first class multi-purpose facility of 3000 m2 in Sweden. The development team consists of a team of highly skilled and qualified scientists who have developed and formulated many products between them solving numerous problems along the way. We are pleased to be able to offer our customers access to this team and their facilities to help with anything from straight forward clinical supply through to more complex product development and formulation. Skilled project management, toxicological and our regulatory department complement this.

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