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April 16, 2014

Mobile Medical Applications - Optimizing the User Interface on a Mobile Device

Speaker for this Event:
  • Frederic Ehrler, R & D Developer, Division of Medical Information Sciences HUG , Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland
  • Mobile medical applications are revolutionizing the life science industry because they provide users with meaningful data and powerful computational abilities from a convenient handheld device. Moreover, mobile innovators are developing mobile medical applications to leverage the integrated sensors offered by mobile platforms. The combination of these features has truly whet the appetite of healthcare providers, hoping to improve & facilitate the delivery of patient care.

    The user interface, or UI, of a device is the look and feel of the on-screen menu system and is a key factor in the success of all mobile medical applications. When designing mobile device interfaces, several important concepts must be mastered. One of the most important is “context”. Integrating context in a mobile medical application involves taking account of the environment in which an application is used, the target users and the manner of information input.

    In this webinar, Dr. Frederic Ehrler will share his experience gathered during several projects related to mobile medical applications. Dr. Ehrler will discuss common UI issues, challenges in implementing mobile medical application interfaces, understanding the device-user interface and issues concerning human factors of device use.

    Dr. Ehrler’s findings are synthesized under concise guidelines to help stakeholders to take appropriate decision in the development of mobile medical application interfaces.

    A live Q&A with the audience will follow the presentation.

    • Professionals working as Mobile Medical Technology Consultants, Vendors and Application Developers
    • Professionals in Health Research Enterprises
    • Professionals in Healthcare Communications
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    Frederic Ehrler, R & D Developer Division of Medical Information Sciences HUG , Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland

    Frederic Ehrler is an experienced healthcare IT professional, specializes in medical informatics. He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Geneva, Switzerland. His thesis focused on text mining on biomedical data. After his PhD, Frederic has worked for 2 years for the development of the CIS of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG).

    During this period, he has acquired a strong knowledge about the challenges inherent to the management of a modern CIS. Since 2012, Frederic has been working as R&D developer in the Division of Medical Information Sciences of the HUG. This division is looking at developing innovative ways to manage CIS information. In this context, Frederic has developed a special interest to study the issues related to the access of medical content through mobile devices. This has led him to acquire extensive expertise about usability, human-computer interactions, data representation, data acquisition quality and reliability.


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