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June 13, 2008

NERC Compliance Webinar Series
Part 1: NERC Reliability Standards


  • Steve Auradou, Director of Operations, ZGlobal Inc.  Learn More
  • NERC Reliability Standards

    This session will provide an introductory level discussion regarding the details of NERC Reliability Standards and the associated NERC Readiness and Compliance audits.

    The audience will be introduced to the individual NERC registered entities such as Transmission Owners, Transmission Providers, Generator Owners, Generator Operators, etc and how the individual NERC standards relate to each of these registered entities. We will also give you a break down of the reliability standards by functional entity and how the reliability standards ensure that each entity maintains accurate and complete records.

    The key features of the most critical reliability standards will be discussed, along with which areas have been most difficult for entities to meet the measurable standards.  You will also hear about the use of tools such as Reliability Audit Worksheets (RSAW) and internal compliance programs which have been shown to be of great value to many companies.

    The session will end with a summary of best practices within the utility industry; what they are and how companies utilize them to prepare for their upcoming audits.

    Key Take Away Points

    Functional Entity descriptions and their alignment with standards, audit preparedness tools, industry “best practices”.

              This webinar is part of a series sponsored by ZGlobal Inc.
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    June 20/08
    Key Issues to Individuals
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    June 27/08
    Emergency Operations Standards


    • Electric Industry Managers
    • Electric Industry Legal Staff
    • Electric Industry Department Heads
    • Electric Industry Staff

    ZGlobal Inc. is an Engineering and Energy Services consulting firm located in Folsom, California that specializes in Grid Operations and Electricity Markets. ZGlobal’s founder, Ziad Alaywan, played a major role in the start-up of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and has built over the years, excellent working relationships with CAISO Board members, Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and California Energy Commission (CEC) commissioners and their advisors as well as key managers at Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Prior to forming ZGlobal, Alaywan was at the CAISO and served as Managing Director of Engineering and Director of Market Operations. Prior to his roles at the CAISO, he served as Manager of Real Time Operations at PG&E. Alaywan has technical and analytical breadth in transmission, market design and regulatory matters. He has countless experiences in providing numerous filings, expert witness, testimonies within the state of California and senate hearings within Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) with CAISO, PUC and FERC. We are able to leverage these relationships to provide the best services to Southern California Edison (Edison).

    Our team includes several professionals who have worked exclusively in the energy industry for decades. Our experience gives us a unique perspective on the changing landscape. Our clients include publicly owned utilities, energy merchants, municipalities, federal agencies and cooperatives.

    We have a deep and practical understanding and experience of the utility business, wholesale electric of energy policies, and project management. Most importantly, our clients have a proven record of success. ZGlobal has considerable experience in providing operational guidance on industry matters to our clients. Our team’s expertise is the result of many years of operating California’s electricity grid as well as conducting a wide variety of economic and engineering analysis on wholesale market design and operations, system operations, and grid planning. We also have extensive project management experience. Our team of experts have led complex cross departmental teams in developing project scope, detailed project plans and were key in the selection of key vendors and contract negotiations during the start up of the California ISO.

    For more information:  http://www.zglobal.biz/


    Steve Auradou, Director of Operations, ZGlobal Inc.

    Steve is Director of Operations at ZGlobal Inc. He has held various positions at the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) beginning in 1997.  As the Senior Manager of Market Integration and Testing, he was responsible for the management of all scheduling and bidding of transmission, ancillary services and real-time activities, as well as end-to-end (bid to bill) business functionality for all market systems, including settlements. He also was Manager of Business Process, providing a liaison between market quality and grid operations departments to ensure efficient operations and improved communications between grid operations, market operations and scheduling departments. As a Grid Resource Coordinator at CAISO, Steve led system integration testing during the market start-up.

    Previous to the CAISO, Steve was employed from 1980 to 1997 at Pacific Gas & Electric, California's largest electric utility. He held several positions including real-time energy trader, power system dispatcher and power plant operator.

    Steve has a Business degree from Mendocino Community College.

    He is our expert in the area of Real Time System Operations, Power Plant Operations, Energy Scheduling, Control Area Operations, Forward Energy Markets, Congestion Revenue Rights, Energy Market Design and Renewable Development.

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