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June 27, 2008

NERC Compliance Webinar Series
Part 3: Emergency Operations Standards


  • Terry Dennis,  ZGlobal Inc.  Learn More
  • Emergency Operations Standards 

    We will focus on one of the more critical areas of the NERC Reliability Standards; the Emergency Operations Standards (EOP 001, 003, 005, 006, 008 and 009). The Emergency Operations related standards cover the areas of; Emergency Operations Planning, Load Shedding Plans, System Restoration Plans and regional reliability coordination, Loss of Control Center functionality and Black Start testing and documentation. We will discuss the key elements of each of these related areas; the specific items within each standard and how the standards are designed to ensure adequate preparedness for potential emergency situations before they arise. We will discuss the development of clear and concise instructions and detailed plans. The importance of a thoroughly thought out and detailed emergency plan which has been practiced with all involved participants is vital to the safe and reliable recovery from an emergency event. The EOP related standards will measure an organizations readiness for just such an occurrence. We will summarize the key components of a well developed emergency plan and walk through the vital pieces of systems, communication, cross departmental coordination and alternative operating plans.


    Key Take Away Points

    Documented action plans, clear and concise instructions, updated contact information, contingency plan for alternate locations, practice of detailed plan.

              This webinar is part of a series sponsored by ZGlobal Inc.
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    Key Issues to Individuals


     Within the Electric Industry

    - Operations Departments                       - EMS System Administers

    - Emergency Coordinators                      - Communications Leads

    - Governmental Liaisons                         - Plant Operating Personnel


    ZGlobal Inc. is an Engineering and Energy Services consulting firm located in Folsom, California that specializes in Grid Operations and Electricity Markets. ZGlobal’s founder, Ziad Alaywan, played a major role in the start-up of the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and has built over the years, excellent working relationships with CAISO Board members, Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and California Energy Commission (CEC) commissioners and their advisors as well as key managers at Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). Prior to forming ZGlobal, Alaywan was at the CAISO and served as Managing Director of Engineering and Director of Market Operations. Prior to his roles at the CAISO, he served as Manager of Real Time Operations at PG&E. Alaywan has technical and analytical breadth in transmission, market design and regulatory matters. He has countless experiences in providing numerous filings, expert witness, testimonies within the state of California and senate hearings within Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) with CAISO, PUC and FERC. We are able to leverage these relationships to provide the best services to Southern California Edison (Edison).

    Our team includes several professionals who have worked exclusively in the energy industry for decades. Our experience gives us a unique perspective on the changing landscape. Our clients include publicly owned utilities, energy merchants, municipalities, federal agencies and cooperatives.

    We have a deep and practical understanding and experience of the utility business, wholesale electric of energy policies, and project management. Most importantly, our clients have a proven record of success. ZGlobal has considerable experience in providing operational guidance on industry matters to our clients. Our team’s expertise is the result of many years of operating California’s electricity grid as well as conducting a wide variety of economic and engineering analysis on wholesale market design and operations, system operations, and grid planning. We also have extensive project management experience. Our team of experts have led complex cross departmental teams in developing project scope, detailed project plans and were key in the selection of key vendors and contract negotiations during the start up of the California ISO.

    For more information:  http://www.zglobal.biz/



    Terry Dennis, ZGlobal Inc.

    Terry joined ZGlobal Inc. after 32 years of service at the California Department of Water Resources (CDWR), including Plant Operations positions beginning in 1976 at the Pearblossom Pumping Plant station start up, the Devil Canyon Generating Plant, and at the Southern California Area Operations Control Center at Castaic Lake through 1984. Terry then moved to the Project Operations Control Center in Sacramento, and became a Senior Water and Power Dispatcher the POCC in 1984. He led a team responsible for the Real-Time Operations of the massive State Water Project facilities, implementation of the pumping and generation schedules, operation of 600 miles of Aqueduct facilities and reservoirs, supervision of the Field Division Area Control Centers,  coordination of outages and Maintenance and flood control operations with the Resource Agencies, compliance with regulatory requirements of the SWP, and the contractual  water deliveries to the Water Contractors.

    In 1997 Terry moved to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) during startup operations, working on the Grid Operations team as a Real-Time Energy Scheduler, and as a Real-Time Transmission Dispatcher. In 2000, he moved into the Real-Time Generation Dispatcher role at the CAISO just as the Energy Crisis of 2000-2001 was unfolding.

    In 2001, Terry returned to the CDWR as Supervisor for the California Energy Resource Scheduler (CERS), and was assigned to the CAISO to supervise the Real-Time Procurement team that procured energy for the CAISO on behalf of the Investor-Owned Utilities. He subsequently moved to the CERS Pre-scheduling Tradesroom until the IOU’s began procuring their energy in 2003. Terry then served as the Operations Superintendent of the Oroville Field Division Operations at Lake Oroville, and the Hyatt and Thermalito Generating Stations through late 2003.  

    In 2004 Terry became the Chief Water & Power Dispatcher at CDWR, and managed the operation of the Project Operations Control Center, including the Dispatching, Pre-scheduling, and Outage Scheduling Sections. Terry coordinated project operations with interconnected electrical utilities, agencies, and field divisions. Terry was responsible for switching and safety coordination, water and power demands, maintaining SWP schedules, tie-line operations and for contractual agreements with Utilities and the State Water Contractors. Terry has NERC Certification credentials as a Reliability Coordination Operator Certification. Terry is our expert on, Pre-scheduling, Outage coordination and Real Time Scheduling. He also brings several years of system operations experience.

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