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Leveraging Technological Advances to Overcome the Challenges of HIV Vaccine Development


Date: October 20, 2016 (40 minutes)

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Over the past three decades, HIV-1 infection has transformed from a progressive fatal disease to a stable and manageable chronic viral infection, thanks to consistent advances in antiretroviral (ARV) drug treatments. Yet, despite this progress, more than 1 million people died from AIDS-related illnesses last year. The greatest hope to control and eventually defeat the ongoing global HIV/AIDS epidemic is through an effective vaccine.

Join Christos Petropoulos, Chief Scientific Officer, Monogram Biosciences and Vice President, LabCorp, as he discusses recent technological advances that have illuminated promising new approaches for immunogen design, vaccine delivery and vaccination. He’ll also discuss the scientific challenges faced and vaccine development opportunities that are re-invigorating the pursuit of an HIV vaccine.

Keywords: HIV Vaccine, Vaccine Delivery


    Christos J. Petropoulos

    Christos J. Petropoulos, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Monogram Biosciences, and Vice President, LabCorp

    Christos J. Petropoulos, PhD is the Chief Scientific Officer of Monogram Biosciences, as well as Vice President at LabCorp. Dr. Petropoulos is responsible for all aspects of Monogram’s antiviral drug resistance and oncology biomarker assay development activities. Dr. Petropoulos joined Monogram as the Director of R&D in 1996 shortly after the company was founded, was named Vice President R&D in 1999 and appointed as Chief Scientific Officer in 2004. In 2011 Dr. Petropoulos also assumed responsibility for the company’s Clinical Research and Medical Education efforts. Before joining Monogram Biosciences, Dr. Petropoulos headed the Molecular Virology Laboratory at Genentech from 1992-1996, as well as the Research Virology and Molecular Detection Laboratories from 1994-1996. Dr. Petropoulos received his PhD in molecular and cell biology from Brown University and trained as a post-doctoral fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Stephen Hughes at the NCI Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center, where he was funded by a fellowship from the Leukemia Society of America. Dr. Petropoulos is a recognized expert in antiviral drug resistance and molecular diagnostics and has directed the design, development and launch of 19 complex drug resistance assays that are routinely used to inform patient treatment decisions in clinical settings. Dr. Petropoulos has co-authored more than 160 scientific publications, is a named inventor on 14 US patents, and has served as principal investigator on 15 funding awards from the National Institutes of Health. Monogram Biosciences enjoys a long history of highly productive collaborations with academic, government/public health and industry partners.


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