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Attending the live webinars that form part of any eCONGRESS is entirely complimentary.

Each eCONGRESS is also recorded; so if you wish to revisit the content or view those webinars you may have missed, you will want to purchase an eCongress eBox Set.

eBox Sets provide you with easy access to the entire collection of webinars that fall within a particular eCongress.

You will receive a copy of the recordings within 1 week of the end of each eCONGRESS. If purchased post event, please allow 48 business hours for the recordings to be delivered to you. Please note, distribution, copying or repurposing of any element of an eBox Set is strictly prohibited unless authorized in writing by Xtalks.

Please select which eBox Set of recordings you wish to purchase:

Optimizing Patient Participation in Clinical Trials eBox Set

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Pharmacovigilance Global Landscape, 2014 eBox Set

*Check back soon - this eCongress eBox set is not yet available*

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