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March 26, 2008
REACH Compliance - Why North American Companies Can't Afford to Ignore this New European Regulation
  • John D. Mikan, CIH, President, Experien Health Sciences Inc. Learn More
  • Anthony K. Mallett, Ph.D., Director, Experien Health Sciences (Europe) Ltd. Learn More
  • Gordon Baird, Ph.D., European Product Stewardship Manager, Global manufacturer Learn More
  • The European Union's Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals

    REACH Compliance - Why North American Companies Can't Afford to Ignore this New European Regulation

    Europe’s new REACH regulation has global implications that go well beyond the chemicals industry.  North American manufacturers and suppliers of chemical products or articles containing chemical substances cannot afford to ignore this regulation even if they do not have direct sales to the European Union.

    REACH came into force in 2007 and the first compliance deadline is 1 December 2008. A strict “no data, no market” provision may create severe market disruption for companies which fail to understand how REACH affects their supply chain.

    This web seminar will provide an overview of the REACH regulation with a focus on its impact on companies outside the EU. Information will include a review of the scope of the regulation, compliance deadlines, and describe the activities that should be pursued in order to avoid business disruption.

    Several common business scenarios and frequently asked questions will be addressed. A special guest speaker from a global manufacturer of chemicals and textile products will provide his perspective of the regulation and its near-term impacts on the global marketplace.


    This web seminar will provide valuable information to individuals who are otherwise unfamiliar with the REACH regulation but who have responsibility for sales and marketing, customer service, R&D, procurement, logistics, supply chain management, legal, and/or regulatory compliance within an organization that manufactures or supplies industrial or consumer products.


    Experien is a small multinational consultancy with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom since 2004, with predecessor companies established in 2001.  We specialize in providing product safety and global regulatory services to chemical industry clients throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada.  We employ highly experienced and qualified staff, each with generally 20 years or more knowledge gained while working on international chemical control initiatives (EU, US, OECD) for industry.  Our staff includes PhD- and Masters-level toxicologists, chemists and certified industrial hygienists, who have been closely following the development of REACH since the white paper was published in 2001 and who have been helping companies understand the business impact and prepare for its entry into force since early in 2004.  Our staff and our global positioning allows us to help clients comply with all aspects of the REACH regulation.

    To learn more about REACH: http://www.respondingtoreach.com/

    To learn more about Experien: http://www.experienhealthsciences.com/


    John D. Mikan, CIH, President, Experien Health Sciences Inc.

    John Mikan, President of Experien Health Sciences, Inc., is a board-certified industrial hygienist with more than 20 years of chemical industry and consulting experience addressing a broad range of human health, workplace safety, product safety, and regulatory issues.  He has served as a member-company representative at the American Chemistry Council, The Society of the Plastics Industry, The International Isocyanates Institute, and the NMP Producers Group.  He has been directly involved in a number of REACH projects helping clients to prepare for this important regulation, including: evaluating client product portfolios to determine REACH applicability, registration deadlines, and probable data needs; advising clients on preparing internal management systems to facilitate REACH compliance; and conducting exposure assessments and risk characterizations on key products to determine what data might be needed for a Tier 2 assessment.


    Anthony K. Mallett, Ph.D., Director, Experien Health Sciences (Europe) Ltd.

    Anthony Mallett, Director of Experien Health Sciences (Europe) Ltd, is a regulatory scientist with a record of managing health and environmental issues for major European chemical and petroleum producers (the BP Group, Lyondell Chemical Europe Inc., Shell Chemicals). His experience of European chemical control legislation includes extensive past involvement in risk assessment, new substance notification, product classification and occupational exposure limit setting activities, the latter gained while a member of the UK Health and Safety Commission WATCH Panel. Now working as a consultant for the past 8 years he maintains an active interest in EU regulatory developments, helping manufacturers and importers understand the impact of REACH on their business and implement actions for the successful pre-registration and registration of their products. Recent clients include chemical manufacturers, trade association groups and importers of manufactured articles.

      Gordon Baird, Ph.D., European Product Stewardship Manager, Global manufacturer 

    Gordon Baird has worked in the European chemicals industry since leaving Oxford University with a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry in 1984 to join ICI.    He is currently employed by a large US-based chemicals manufacturer.  His first involvement in regulatory affairs was as a Product Steward for DuPont’s Nylon business in 1994.   Following several years in a business process improvement role as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt he took a role as European Product Safety Manager in early 2004.  He has been involved with REACH for over four years.  During the development of the Regulation he participated in working groups run by the Confederation of British Industry and DICIDA (the Development Initiative for Chemical Industry Dependent Areas).  Since the publication of the final Regulation at the end of 2006 he has been fully involved in planning for its effective implementation.

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