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June 26, 2008
EA Solutions Enhanced by SOA Adoption
  • Pat Heinig, Senior Enterprise Architect and SOA Consultant  Learn More
  • EA Solutions Enhanced by SOA Adoption

    Today’s organizations face massive pressures for change and survival.  Complex sets of choices abound for potential solutions to enterprise problems.  Yet, the bombardment of messages overwhelms business and IT decision-makers.  How can you begin to sort out all of the facts in order to avoid false starts which can erode your transformation investments?

    Service Oriented Architecture still remains a mystery for many organizations who could realize significant value from its adoption.  This webcast addresses how to begin a successful journey to facilitate service-oriented enterprise transformation strategies using the toolsets and resources already in existence. It addresses the major inhibitors to SOA adoption, focuses on a subset that have agreed-upon best practice remedies, and suggests how you can implement SOA adoption initiatives with the same in-house capabilities you use to establish EA. This is not a technology-driven seminar, nor is it designed to teach or demystify SOA. Rather it assumes that the business case and basic ROI for SOA have been accepted in general, and that now, positive actions must be taken to realize the vision.  

    In this session you will learn:

    • The major classes of inhibitors impeding SOA adoption.
    • Best practice SOA-enhanced remedies that can be implemented to attack the major inhibitors to SOA.
    • How to use your existing EA structure to begin successful SOA adoption strategies.
    • Enterprise architects seeking to augment their EA programs with service orientation principles to create more flexible architecture to adapt to change.
    • Anyone in either a business or IT organization who is looking to reduce the risk of SOA adoption through effective entry points
    • Existing SOA Program Teams who need to organize for successful SOA adoption by optimizing and adapting existing organizational structures to manage the transition to SOA. 

    Pat Heinig, Senior Enterprise Architect and SOA Consultant  

    Mr. Heinig's military, public, and private sector careers span 35 years using, designing, and implementing computer automation for major organizational objectives.  His science, engineering, and Human Factors Psychology competencies have facilitated interdisciplinary approaches to complex enterprise challenges.

    He served as a federal CIO and senior enterprise architect, and contributed significantly to the development of enterprise architecture, beginning with the introduction of Dr. Stephen Spewak's EA Planning methodology.  Federal accomplishments include:  Federal CIO Council Architecture and Infrastructure Committee membership and three Bronze medals for achievement.  Since federal retirement, he has focused on using service orientation principles to augment enterprise architecture. 

    His recent article, "Maximizing SOA Investment, " presents best  practices to facilitate adoption.  He founded Service Synergy Partners to provide SOA adoption planning, training, and mentoring consulting.  He is a CBDi Forum Silver Member, and a Service Architecture and Engineering™ (SAE™) methodology practitioner collaborating with Everware-CBDi, North America.


    With North and Latin American headquarters in Raynham, MA, MEGA North America (www.mega.com) provides executives and operational managers the ability to understand, discover, align and control information at the enterprise level.

    For the last two years, MEGA NA has focused efforts on the growing interests in both the Government and Latin American markets (e.g. the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework or the need for multilingualism among international offices within the same company) in addition to continuing its EA and BPA development in the North American commercial sector.

    Some of MEGA North America’s clients include: BlueCross BlueShield, US Department of Transportation, NASA, Cox Enterprises, Banco General Panama, DirecTV, New York Life, GeoEye, Morgan Stanley, National City Bank, Cardinal Health, Nissan, NEXTEL, and Wyeth.

    For more information on MEGA NA, visit http://www.mega.com/

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