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  Date Webinar Title Synopsis

Feb 28, 2017 Integrated Summaries – Tips for Meeting the Challenges Faced by Sponsors LifeSciences - This webinar will help viewers comprehend regulatory requirements, understand the steps in preparing a successful Integrated Summaries project from a timelines and cost perspective and have a better idea of the deliverables they should expect from their CRO
Speakers: Mark Paul, Senior VP North America, CROS NT
Caroline Terrill, Director of Statistical Programming, CROS NT
Gail Head, Senior Medical Writer, CROS NT

Feb 28, 2017 From Laboratory to Bedside: Expediting Development of Novel Rare Cancer Treatments LifeSciences - New regulatory pathways and processes are expediting the translation of novel therapies to the bedside, and understanding these options helps ensure availability of more new treatments while minimizing delays
Speakers: Peter Larson, Senior Medical Director, Hematology-Oncology, Premier Research
Colin Hayward, Chief Medical Officer, Premier Research

Mar 1, 2017 Enabling Clinical Genomics with Highly Multiplexed and Patient-like Reference Materials LifeSciences - In this presentation, the speaker will discuss a case study of how a global external quality assessment (EQA) organization is using these reference materials to ensure the accuracy and consistency of one such clinical genomics application in the area of non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
Speaker: Sandi Deans, Consultant Clinical Scientist, Director of UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS) for Molecular Genetics

Mar 7, 2017 Desiccant Dehumidification for Energy Efficient Drying of Gelatine and HPMC Capsules LifeSciences -  The speaker will demonstrate how pharmaceutical manufacturers can benefit from desiccant dehumidification solutions regardless of the local climatic conditions
Speaker: Martin Ginty, Industry Manager, Pharmaceutical, Munters GmbH

Mar 7, 2017 Designing an Effective Clinical Trial LifeSciences - This talk will focus on various aspects of designing and conducting clinical trials for submission to the FDA, as well as, communicating with FDA during the pre-submission and submission process
Speaker: Richard Kotz, Senior Medical Research Scientist, Biostatistics, NAMSA

Mar 8, 2017 From Market Compliance to Business Supply: The Necessity For Serialization LifeSciences - This webinar will address the necessity of serialization from market compliance to business supply, covering all aspects from line choice and regulation approach to management of data and related products
Speaker: Mario R. Scigliano, Serialization & Automation Manager, Corden Pharma Latina S.p.A.

Mar 15, 2017 ICH-GCP E6(R2) – Live Q&A with GCP Inspector and Investigator Site Perspectives LifeSciences - This webinar follows a previous session from December 2016 on preparing for ICH-GCP E6(R2) at investigator sites by addressing questions practitioners now have as they prepare for future GCP audits and inspections conducted in accordance with these revised guidelines
Speakers: Andrew Mitchell, Director of Life Sciences, Intralinks
Dan Sfera, The Clinical Trials Guru
Gunnar Danielsson, DGD Consulting

Mar 15, 2017 Assess Your Compliance Readiness: Tips for DSCSA Implementation – Faster, Easier and Done Right LifeSciences - This webinar will provide tips not only for quick, pain-free implementation as you’re assessing your DSCSA compliance readiness today, but will also help you lay a solid foundation for your serialized workflow that will provide benefits for many years to come
Speakers: Tim Donelon, Director of Quality and Validation, Verify Brand
Haris Kamal, Senior Vice President, Verify Brand
Scott Pugh, Solution Architect, Verify Brand

Mar 21, 2017 Evaluation of the Tumor Microenvironment Using Image Analysis for Clinical Trials LifeSciences - While PD-L1 by immunohistochemistry has been successfully employed as a companion diagnostic for several therapies across a handful of indications, PD-L1 is only one potential biomarker for showing a predictive response. As more combination therapies are examined, more informative markers will need to guide when and how a treatment or combinations of treatment should be considered.
Speaker: Gina Wallar, PhD, MPH, Division Vice President for Pharma Services Sales, NeoGenomics, Inc.

Mar 21, 2017 The Growing Formulation Trend: Probiotics FoodFormulation - Learn more about the demand for probiotics from consumers and ease of formulation into functional foods and beverages, with a patented and sicence backed strain that has proven survivability
Speaker: Erin Miller, Director of Marketing, Ganeden

Mar 22, 2017 Institutionalizing Real-World Evidence Across Your Organization LifeSciences - This presentation will explore how exponential growth in the variety of real world data sources and their quick adoption across functional business units is necessitating the need for the standardization of real world data and analytics platforms
Speakers: Robert Collins, Senior Life Sciences Industry Consultant, SAS
Ari Yacobi, Chief Data Scientist, Knowledgent

Mar 22, 2017 Will Serialization Compliance Alone Protect Your Brand? LifeSciences - Join the speaker as he discusses a layered and holistic approach to brand protection. This webinar topic includes serialization, as well as additional measures that can be taken through global inspectors, overt and covert packaging modifications, and an emerging ability for authentication using cloud technologies and smart devices.
Speaker: Jim Sinisgalli, Director of Product Management and Brand Protection, Systech

Mar 23, 2017 Strategies and Technology to Provide a Superior Medical Information Service Integrated with Safety and Quality LifeSciences - This webinar will explore how having a Medical Information role, supported by appropriate technology, can provide valuable customer and competitor intelligence and improve safety and quality reporting
Speakers: Jayne Packham, Director, Jayne Packham Consultancy
Syed Saad Rahman, Head of Product Management, Techsol Corporation

Mar 28, 2017 How to Improve the Speed and Efficiency of Your Clinical Trials LifeSciences -  Can technology really streamline processes, make the research team more efficient, improve patient safety, and get to the end result of the research faster?
Speakers: Graham Belgrave, Chief Operations Officer, Cmed
Sammie Rivera, Senior Client Services Manager, Cmed
Jon Carter, Product Manager, Cmed
David Holloway, Global Head of Commercial Development, Cmed

Mar 28, 2017 High Performance Computing for High Content Screening - A Case Study LifeSciences -  In this webinar, PerkinElmer and AMRI will present a case study wherein High-Performance Computing (HPC) was leveraged for ultimate performance in image and data analysis of High Content Screening experiments
Speakers: Seungtaek Lee, Product Manager, PerkinElmer Informatics
James LaRocque, Senior Research Scientist II, Lead Discovery, Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI)

Mar 29, 2017 Treatment of Psoriasis: Improvements Through Clinical Trials LifeSciences - This webinar will examine the clinical and pathogenetic aspects of the disease and the characteristics of clinical trials that seek to address this genetic condition
Speakers: Howard Welgus, Executive Medical Director, Dermatology, Premier Research
Ted Trafford, Managing Director, Probity Medical Research

Mar 30, 2017 The FDA Guidance on the Assessment of Abuse Potential of Drug – A Critical Review LifeSciences - The purpose of this webinar is to evaluate and discuss the methodological approaches outlined in the guidance and highlight several key areas that may warrant further consideration when designing and planning for such studies
Speakers: Dr. Jack E. Henningfield, PhD, Vice President, Research, Health Policy, Abuse Liability, PinneyAssociates
Dr. David J. Heal, PhD, Dsc, FRSC, FBPhS, Executive Director, RenaSci Ltd.
Dr. Beatrice Setnik, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, INC Research, Early Phase

Apr 5, 2017 Combination Product Regulatory Requirement Complexities and the Impact of the 21st Century Cures Act LifeSciences -  In this webinar, the speakers will discuss their experience with the regulatory and product development processes for combination products to show you how to navigate regulatory complexities
Speakers: Diane Beatty, PhD, Managing Director, Regulatory Affairs and Product Development, Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences
Jean Dehdashti, MSc, RAC, Scientist III, Regulatory Affairs & Product Development, Cardinal Health Regulatory Sciences

Apr 5, 2017 Optimise Your Regulatory & HTA Submissions with a Comprehensive Health Economic & Epidemiologic Evidence Strategy LifeSciences -  Join the speakers to learn about the best practices for developing a comprehensive health economic and epidemiologic evidence strategy and evidence generation plan that is targeted to meet the needs of regulators and payers
Speakers: Michael Cook, MSc, MSPH, PhD, Principal, Epidemiology, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes
Dhvani Shah, MS, Lead Health Economist, ICON Commercialisation & Outcomes

Apr 5, 2017 Cell Therapy – Achieving Achieving Success on the Road to Commercialization LifeSciences - This webinar will review some of the key components to consider when developing your strategy to minimize risk, manage cost, and ultimately deliver a product to market
Speakers: Kristen Franklin, Client Services Manager, Cell Therapy, Fisher BioServices
Amy Hendricks, Global Project Lead, Fisher BioServices

Apr 6, 2017 Formulating Amorphous Solid Dispersions: Bridging Particle Engineering and Formulation LifeSciences - In this webinar, the importance of an integrated development of both the spray dried intermediate (SDI) and the formulation, is highlighted
Speakers: João Henriques, MSc, Team Leader, Hovione
Pedro Valente, PhD, Scientist, Hovione

Apr 12, 2017 Critical CRO Oversight Metrics: How to Establish the Right Metrics and Monitor them in Real-time LifeSciences -  This webinar will take an in-depth look at CRO oversight and risk management best practice, delving into the gaps in oversight processes, the causes of these gaps and how to successfully address them
Speakers: Julie Peacock, Client Services, Comprehend
Linda Sullivan, Co-Founder & President, Metrics Champion Consortium (MCC)

Apr 13, 2017 Assessing NASH: Discover the Non-invasive Techniques LifeSciences -  This webinar will discuss noninvasive ways to assess NASH using imaging, including proton density fat fraction (PDFF), T1 relaxometry, Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE) and the latest advances in MRE and how they can be used to assess inflammation.
Speakers: Richard L. Ehman, M.D., Professor of Radiology, Blanche R. & Richard J. Erlanger Professor of Medical Research, Mayo Clinic; President and CEO, Resoundant, Inc.
Jonathan Riek, Vice President, Musculoskeletal and Metabolic Imaging, BioTelemetry Research (Cardiocore & VirtualScopics)

Apr 13, 2017 The Modernization of eCOA Technology for Clinical Trials LifeSciences -  This webinar provides a timely update on new industry expectations of eCOA technologies
Speaker: Mike Hughes, Senior Director, eCOA Solutions, YPrime

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