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Jul 25, 2017 Outsourcing Pharmacovigilance: Pros and Cons and Lessons Learned LifeScience -  This webinar will include case studies of how market authorization holders and CROs are becoming partners of choice in the ever changing world of pharmacovigilance outsourcing
Speakers: Sukrit Singh, Associate Director, CRM, Bioclinica, Inc.
Dr. Ayesha Hussain, Associate Director, CRM, Bioclinica, Inc.

Jul 25, 2017 EDC and eSource: Combined for Better Data and Faster Insights LifeScience -  Learn how a combined EDC and eSource solution improves the quality of clinical data and reduces the time to actionable insights
Speakers: Richard Young, VP, Vault EDC, Veeva
Hugo Cervantes, VP, Vault EDC, Veeva

Jul 26, 2017 Using Model Reduction to Bridge the Quality Systems Pharmacology-Pharmacometrics Divide LifeScience -  In this webinar, Dr. Tom Snowden will demonstrate why model reduction methods are a potent and necessary tool in the modeler’s arsenal, can be applied to QSP models, and used to extract scientific and business insights from complex models
Speaker: Tom Snowden, Research Scientist, Certara

Jul 26, 2017 How to Maximize Your Non-GLP Toxicology Studies: A Guide for Optimal Design and Methodology LifeScience - This webinar will share both design and methodology guidance in Non-GLP Toxicology studies in both NHPs and rodent models
Speakers: Dr. Keefe Chng, Chief Scientific Officer and Site Head, Crown Bioscience Louisiana (CBLA, Inc.)
Dr. Judith Gorski, Global Director of Scientific Engagement, Crown Bioscience Inc.

Jul 27, 2017 Outsourcing to CROs? The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Bringing CTMS and Quality Management/RBM Systems in House LifeScience -  This webinar will focus on the changing landscape around outsourcing and key reasons why sponsors may wish to take a fresh look at relying solely on the CTMS and RBM systems of their CROs, especially in terms of efficiency
Speakers: Kristin Mauri, Global Head – Risk Based Monitoring, Bioclinica, Inc.
Justin Hunt, Director, CTMS Implementation Services, Bioclinica, Inc.


Jul 31, 2017 Into the Great Wide Open: PTC’s Transformation & Global Journey to Bring Patients a First Ever Rare Disease Therapy LifeScience - Through a case study with PTC Therapeutics, the speakers will discuss the challenges of entering a new disease area for the first time, the balance of achieving the right size global organization to meet the customer population and the considerations for proceeding independently with a global launch rather than partnering
Speakers: Mark Rothera, Chief Commercial Officer, PTC Therapeutics
Ned Kitfield, Vice President, Charles River Associates

Aug 8, 2017 Cancer as a Chronic Disease: The Past, the Present and the Future of Cancer Research LifeScience - This webinar featuring one of the US’s foremost cancer researchers as the speaker, will discuss cancer as a chronic disease and how researching cancer under this new archetype is adjusting the way in which clinical oncology trials are conducted and how cancer patients are treated
Speaker: Professor Lee Schwartzberg MD, FACP, Executive Director, West Cancer Center; Scientific Leader, George Clinical

Aug 16, 2017 Emerging Issues for Pharma R&D: A Practical Approach for Pediatric Drug Programs LifeScience - In this webinar, the speakers will discuss how pediatric considerations fit into the overall drug development program and make recommendations for addressing issues from both a practical and scientific perspective
Speakers: Jean-Francois Marier, Senior Vice President Canada, Consulting Services Certara
Barry Mangum, Founder and CEO, Paidion Research

Aug 24, 2017 Medical Devices: Reviewing Regulatory Changes in the US and EU LifeScience -  This webinar will discuss steps to ensure regulatory compliance and an uninterrupted supply of medical devices in the marketplace, and share insight and best practices from experience in navigating US and global regulations on medical device development
Speakers: Angela Stokes, Senior Director, Regulatory Consulting, INC Research
Eric Distad, Executive Director, Clinical Development, Medical Device and Diagnostics, INC Research

Aug 29, 2017 Moving Beyond Regulatory and Performance Metrics in Starting Clinical Trials LifeScience -  Topics include a discussion on business intelligence derived from clinical trial data and industry trends on data mining and analytics
Speakers: Barry Milton, Head of Business Operations, Novartis
Jeffrey Kasher, President, Patients Can't Wait
Rob Wynden, VP Technology & Engineering, goBalto

Aug 29, 2017 Planning and Conducting Trials of the Latest Immunotherapies LifeScience - In this webinar, the speakers discuss the factors that sponsors must take into account as they design and execute clinical trials in this space, beginning with a review of the immunotherapy landscape
Speakers: Joseph O’Connell, MD, Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Hematology & Oncology, inVentiv Health
Tony Catka, PhD, Senior Director, Regulatory Policy & Intelligence, inVentiv Health
Len Correale, JD, Associate Director, Feasibility Optimization & Site Intelligence, inVentiv Health

Sep 6, 2017 Why Making Every Product Truly Unique is the Key to Modern Brand Protection LifeScience -  In this session, you will learn about Systech’s ability to create trusted uniqueness in every product, and how this idea is central to a modern approach to brand protection
Speaker: Jim Sinisgalli, Director of Product Management and Brand Protection, Systech

Sep 21, 2017 Tactics for Successful Patient Recruitment in Alzheimer's Clinical Studies LifeScience - In this webinar, the speaker will consider strategies for timely patient recruitment and retention for Alzheimer's clinical trials and discuss guidelines for, and technologies to support patient recruitment
Speaker: William A Holt, DO, Executive Director, Scientific Affairs, Neurosciences, PRA Health Sciences

Sept 22, 2017 Outcomes-Based Agreements and Innovative Contracting for Biopharmaceuticals: Where Is The Market Moving? LifeSciences - Viewers will get a deeper understanding of the changing contracting landscape and to learn ways to leverage new and innovative approaches to improve the commercial success of your biopharmaceutical products
Speaker: Janice Watch, Divisional Principal, Head of EU Pricing and Market Access, ICON Commercialisation and Outcomes

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