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  Date Webinar Title Synopsis

Jun 28, 2017 What Can Real-time Insights and Analytics Achieve for Your Clinical Trials? LifeScience - In this webinar, speakers will demonstrate live the power of real-time clinical data insights and analytics, and what this means for clinical trial conduct and for clinical trial management activities
Speakers: Stephanie Langouet, Vice President, Data & Analytics, Cmed
Jon Carter, Product Manager, Cmed

Jun 28, 2017 Best Practices for CRO Oversight: How an Oversight Capability Maturity Model and Automation Drive Speed and Quality of Clinical Trials LifeScience -  For this webinar, Comprehend has partnered with Avoca to share industry best practice for oversight blended with their best in class clinical intelligence applications
Speakers: Julie Peacock, Client Services, Comprehend
Janis Hall, Senior Consultant, The Avoca Group

Jun 29, 2017 Integrating eCOA and RTSM to Improve Clinical Trial Efficiency LifeScience -  The rapid expansion of the use of electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) and electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA) in clinical trials has led to a number of exciting innovations
Speakers Elaine Gravelle, Associate Director, Client Services, Bracket
Michael O’Grady, Director, Outcome Services, Bracket

Jun 29, 2017 Pharmaceutical Serialization – Best Practices for Global Commercial Supply in an Evolving Market LifeScience - The speaker will share his experiences in developing PCI’s serialization technology platform, along with developing and executing PCI’s strategy for supplying commercial serialized products to domestic and emerging markets across the globe
Speaker: Ian Parsonage, Senior Director, Global Serialization Services (Global Engineering), PCI Pharma Services

Jul 6, 2017 The Importance of Dose Prediction for Early Drug Development LifeScience - The speakers will share insight into how their joint, consultative approach to drug development can help in understanding the absorption and clearance characteristics of a drug substance and how these properties will influence dose prediction and selection of an appropriate formulation strategy
Speakers: Robert Harris, PhD, CChem, FRSC, Chief Technical Officer, Juniper Pharma Services
Graham Trevitt, PhD, Director (DMPK Consultancy, Modelling and Simulation), XenoGesis

Jul 10, 2017 Increasing Patient Enrollment and Patient Data Exchange: Digital Transformation in the Clinical Trial Process LifeScience - Join the speakers to discover ways to leverage the digital transformation in pharma to stimulate greater and faster recruitment as well as improve patient and research data harmonization and exchange
Speakers: Bethany Bray, CEO and Founder, AutoCruitment
Gary Palgon, Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences Solutions, Liaison Technologies

Jul 11, 2017 Integrating Equipment Design, Logistics Processes and Real-Time Informatics: The Arrival of QbD in Pharmaceutical Logistics LifeScience - This webinar will discuss the Quality by Design process as it relates to logistics and evaluate its benefits
Speaker: Mark W. Sawicki, Ph.D., Chief Commercial Officer, Cryoport

Jul 12, 2017 Vascular and Neural Complications in Rodent Models of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes LifeScience - In this webinar, the speaker will present vascular and neural complications in rodent models of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Specifically, he will present the characterization of peripheral neuropathy in translational animal models such as the ZDSD rat
Speaker: Dr. Mark Yorek, Professor of Medicine, University of Iowa and Associate Chief of Staff, Iowa City VA

Jul 18, 2017 Biosimilar Development: Lessons Learned from Early Clinical Studies LifeScience - Celerion scientists will share key learnings gained from engagement with multiple biosimilar programs for approval in the US and EU
Speakers:René Wuttke, Bioanalytical Principal Investigator, Celerion
David Goblot, Principal Scientist, Protocol Design and Development, Celerion

Jul 19, 2017 Data Integrity and the Manufacturing Control Strategy for Life Sciences Manufacturers LifeScience -  Learning points include implementing an effective manufacturing control strategy and the benefits when designed in a cross-divisional approach
Speaker: Steve Murray, Principal Consultant, Werum IT Solutions America, Inc.

Jul 20, 2017 Understanding Medical Device Regulatory Pathways in China and Japan LifeScience -  This webinar will help viewers understand the most recent and significant regulatory shifts in China and Japan including new product classifications, how to successfully prepare for the process of category registration, the best-fit submission framework to reduce development costs and expedite market introduction timelines, and identify the appropriate development strategy for optimal results
Speakers: Kei Yoshikawa, Medical Research Manager, NAMSA
Lei Yang, Medical Research Manager, NAMSA

Jul 25, 2017 Outsourcing Pharmacovigilance: Pros and Cons and Lessons Learned LifeScience -  This webinar will include case studies of how market authorization holders and CROs are becoming partners of choice in the ever changing world of pharmacovigilance outsourcing
Speakers: Sukrit Singh, Associate Director, CRM, Bioclinica, Inc.
Dr. Ayesha Hussain, Associate Director, CRM, Bioclinica, Inc.

Jul 25, 2017 EDC and eSource: Combined for Better Data and Faster Insights LifeScience -  Learn how a combined EDC and eSource solution improves the quality of clinical data and reduces the time to actionable insights
Speakers: Richard Young, VP, Vault EDC, Veeva
Hugo Cervantes, VP, Vault EDC, Veeva

Jul 26, 2017 Using Model Reduction to Bridge the Quality Systems Pharmacology-Pharmacometrics Divide LifeScience -  In this webinar, Dr. Tom Snowden will demonstrate why model reduction methods are a potent and necessary tool in the modeler’s arsenal, can be applied to QSP models, and used to extract scientific and business insights from complex models
Speaker: Tom Snowden, Research Scientist, Certara

Jul 27, 2017 Outsourcing to CROs? The Top 5 Reasons to Consider Bringing CTMS and Quality Management/RBM Systems in House LifeScience -  This webinar will focus on the changing landscape around outsourcing and key reasons why sponsors may wish to take a fresh look at relying solely on the CTMS and RBM systems of their CROs, especially in terms of efficiency
Speakers: Kristin Mauri, Global Head – Risk Based Monitoring, Bioclinica, Inc.
Justin Hunt, Director, CTMS Implementation Services, Bioclinica, Inc.

Aug 29, 2017 Moving Beyond Regulatory and Performance Metrics in Starting Clinical Trials LifeScience -  Topics include a discussion on business intelligence derived from clinical trial data and industry trends on data mining and analytics
Speakers: Barry Milton, Head of Business Operations, Novartis
Jeffrey Kasher, President, Patients Can't Wait
Rob Wynden, VP Technology & Engineering, goBalto

Sept 22, 2017 Outcomes-Based Agreements and Innovative Contracting for Biopharmaceuticals: Where Is The Market Moving? LifeSciences - Viewers will get a deeper understanding of the changing contracting landscape and to learn ways to leverage new and innovative approaches to improve the commercial success of your biopharmaceutical products
Speaker: Janice Watch, Divisional Principal, Head of EU Pricing and Market Access, ICON Commercialisation and Outcomes

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