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July 17, 2008
Roles-Based Access Governance:  Best Practices

Speaker for this event:
  • Deepak Taneja, Founder & CTO, Aveksa   Learn More
  • Managing the Challenge of Roles-Based Access Governance

    Although roles-based access control (RBAC) has been the subject of much interest in the past, experience with it has been mostly disappointing. Dealing with the complexity of managing roles at the infrastructure level (applications, data, files, file shares, host and network level) is daunting to organizations, and an obstacle to deploying effective roles-based governance. Role design is best done from the top down as roles should first and foremost relate to business process. As compliance is written from a business process perspective, this approach will make it easier to achieve compliance with various regulations.  
    This webcast will discuss how to deploy a continuous roles lifecycle management process and ensure regulatory compliance:
    •  The new role design methodology – creating a top down and bottom-up hybrid approach
    •   How to enable collaboration between major stakeholders in creating roles and driving accountability
    •   Why roles require continuous lifecycle management (roles are a process not a project)
    •   How using a metrics-driven approach for roles maintenance avoids roles proliferation
    •   How roles management enables good security governance and reduces business risk
    •   How role management simplifies compliance and speeds up initial access delivery and change

    This webinar is part of a series on Roles-Based Access Governance


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    Roles-Based Access Governance: Best Practices
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    • CSO
    • VP/Managing Director of Enterprise Security
    • VP of IT Risk

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    Deepak Taneja, Founder & CTO, Aveksa  

    Deepak Taneja founded Aveksa in 2004 and led the company from inception through Feb 2008 before moving into the role of President and CTO. In this role, he is responsible for driving Aveksa’s technology vision and ensuring that the company’s solutions deliver the capabilities that customers need to solve their access governance challenges for today and tomorrow. Previously, he was CTO and VP of Engineering at Netegrity, where he was instrumental in establishing the company as a market leader in Identity and Access Management. Deepak has also held senior management roles at Switchboard, Banyan Systems and Intel Corporation. He holds a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida.


    Aveksa is the market leading vendor that provides organizations with an automated, policy-based approach for governing user access to information resources that mitigates access related business risks while reducing the cost, complexity and burden of ensuring sustainable compliance.  Aveksa governs user access by bridging the gap between IT security, business units and audit/risk and compliance teams through an approach that orchestrates access governance across people, process and policy.

    The Aveksa Access Governance Platform consists of Aveksa Compliance Manager, which automates the monitoring, reporting, certification and remediation of user entitlements, as well as Aveksa Role Manager, which enables role discovery, modeling, metrics and maintenance.  Our growing customer base includes leading global Fortune 2000 organizations.

    For more information visit www.aveksa.com/

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