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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007.
Data Management and Information Governance: Why You Should Care & How To Take Action

- Dave Evans, A Founder of Data Management Association (DAMA), British Telecom Learn More
- Todd Goldman, Vice President of Marketing, ExerosLearn More

Accelerating Time to Deployment for Data-Intensive Initiatives  

Companies are increasingly recognizing the importance of managing data as a strategic asset.  Whether driven by governmental regulations or the need for greater organizational agility, more attention is being paid to data management.  Unfortunately, many organizations are unsure how to start a data governance program.  Even worse, some data managers often have a tough time gaining support in their companies for improving data management at all.  Gaining support for data governance projects such as master data management or data lineage implementations is often extremely difficult. Justifying the importance and the cost is a challenging endeavor.

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This web seminar will cover not only why companies should pay more attention to data management, but it will also provide suggestions on how to justify data management and governance programs to senior management.  In addition, it will introduce new approaches and technologies that significantly improve ROI for data integration and governance projects.

Information Management:- Evolution by Revolution or Revolution by Evolution.

  • How are Business trends and Customer Behaviour trends driving Information Management up the Corporate Agenda?
  • Are advances in technology helping or hindering these trends?
  • Are enterprise organisations ready to manage their increasing dependence on their Information assets?
  • What can you as an Information Management professional do to help your organisation?

Take away points include:

  • Strategies for raising awareness of the importance of better data management
  • Approaches for starting data integration and governance programs
  • Discussion of organizational structures such as Integration Competency Centers and Data Stewardship teams
  • Revelation of how lack of understanding of the corporate data map leads to poor or negative project ROI
  • Discuss the importance of the data relationship discovery process and present new technology approaches that help improve ROI for data integration projects by:
    • automating the discovery of business rules and complex transformations between systems
    • creating leverage across data integration projects
    • accelerating time to deployment

SVPs, VPs, Directors, & Managers of:

  • Data Quality
  • Data Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Reference Data Management
  • Information/Relationship/
    Database Management
  • IT/Data/Architecture


The critical first technical step in any data governance project is discovering and documenting existing data relationships.  70% of the time and effort involved in data governance projects is consumed by the error-prone process of manually uncovering the existing data relationships between systems.  Unfortunately, a manual approach to solving this 40 year old problem often results in significant cost overruns, project delays or even project cancellation.

Exeros software automates the discovery of forgotten business rules, data lineage, hidden sensitive data and unknown data inconsistencies between structured datasets as part of data governance and integration projects.  Exeros’ data-driven discovery analyzes actual data values, efficiently processing millions of rows of data to:

  • Accelerate time to market more than 5x  
  • Reduce regulatory, security and financial risk

Fortune 100 companies use Exeros DataMapper for data relationship discovery as part of a wide variety of data intensive projects including:

  • Business rule and data inconsistency discovery for Master Data Management
  • Data flow analysis for data lineage
  • Sensitive data discovery for data de-identification



Dave Evans, A Founder of Data Management Association (DAMA), British Telecom


Dave Evans is one of the founders of the Data Management Association (DAMA), UK Chapter and is now its chairperson, a role he held since 2004.

Dave has worked for BT in the UK for almost 21 years. He has experience and knowledge in many aspects of Information Management disciplines. His current focus is to provide professional services, strategy development and solutions to BT’s external customers. He is also tasked with assessing and developing the Information Management, CRM and Billing services and technologies that BT’s customers will need in the future to move their businesses forward in this ever changing world.

He specialises in data quality, information architecture, metadata management, , business intelligence and data extraction, transformation and load. He is heavily involved in managing BT’s relationships with some of its key strategic software suppliers.

He has previous project management experience, delivering significant components of BT’s marketing data warehouse and operator services systems, all realising major data quality and management benefits. He has also delivered a number of collaborative working solutions.

He is an experienced presenter and has spoken at many Information Management conferences in the UK, the US and Europe. He has recently co-presented a seminar on ROI from DQ in Las Vegas, presented on Data Quality methodologies in Amsterdam, and on Proactive Business Intelligence at Brussels, as well as several other key note sessions in the UK.

Todd Goldman, Vice President of Marketing, Exeros


Mr. Goldman comes to Exeros with over 15 years experience as a general manager and marketing executive. Before joining Exeros, Mr. Goldman was Vice President of Marketing for ScaleMP, a venture-funded company supplying enterprise virtual machine software to OEM computer manufacturers. Previously, he was Vice President and General Manager at America Online/Netscape where he oversaw the company's Shop@AOL, Netscape Search, and Netscape Small Business services. Mr. Goldman joined AOL as part of its acquisition of Netscape where he was Director of Product Marketing for the Netscape Directory and Security products. Before joining Netscape, he held various marketing and management positions at Hewlett-Packard working on products such as HP OpenView for Telecom and HP OpenMail/X.400. Todd has an M.B.A. from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a B.S.E.E. from Northwestern University.

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