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December  6, 2007
Defending the Front Lines:  Securing Your Web Applications

- Diana Kelley, VP and Service Director, Burton Group  Learn More
- Chris Wysopal, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Veracode  Learn More

Defending the Front Lines: Securing Your Web Applications

With the growing exposure of business applications on the web and the relentless attacks on those applications, web application security has become an essential part of risk management.

In this web seminar, Burton Group analyst Diana Kelley and software security expert and Veracode founder Chris Wysopal discuss new techniques to protect and harden these outward facing business-critical applications.

Join this seminar and learn:

-  New advances in white box and black box testing technologies (static and dynamic analysis)

-  Protecting against backdoors and malicious code, even when you don’t have access to source code

-  The importance of 100% code coverage – why you can’t ignore libraries and other 3rd party components

-  How to utilize service-based scanning to lower your operational costs and improve your ability to catch new and emerging threats

From the convenience of your desk, learn what organizations like yours are doing to defend their front lines.


VPs, Directors and Senior Managers involved with website vulnerability management, including:

  • Security
  • Engineering
  • IT and IT Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security Architecture and Auditing
  • Enterprise Information Security


Veracode is the industry’s first and only provider of automated, on-demand application security testing and assessment solutions. Created by a world-class team of application security experts from @stake, Guardent, Symantec and VerSign, Veracode’s solutions benefit a range of customers across the software supply chain – from developers to purchasers to governments to consumers of software.

Dedicated to protecting the security and integrity of the software ecosystem, Veracode offers the industry’s first standards-based software rating – the Veracode SecurityReview® Rating – for determining security levels in software.

Veracode SecurityReview solutions are offered through an on-demand, software-as-a-service platform that helps organizations offload their software testing resource burden and makes it simple and cost-effective to reduce operational costs and quickly implement software security best practices.

Veracode technology uses patented code analysis and dynamic web scanning that is uniquely able to inspect entire application inventories, including components, and does not require companies to expose their valuable source code.

Based in Burlington, Mass., Veracode is backed by .406 Ventures, Atlas Venture and Polaris Venture Partners.



Diana Kelley, VP and Service Director, Burton Group 

Emphases: Information security, compliance, policy and risk management, software and application security, web application firewalls, collaboration security, instant messaging security, security information and event management, network security architectures, and host intrusion prevention.

Background: Over 16 years of experience creating secure network architectures and business solutions for large corporations. Previous positions include executive security advisory for CA; manager for KPMG's Financial Services Consulting practice; vice president of security technology for Safe3W (acquired by iPass); senior analyst for Hurwitz Group; general manager of a development group at Symantec Corp.

Chris Wysopal, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Veracode  

Chris Wysopal is recognized as an expert and a well known speaker in the information security field. He has testified on Capitol Hill on the subjects of government computer security and how vulnerabilities are discovered in software. He also has spoken as the keynote at West Point, to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and before the International Financial Futures and Options Exchange in London. His opinions on Internet security are highly sought after and most major print and media outlets.

Mr. Wysopal’s groundbreaking work in 2002 while at the company @stake was instrumental in developing industry guidelines for responsibly disclosing software security vulnerabilities. Mr. Wysopal, along with Steve Christey of MITRE, proposed an IETF RFC identified as the “Responsible Vulnerability Disclosure Process,” which became the foundation for the Organization for Internet Safety (OIS). Mr. Wysopal is a founder of OIS, which established industry standards for the responsible disclosure of Internet security vulnerabilities.

Mr. Wysopal is co-author of the award winning password auditing and recovery application @stake LC (L0phtCrack) which is currently used by more than 6,000 governments, military and corporate organizations worldwide. Mr. Wysopal wrote The Art of Software Security Testing: Identifying Security Flaws, published by Addison Wesley and Symantec Press in December 2006.

For information about the recorded archive for this event contact Xtalks at (416) 977-6555 ext 371, or email register@xtalks.com

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