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Xtalks On Demand Archives - Energy and Utilities

  Synopsis Webinar Title Date
Energy Life Sciences - Today’s working environment in the Oil & Gas Industry has changed. Globalisation, cost reduction drivers and easier access to specialists around the world due to technology advancements results in more and more companies asking their employees to work virtually. This session will examine some of the pitfalls, best practices and what the future holds for virtual bid teams.
Speakers: Graham Ablett, Consulting Director, Strategic Proposals
Lina Gogos, Business Development Manager, Xait
Oil & Gas companies: Running a Virtual Bid Team – The Secrets to Success Sep 25/12
GreenEnterprise Green Energy/Manufacturing - Viewers will understand the fundamental principles of capacitive touch, the various alortihms that may be used as well as some of the implementation challenges
Speaker: Pradhyum Ramkumar, MSP430 Product Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments
Ultra-Low-Power Capacitive Touch: Touch Sensing Basics and Implementation Challenges Oct 25/11
GreenEnterprise Green Energy/Manufacturing - This talk will go over the basics of FRAM and how it works, and how the MSP430 architecture has been adapted to bring out the best low power characteristics of FRAM while decreasing development time
Speaker: Jacob Borgeson, MSP430 Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments
FRAM: Nonvolatile Memory for Ultra-low Power Applications Sep 14/11
GreenEnterprise Green Energy/Manufacturing - This presentation will introduce Grace, a new & free software development tool for MSP430 devices, and provide a live demonstration showing how Grace works and how it can make application development more efficient and solutions more robust
Speakers: Adrian Fernandez, MSP430 Microcontroller Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments
William Goh, MSP430 Development Applications, Texas Instruments
Grace – Graphical User Interface for Enabling and Configurating MSP430 Peripherals Aug 23/11
GreenEnergy Green Energy/Manufacturing - Energizer and Microchip have teamed up to develop solutions for, and educate designers about eXtreme Low Power MCUs, Batteries, and extending battery life
Speakers: Jason Tollefson, Product Marketing Manager, Advanced Microcontroller Architecture Division, Microchip Technology, Inc.
Daniel Durbin, Sr. Technology Engineer, Product Technical Support, Energizer Battery Manufacturing, Inc.
Need to Extend Battery Life in Embedded Designs? Mar 31/11
IT Healthcare/Manufacturing - This webinar will review the resources available to medical developers to help create differentiated products and accelerate their time to market, including TI’s MSP430’s diverse portfolio of 16-bit ultra-low-power microcontrollers
Speaker:Rajesh Verma, Business Development Manager, Texas Instruments
Supporting Portable Medical and Instrumentation Design with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller Sep 14/10
GreenEnterprise Green Energy/Manufacturing - This seminar will review the industry trends and solutions surrounding zero to low power consumption in embedded system designs
Speakers: VC Kumar, MSP430 Microcontroller Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments
VC Adrian Fernandez, MSP430 Microcontroller Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments
Embedded Control Systems
Part 2 - Realizing Ubiquitous Wireless Connectivity with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller
July 8/10
BusinessStrategy BusinessStrategy/Green Energy - Wyoming is a prime location for market access and poised to be a leader in the wind power industry
Speakers: Richard Walje, President, Rocky Mountain Power, PacifiCorp
Dr. Jonathan Naughton, Director, University of Wyoming Wind Research Center
Steve Ellenbecker, Executive Director, Wyoming Infrastructure Authority
Moderator: Robert Jensen, CEO, Wyoming Business Council
Wyoming – Opportunities Blowing in the Wind May 19/10
GreenEnterprise Green Energy/Manufacturing - This seminar will review the industry trends and solutions surrounding zero to low power consumption in embedded system designs, with specific application studies around metering and smart grid solutions
Speakers: Kripa Venkat, Systems Applications Engineer, Texas Instruments
VC Kumar, MSP430 Microcontroller Product Marketing Engineer, Texas Instruments
Embedded Control Systems
Part 1 - Enabling Smart Metering Systems with the World’s Lowest Power Microcontroller
April 30/10
BusinessStrategy GreenEnergy/Manufacturing - This webinar will give viewers an understanding of Energy Intelligence, how it works and the results it can deliver, plus insight into the methods of effective deployment of Energy Intelligence in some of the leading manufacturers in the food, beverage and dairy industries
Speakers: Matthew Littlefield, Senior Research Analyst, The Aberdeen Group
Staffan Akerstrom, Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder, EPS Corp
Energy Intelligence: The Best Practice for Energy Management in the Manufacturing Industry Feb 9/10
Energy/Utilities Energy & Utilities/Green Enterprise - Best Practices for Developing and Executing an Integrated Energy Management Strategy
Speaker: John Fardella, EVP Business Development, LPB Energy Management
Reduce Energy Cost and Consumption by up to 30%! Jan 20/10
Government Government/Green Energy - This presentation will provide a focus on renewable/alternative energy options (solar, wind, biomass, landfill gas and waste-to-energy), giving an overview and examples of each, and Federal incentives in place to help cities realize renewable/alternative options
Speakers: Scott Keeley, Business Development Manager, Alternative and Renewable Energy, Siemens Building Technologies
Nelson Oliva, City Manager, City of Hercules
Municipalities and Renewable Energy: Assessing What Option(s) is Right for You Dec 8/09
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/Green Energy - This seminar will focus on the Information and Renewable Energy sector in Spain and the investment opportunities it offers to foreign companies.
Speakers: David Martínez, Investor Services Manager (Renewable Energy Sector), INVEST IN SPAIN
Antonio Hernández, General Director for Energy and Mining Policy, Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade, Government of Spain
Alberto Ceña, Technical Director, Spanish Wind Energy Association, AEE
Carlos Torres, Financial Engineer, Vestas
Luis Crespo, Secretary General, Protermosolar
Elvira Martín, Management Deputy & Sales CSP, SCHOTT Solar
Invest in Spain: Business Opportunities in the Spanish Renewable Energy Sector Oct 6/09
Energy/Utilities Energy & Utilities - Viewers will walk away with a clearer understanding of what they MUST do to comply with NERC CIPs mandates related to SIEM and concrete recommendations for automating and simplifying that heavy burden
Speakers: Tom McAndrew, Vice President of Professional Services, CISM, CISA, CISSP, QSA, Coalfire Systems
Trent Heisler, Director of Sales Engineering, LogRhythm
NERC CIP – Compliance Automation – An Auditors Perspective July 28/09
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy - The government of Spain is looking for foreign companies to help it improve its environmental practices. Most opportunities are connected with waste treatment, both municipal and hazardous, with particular emphasis on certain materials such as plastics and rubber, and including separation and energy generation.
Speakers: Camilla Sharp, Investor Services Manager (Environmental Sector) , INVEST IN SPAIN
Patricia Rullán de la Mata , Project Manager, TECNOMA S.A. Spain
Benito Reig, President, 13 12 agua y recursos s.l.
Invest in Spain: Business Opportunities in the Spanish Environmental and Water Sectors Jun 15/09
GreenEnterprise Green Enterprise - Learn about how you can green your building project by installing a clean onsite power system. This webinar features a LEED Platinum Case Study.
Speakers: Justin Rathke, Director, Policy and Business Development, Capstone Turbine Corporation
Alex Charlton, General Manager - Northwest, E C Power Systems
John McMichael, PE, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Principal, Interface Engineering
Greening Your Building with Onsite Generation Oct 15/08
GreenEnterprise Green Enterprise - This webinar will provide insight into how microturbine technology is helping Oil & Gas companies face the unique set of challenges facing their industry
Speakers: Lee Richards, Director of Sales, Oil & Gas, Capstone Turbine Corporation
Bryan Hensley, Vice President of Sales, Pumps & Service
Microturbine Applications for the Oil & Gas Industries July 15/08
Energy/Utilities Energy & Utilities - Emergency Operations Standards
Speaker: Terry Dennis, ZGlobal Inc.
NERC Compliance Webinar Series: Part 3 June 27/08
Energy/Utilities Energy & Utilities - Key Issues to Individuals
Speaker: Steve Auradou, Director of Operations, ZGlobal Inc.
NERC Compliance Webinar Series: Part 2 June 20/08
Energy/Utilities Energy & Utilities - NERC Reliability Standards
Speaker: Steve Auradou, Director of Operations, ZGlobal Inc.
NERC Compliance Webinar Series: Part 1 June 13/08

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