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Xtalks On Demand Archives - IT and Telecommunications

  Synopsis Webinar Title Date
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - Learn how Madrid offers a privileged location for establishing European Headquarters operations and Service Hubs
Speakers: Eduardo González, Manager, ICT and Headquarters, PromoMadrid
Jaime Giné, VP International Development Services, Electronic Arts
Madrid: Hub for North American and Latin American ICT Companies in Europe Mar 27/12
SupplyChain Manufacturing/Supply Chain - This session will help you understand supply chain issues surrounding consignment inventory, and offer real world examples of how RFID solutions have helped many organizations take control of their consignment inventory
Speakers:Jason Rosemurgy, Global Sales Director, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Patrick C. McCarthy, Esq., CEO, Validiti LLC
RFID: Removing the Complexity of Managing Consignment Inventory Sep 22/11
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/Manufacturing - This webinar will provide participants with an introduction to the excellent opportunities for a low cost, high quality, successful investment in Colombia. The presentation will include a case study with Convergys.
Speakers: Sara Bojanini, Foreign Investment Director/USA, and Juan Sebastian Sandino, Investment Advisor for the Americas, Proexport Colombia
COLOMBIA: The Recently Discovered Latin-American Treasure for Outsourcing Jun 14/11
BusinessStrategy Manufacturing/Supply Chain - Learn the basics of a hosted RFID Inventory Management solution, how to integrate with existing systems to significantly reduce costs, and how to reduce the risks usually associated with RFID Inventory Management projects
Speakers:Joe Pleshek, President and CEO, Terso Solutions, Inc.
Nathan Cowan, General Manager of Global Sales, HubSpan
Tracy Hillstrom, Sr. Product Line Manager, Impinj, Inc.
Understanding RFID in the “Cloud”: A Look at the Future of RFID Software Dec 9/10
LifeSciences Life Sciences/IT - Learn how innovative approaches to Records Management can improve adherence to protocols, instill best practices, ensure regulatory compliance, and most importantly increase business efficiency and decrease TCO
Speakers:  Ron Fitzmartin, PhD, MBA, Managing Partner, Decision Analytics
Dr. Ganesh Swaminathan, Practice Leader Life Sciences, Syntel
Business Aligned Records Management for Life Sciences - Unlock the "Efficiency-Code" in your Content Management Strategy Dec 8/10
BusinessStrategy BusinessStrategy/ICTsector - This webinar would be beneficial for existing mid-tier BPO's and other potential nearshore investors and ICT outsourcers interested in examining the strengths of Jamaica as a business location of choice for contact centre/ BPO operations
Speakers: Honorable Karl Samuda, Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Jamaica
Plus an expert panel from Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO)
Investment and Outsourcing Opportunities in Contact Centre/BPO Operations in Jamaica Nov 24/10
BusinessStrategy Media & Marketing/IT/Government - In this webinar, the Platt Retail Institute (PRI) will discuss its just-released research that answers the following questions: Of the methods that are being used by universities to communicate with their students, which are effective? How can emerging digital technologies be deployed to enhance the administrator-student information flow?
Speakers: Steve Acquista, Director of Digital Signage, Black Box Network Services
Steven Keith Platt, Director, Platt Retail Institute
Communication Effectiveness in Higher Education Nov 9/10
LifeSciences IT - Despite the serious security risks and the potential for IT compliance audit failures, many organizations are unaware of their own vulnerabilities when it comes to privileged accounts
Speaker: Paul Del Piero, Director of Marketing, Lieberman Software Corporation
Introduction to Privileged Identity Management Sept 30/10
LifeSciences IT - Learn how email policy management can prevent security incidents resulting in data leakage
Speakers: Sandy Sidhu, Technical Product Manager, Vircom
Marc-André Léger, Lecturer, University of Sherbrooke, Masters in IT Governance, Audit & Security Program and Healthcare Informatics Program
Preventing Email Data Leakage and Abuse With Policy Management June 23/10
LifeSciences IT/Telecom - In this webinar, attendees will gain an understanding of how to increase the value of existing Cloud computing services and gain market share, eliminate barriers of adoption by clearly defining certain security practices, and scale, enforce and audit the management of passwords for privileged user accounts of infrastructure components (servers, routers, switches, firewalls, load balancers, etc.)
Speakers: Philip Lieberman, Founder and CEO, Lieberman Software Corporation
Steve Staso, Cloud Computing Strategist, Field and Wave Solutions
Lowering the Barrier to Security and Compliance in the Cloud Apr 29/10
BusinessStrategy Media & Marketing/Healthcare/IT/HR - Learn how you can use strategically placed digital video screens to deliver the right message at the right time to visitors and employees in a single building or in multiple facilities spread over a large geographic area
Speakers: George Borden, National Sales Manager, Black Box Network Services
Steve Acquista, Director of Digital Signage, Black Box Network Services
Motivate, Educate, and Compel Your Audience - Put the Power of Digital Signage to Work for You Mar 30/10
LifeSciences Finance/IT - An examination of five strategic challenges facing an organization attempting to navigate the PCI compliance landscape, and how to turn these challenges into a strategic PCI approach
Speaker: Gavin Millard, Technical Director - International, Tripwire
5 Strategic Challenges to Passing a PCI DSS Audit Mar 10/10
Finance Finance/IT/Supply Chain - Learn about the 4 key steps to automate the P2P process for ALL types of invoices, even non-PO invoices
Speaker:Deborah Close, Executive Vice President, DO2 Technologies Inc.
How to Automate Procure-to-Pay for Non-PO Invoices Nov 19/09
IT IT- Does your organization hold Personal Identifiable Information? Are you worried about your Intellectual Property being compromised? Does your organization experience the risk of losing laptops or having them stolen? This presentation will answer these questions and more.
Speaker: Hal Hagan, Pre-Sales Engineer, WinMagic
Full-Disk Encryption: Protect your Company from a Data Breach Nov 17/09
IT IT- Our speaker panel will share their insight about architecting your VMware environment to ensure control and accountability as well as taking advantage of distributed virtual networking
Speakers: Neal Mueller, Nexus 1000v Product Manager, Cisco
Eric Chiu, CEO, HyTrust
Rob Randell, Systems Engineer, VMware
Making the Most of VMware vSphere with Cisco Nexus 1000v and HyTrust Appliance 1.5 Nov 13/09
IT IT- Learn about the most common issues facing Exchange administrators, current exploits and future trends, and gain insight on configuration best practices
Speakers: Sandy Sidhu, Technical Product Manager, Vircom
Daniel Nerenberg, Principle Consultant, InfraOp Inc.
Protecting and Optimizing Exchange: How To Ensure Your Email Is Secure Nov 9/09
IT IT- Ponemon Institute, the world’s leading authority on information security will discuss the latest findings on the cost of data breaches and the most effective preventative measures
Speakers: Dr. Larry Ponemon, Chairman and Founder, Ponemon Institute
Tim Parker, Vice President - Research and Development, Absolute Software
Solving the Lost Laptop Problem: The Ponemon Approach to Mobile Security Oct 8/09
Finance Finance/IT/Supply Chain - Electronic invoicing can revolutionalize your accounts payable processes, and save you millions of dollars a year
Speakers:Duncan Jones, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Inc.
Deborah Close, Executive Vice President – Marketing, DO2 Technologies Inc.
The Business Case for eInvoicing: Low Risk, High Return, Rapid Payout Sep 17/09
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - This seminar will focus on the Information and Communication Technologies sector in Spain and the investment opportunities it offers to foreign companies.
Speakers: Andrés García, Investor Services Manager, INVEST IN SPAIN
Marcos Jiménez, CEO of Europe, Softtek
Víctor Martínez, Deputy General Manager, NEC Ibérica
Inma Rodríguez Serrano, Vice President Madrid R&D Center, Ericsson
María José Aguado, Director of Processes and Commercial Efficiency, Telefónica España
Invest in Spain: Business Opportunities in the Spanish ICT Sector Sept 16/09
Energy/Utilities Energy & Utilities/IT - Viewers will walk away with a clearer understanding of what they MUST do to comply with NERC CIPs mandates related to SIEM and concrete recommendations for automating and simplifying that heavy burden
Speakers: Tom McAndrew, Vice President of Professional Services, CISM, CISA, CISSP, QSA, Coalfire Systems
Trent Heisler, Director of Sales Engineering, LogRhythm
NERC CIP – Compliance Automation – An Auditors Perspective July 28/09
IT IT- The panel will discuss the latest developments in the Web Content Management (WCM) market, the changing expectations of visitors to your Web site, and how WCM solutions can help you use the Web to grow your customer base while driving internal efficiency
Speakers: Kristin Kirsten Knipp, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Vignette
Tim Walters, Ph.D., Senior Analyst, Forrester Research
Strategies for Maximizing Business Results from Your Web Site in a Difficult Economy June 1/09
IT IT- Join this webcast for a discussion on how to better manage, monitor and audit the most powerful and thereby potentially the most dangerous user – the privileged user
Speakers: Christopher Bauserman, Manager of Security and Compliance Product Management, IBM Tivoli
Lori Rowland, Senior Analyst, Burton Group Identity and Privacy Strategies
Mark Diodati, Senior Analyst, Burton Group Identity and Privacy Strategies
Trust but Verify…Managing and Auditing Privileged Users May 12/09
IT IT- Given that budgets and resources are scarce, how can an organization successfully protect the enterprise and manage its compliance burden?
Speakers: Kristin Lovejoy, Director, IBM Corporate Security Strategy
Scott Crawford, Research Director, Enterprise Management Associates
Moderator: Marne E. Gordon, GRC Market Manager, IBM Tivoli
2009 and Beyond: Managing Security and the New Compliance Landscape in an Adverse Economy Apr 29/09
IT IT- Best Practices for Protecting Mobile Data in the Enterprise
Speakers: Rich Mogull, Founder, Securosis, and Security Editor, TidBITS
Garry McCracken, Vice President of Technology Partnerships, WinMagic
Laptop Encryption for Security and Compliance Mar 26/09
IT IT- This presentation will provide you with fundamental knowledge required to create an internal penetration testing program for your organization
Speaker: Paul Asadoorian, Founder & CEO, PaulDotCom Enterprises
Zen and the Art of an Internal Penetration Testing Program: Part1 Mar 19/09
IT IT- A roundtable discussion on how to best balance the risks and rewards of creating and delivering business or information services online
Speakers: Kelly Beardmore, Chief Technical and Security Officer, Tenzing
Gus Harsfai, President and CEO, Ceryx Inc.
Charles Cyna, President and CEO, ThinkITSM Inc.
Jack Milunsky, Chief Operating Officer, Brightspark3
Rob Kent, Partner Account Manager, Software & Services Partner Channel, Microsoft Canada
Lessons Learned from SaaS CEOs Mar 12/09
IT IT- This webinar will focus on building, deploying and maintaining mission critical business services over the Internet
Speakers: Michael Turcsanyi, Vice President of Account Services, Tenzing
Rob Kent, Partner Account Manager, Software & Services Partner Channel, Microsoft Canada
Internet Delivery of Mission Critical Business Services: Best Practices for Software as a Service (SaaS) Jan 23/09
IT IT- Learn a unique approach to IP Protection and Data Loss Prevention
Speakers: Eric Meyers, Data Protection Manager , DuPont
Mark Thompson, Vice President of Product Management, Verdasys, Inc.
Protect IP. Enable Collaboration. Jan 22/09
IT IT - This webinar discusses what level of integration does your current golf management system employ? Is your current system truly integrated? How does a truly integrated system save, and ultimately make its users money?
Speakers: Peter Degenstein, Business Development Manager, CARMA Golf Systems Inc.
Kim Capjack, Director of Operations, Golden West Golf Group
James Smith, Club Manager, Smith Golf Group & Professor, Olds College
What You Need To Know About Your Golf Course Management System: Are You Truly Integrated? Dec 3/08
IT IT - An insightful discussion into getting the most from employees, associates and business partners when standard operating procedures just don’t apply
Speakers: Gerald Lewis, Ph.D., International Consultant and Trainer
Roland Johnson, President, Office Shadow, Inc.
BCP and the Human Factor: Building Resilience From the Inside Nov 19/08
IT IT/Finance - Insight into the updated version of the Data Security Standards
Speakers: Bob Russo, General Manager, PCI Data Security Standards Council
Mike Hastie, SOA Practice Director, Prolifics
Introducing PCI Version 1.2: Best Practices for Integrating Compliance to Enhance Your Organization's Overall Security Oct 30/08
IT IT - This presentation will discuss the unique issues and requirements to meet the growing security and compliance concerns associated with allowing privileged access to critical resources from internal users, remote users, suppliers, vendors and other internal and external users
Speakers: Kris Zupan, CEO/CTO, e-DMZ Security
Larry Brock, CISO, Dupont
Privileged Access Control: A Security Compliance Focus Oct 1/08
IT IT/Online Strategy - Yankee Group and Vignette discusses the current market and consumer forces at play in the TME industries
Speakers: Daniel Taylor, Senior Analyst, Consumer Research, The Yankee Group
Lee Shepstone, CTO of Media, Vignette
TME Market Trends and Vignette Media Solution: How to Make Your Multi-Media Online Strategy a Reality...Now! Sep 25/08
IT Healthcare/IT -Join a panel of industry experts for an engaging 1-hour e-seminar to gain a better understanding of the best practices that will simplify your TJC Readiness efforts, while establishing an automated clinical IT governance, risk, and compliance (IT GRC) foundation for delivery of high quality care
Speakers: Paul Reymann, CEO, ReymannGroup
Mary Berkman, Senior Healthcare Consultant, ReymannGroup
Jim Stickley, CTO & Co-Founder, TraceSecurity, and internationally renowned security expert, regularly featured on The Today Show, CNBC, and author of the upcoming book The Truth About Identity Theft
Dariel LeBeouf, SVP Communications and Education Services TraceSecurity
Five Information Management Best Practices for Enabling The Joint Commission Readiness Review in 2009 Sep 16/08
IT IT/Security/Healthcare - Security and Compliance – Today’s Biggest Buzz Words in IT
Speakers: Brian Shellock, I/S Security Analyst, Lehigh Valley Hospital
A.N. Ananth, President & CEO, Prism Microsystems, Inc.
From the Trenches: How One Organization Approaches Today’s Security and Compliance Challenges with Log Management Sep 11/08
IT IT/Security - In this webinar, Arxan Technologies will explore multiple options to safeguard critical software IP, revenue and brand by using its application hardening technology, GuardIT®. Arxan will also discuss its 7 Key Factors to Software Protection as a core component to creating an effective software protection strategy to thwart tampering, piracy and reverse-engineering.
Speakers: Vince Arneja, Director of Product Management, Arxan Technologies, Inc.
Avni Rambhia, Principal, Security Matters
Explore Different Ways to Fight Software Tampering and Piracy Sep 10/08
IT Healthcare/Wireless construction - Providing Your Clients With a Comprehensive Blueprint For In-building Wireless
Speakers: Bill Holman, Senior Vice President, Sales, InnerWireless, Inc.
Steve Tobin, Analyst, Frost & Sullivan
Kathi Cox, Manager, Information Services, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas
The Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Construction Sep 4/08
IT IT/Security - This webinar we will present a visual roadmap of how an end to end system will help future proof your investment and provide a solution that is scalable, easy to implement and utilize
Speakers: Michael Godfrey, Chief Technology Officer, Visual Defence
Nidhi Nayyar, Channel Marketing Manager-North America, Proxim Wireless
Don Herpin, National Transportation Consultant, Axis Communications
Driving Mass Transit Security Aug 27/08
IT IT/Security - Learn how existing traditional AV solutions are no longer effective against today’s threats, Security-as-a-Service will save you money in terms of overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and how the adoption of “in the cloud” services will affect the SMB market
Speaker: Ryan Sherstobitoff, Chief Corporate Evangelist, Panda Security
From Traditional Anti-Virus to Security-as-a-Service Aug 26/08
IT IT - The Case for a Modern Global Enterprise Messaging Platform
Speaker: Frank Mahdavi, Chief Strategy Officer, MIR3, Inc.
IT Notification as a Service Aug 13/08
IT IT/Wireless - This webinar will explore key issues many enterprise customers are facing when considering an 802.11n infrastructure deployment
Speakers: Lisa Phifer, President, Core Competence
Sri Sundaralingam, Vice President, Product Management, AirTight Networks
IT IT/Finance - A discussion of the challenges of effectively managing your PCI compliance and how to manage PCI as an easily maintainable operational process that can be leveraged for other and future efforts
Speakers: Dorian Cougias, CEO, Network Frontiers, and Participating Organization, PCI Security Standards Council
Geoff Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NetIQ
Living with PCI and Streamlining Your Compliance Efforts Aug 5/08
IT IT/Security - In this informative webinar HP shares the secrets of security professionals who are successfully leading their organization to a higher state of security through an enterprise security program
Speakers: Caleb Sima, Chief Technologist, Application Security Center (ASC), Hewlett-Packard Company
Rafal Los, Senior Security Solutions Consultant, Application Security Center (ASC), Hewlett-Packard Company
The Iceberg Principle - Building a Bullet-Proof Case for Enterprise Application Security July 17/08
Finance Finance/IT - This webcast will discuss how to deploy a continuous roles lifecycle management process and ensure regulatory compliance
Speaker: Deepak Taneja Founder & CTO, Aveksa
Roles- Based Access Governance: Best Practices July 17/08
IT IT - In this session you will learn the major classes of inhibitors impeding SOA adoption, best practice SOA-enhanced remedies that can be implemented to attack the major inhibitors to SOA, and how to use your existing EA structure to begin successful SOA adoption strategies
Speaker: Pat Heinig, Senior Enterprise Architect and SOA Consultant
EA Solutions Enhanced by SOA Adoption June 26/08
IT IT/Finance - This webinar provides an overview of the current state of the payment card industry and the functions of the PCI Data Security Standards Council, including possible changes/revisions/updates to the Standard in the future.
Speakers: Bob Russo, General Manager, PCI Data Security Standards Council
Chrisan Herrod, Vice President Compliance Solutions, Compliance Spectrum
Beyond Compliance: Implementing a Successful PCI DSS Program That Translates Into Long Term ROI Benefits June 9/08
IT IT/Business Strategy - Dedicated tools exist to support standards-based BCM programs and enable self-certification and compliance. This webinar will discuss these facilities and show how Shadow-Planner has been able to reduce compliance costs and enhance corporate resilience.
Speakers: Matt Deane, Director of Homeland Security Standards, American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
Roland Johnson, President Office Shadow, Inc.
Enhancing Your BCM Program By Supporting the Emerging Industry Standards with Dedicated Software Tools May 30/08
IT IT - Download this archive to learn about Double-Take Software’s latest innovative solution for continuous data protection which features a premier Zero Data Loss technology
Speaker: Bob Roudebush, Director of Solutions Engineering, Double-Take Software
Zero Data Loss - Introducing TimeData from Double-Take Software May 29/08
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/HR Management - Learn how the implementation of virtual IT training has dramatically altered the learning landscape for two major organizations
Speakers: Kathy Shields, Vice President, Learning & Development Manager for Technical Learning, Technology Information Group, Wells Fargo
Laura Bates, Senior System Analyst for Information Technology Education, Mayo Clinic
Todd Wright, Instructor, TEKsystems, and Founder, JTConsult
Implementing a Successful Virtual Learning Solution for IT Professionals May 16/08
IT IT - The PowerTech Group, Inc. has released its fifth annual review of the state of security on IBM’s System i platform (also known as AS/400 or iSeries). This presentation will reveal the findings of the study in 6 major areas, highlight some of the most common exposures, and provide recommendations for remediation of some of the common System i (AS/400) audit points
Speaker: John Earl, CTO, PowerTech
The State of System i (AS/400) Security 2008 May 13/08
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - Learn how virtualization technologies have dramatically altered the landscape for disaster recovery.
Speakers: Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Dave DuPont, CEO, SANRAD, Inc.
Eric D. Nelson, Director of Information Technology / CIO, St. Joseph Healthcare
Virtualization: Enabling Disaster Recovery for the Masses Apr 29/08
Finance Finance/IT - The SEC has been testing XBRL format and the underlying technology for over 2 years via a Voluntary Filing Program (VFP). This webinar will examine the ramifications of an eventual SEC mandate for companies to file using XBRL technologies.
Speakers: David Blaszkowsky, Director, Office of Interactive Disclosure, SEC
Uma Iyer, Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche
Jennifer Martell, Senior Manager - External Reporting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Adobe Systems
Mark Bolgiano, President & CEO, XBRL-US
SEC’s Interactive Data Filing Program - Developing an Implementation Framework with XBRL Apr 17/08
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - This webinar will address some of the myths surrounding business continuity planning, and how to effectively begin providing a framework to develop and implement a Business Continuity Plan
Speakers: Elaine Comeau, Manager, Business Continuity and Emergency Procedures, Standard Life Canada
Jay Mehta, Business Continuity Consultant, IT Weapons Inc.
Michael Edmonds, Business Continuity Consultant, IT Weapons Inc.
Business Continuity: Separating Myth from Reality Apr 3/08
IT IT - SaaS in 30 to 60 days - Now that's rapid enablement!
Speakers: Jeff Bennett, Vice President Business Development Wrapped Apps Corporation
Bonnie Durkin, Marketing and Program Manager, Software as a Service IBM
Joe Nicke, Software as a Service - IBM Partner Programs
Wrapped Apps – Enabling Software as a Service Mar 27/08
IT IT - Learn about a scalable and flexible platform for delivering holistic, accurate, secure and timely data to your infrastructure
Speakers: Ash Parikh, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Informatica
Christopher Eberly, Head of Enterprise Information Management, ING US Financial Services
Data Services – Maximizing Business Value through Right-Time Information Mar 18/08
IT IT - The keys to a steadily improving, targeted online experience
Speakers: Conleth O’Connell, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Vignette Corporation
Tony White, Lead Analyst, Web Content Management, Gilbane
Scott Lawson, IT Business Systems Architect - eBusiness, Marketing, & Support, QAD Inc.
Web Content Management, Portal, and Collaboration Feb 22/08
LifeSciences Life Sciences/IT - A guide through current multi-site and web marketing trends in the pharmacy space and the steps you need to map out your future WCM success
Speakers: Kevin Adkisson, Director of Software Sales, Crown Partners LLC
Rob Alfieri, Strategic Consultant, Crown Partners LLC
Andrew Zupfer, Senior WCM Product Manager, Crown Partners LLC
Web Content Management for Pharma Marketing -- Leveraging the Present, Mapping the Future Feb 21/08
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - Real world examples of organizations integrating mass notification into their business operations and a live demonstration of the 3n InstaCom mass notification system
Speakers: Elaine Comeau, Manager, Business Continuity and Emergency Procedures, Standard Life Canada
Marc Ladin, Vice President - Global Marketing, 3n (National Notification Network)
Chad Sanders, Senior Sales Engineer, 3n (National Notification Network)
Best Practices for Implementing Mass Notification as Part of Your Business Continuity Plan Jan 24/08
IT IT - New techniques to protect and harden these outward facing business-critical applications
Speakers: Diana Kelley, VP and Service Director, Burton Group
Chris Wysopal, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Veracode
Defending the Front Lines: Securing Your Web Applications Dec 6/07
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT/Finance/Marketing - Your sales and marketing staff need to understand the meaning behind the numbers in order to close the most lucrative opportunities, or to understand which campaigns are most critical in moving leads from awareness to close. Learn how to transform data from CRM systems like salesforce.com into actionable information that drives sales.
Speakers: Steve Williams, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Business Objects
Jason Pamer, Senior Product Manager, Business Objects
Increase Sales with Business Intelligence OnDemand: The Insight Into Your CRM Data Needed to Increase the Bottom Line - Delivered OnDemand Oct 24/07
IT Healthcare/Life Sciences - Preventing Medical ID Theft
Speakers: John C. Wade, Vice President, former CIO, Saint Luke’s Health System
Richard J. Carroll, Senior Director, Healthcare IT Infrastructure, ARINC, Inc.
Identity Management for the Healthcare Enterprise Oct 18/07
IT IT - Discussion of the key differences between IPS and IDS that organizations need to consider when determining their network security strategy and address the key prioritized requirements needed for deploying an in-line IPS
Speaker: Neal Hartsell, VP Marketing, TippingPoint
Real Intrusion Prevention (IPS): Maximizing the Security Wallet Oct 4/07
IT IT - This presentation will demonstrate the shortcomings of legacy security methodologies in 21st century networks and provide you with crib notes for discussing security concerns with your AS/400 staff
Speakers: John Earl, CTO, PowerTech
Laura Koetzle, Vice President – Research Training, Forrester
Securing the AS/400 for a 21st Century Network - A Guide To Discussing Security With Your AS/400 Administrator Sep 26/07
IT IT/Finance - Includes results of the 2007 survey on The Future of Modeling and Analytics in Consulting
Speakers: Jeff Rich, Founder and CEO, Rich Capital
Carlos Centurion, VP Strategy & Marketing, River Logic
Philip Higginbotham, Vice President Partner Development , River Logic
Consultants and Software: Delivering More Value Faster for a Competitive Edge Sep 25/07
IT IT/Finance - A Conversation with Dr. Gary McGraw Best Selling Author and Globally Recognized Authority on Software Security
Speakers: Gary McGraw, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Cigital, Inc.
Roger Thornton, Chief Technology Officer, Fortify Software
Thought Leadership Forum: Security Strategies That Work and Lessons Learned From the World’s Leading Financial Institutions Sep 24/07
IT IT - Achieve IT Architecture Effectiveness and Cost Reduction with SOA
Speakers: Richard Erickson, Enterprise SOA Design Center Practice Lead, AT&T
Sam Vetto, Enterprise Architect , The Hartford Insurance Company
Kadeer Beg, SOA Practice Manager, Prolifics
Service-Oriented Architecture for the Enterprise Sep 20/07
IT IT/Finance - The Future of Payment Card Industry Compliance
Speakers: John Kirkwood, Vice President & Global Information Security Officer, Royal Ahold
A. N. Ananth, CEO, Prism Microsystems, Inc
PCI Data Security Standards Part II Sep 13/07
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - How to plan for a sustainable business by protecting both staff and data against any potential disruption
Speakers: Ted Garner, CEO, IT Weapons
Jay Mehta, Business Consultant for IT Weapons
Business Continuity: Protecting your Data and Staff Against a Disaster June 21/07
Government Government/IT - Embracing IPv6 technology has many advantages, including improved routing capabilities and enhanced mobility features for wireless use
Speakers: Dave West, Director, Field Operations Federal Center of Excellence, Cisco Systems, Inc.
. D. Sean Siler, Program Manager for IPv6, Microsoft Corporation
Exploring IPv6 - The Internet Protocol of Infinite Possibilities June 20/07
IT IT & Telecommunications - This presentation will explore the new generation of information security attacks and discuss how to safeguard internal networks from these new evolving threats
Speakers: Frank Daidone, IT and Security Manager, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc.
Scott Lupfer, CISSP, Principal Security Architect, IBM Internet Security Systems
The Evolving Threat Landscape June 12/07
IT IT - Learn how a new generation of OnDemand - or Software-as-a-Service - business intelligence solutions make it easier for companies to compile and utilize data from multiple sources via the web to achieve their corporate objectives
Speakers:Steve Williams, Senior Product Manager, Business Objects
Scott Cohenford, Senior Analyst, Rapid Advance
Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies
OnDemand Business Intelligence – Accessing Your Data Via the Web with Software-as-a-Service June 5/07
Finance Finance - Successful implementation and future applications using XBRL
Speakers:Bob Laux, Director, Technical Accounting and Reporting, Microsoft
Satish Appalakutty, Founder and Chief Architect, NeoClarus
Financial Reporting Using XBRL May 24/07
IT IT - Accelerating time to deployment for data-intensive initiatives
Speakers: Dave Evans, A Founder of Data Management Association (DAMA), British Telecom
Todd Goldman, Vice President of Marketing, Exeros
Data Management and Information Governance: Why You Should Care & How To Take Action May 8/07
IT IT - Aligning Data Capture and Use (Back and Front End Operations) to Deliver Strategic Customer Data
Speaker: David Mayell, Data Quality, Morgan Stanley
Data Quality as an Enterprise-Wide Issue May 2007
IT IT & Telecommunications - Securely manage your employees’ mobile devices and laptops
Speakers: Matthew M. Speare, Senior Vice President, Corporate Information Security Officer, M&T Bank
Phil Karren, Novell Product Manager, Novell
Mobile Device Security Apr 18/07
IT IT - Using open source software to lower costs and increase productivity
Speakers: Nicholas Carr, former Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review, Author of Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage
Stormy Peters, Director of Community & Partner Programs, OpenLogic
Open Source Software for the Enterprise Apr 17/07
IT IT - Learn how to utilize hosting providers like Layered Technologies who have the required IT infrastructure and are offering new cost-effective, scalable hosting solutions for online applications to the enterprise
Speakers: Nicholas Carr, former Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review, Author, Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corosion of Competitive Advantage
Bert Armijo, Co-founder and VP Product Management, 3tera, Inc.
Todd Abrams, President and COO, Layered Technologies
Grid and Utility Computing—Ready for Prime Time? Apr 10/07
IT IT - Closing the Management Information Gap with Operational BI
Speakers: Mark Smith, CEO & Vice President of Research, Ventana Research
Alan Stern, Vice President, Global Marketing, InetSoft Technology
Operational Business Intelligence Apr 4/07
IT IT - Ann Stringer from Sterling Commerce discusses her struggles and triumphs in implementing Data Quality initiatives without the direction of a CIO, and the road that lies ahead
Speakers: Ann Stringer, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sterling Commerce
Frank Dravis, Vice President of Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Business Objects
Data Quality from the Bottom Up: A Grassroots Diary Mar 29/07
IT IT/Finance - Aligning PCI Data Security Standards with Pre-Existing Privacy and Security Mandates
Speakers: Seana Pitt, Chairperson of the PCI Security Standards Council and VP of Merchant Policy and Data Quality, American Express, Global Network Operations
Mark Lambert, Manager, Professional Services, Parasoft
PCI Data Security Standards Part I Feb 20/07
Legal Legal/IT - Are you ready for e-Discovery?
Speakers: Michael Heyrich, Assistant General Counsel, Citigroup, Inc.
Peter Pepiton II, Esq., Discovery Product Manager, CA
E-Discovery: Preparing for Uncertainty. . .  Feb 8/07
Government Government/IT - Tactics for meeting the transition requirements
Speakers: Peter Tseronis, Co-Chair, CIO Council's IPv6 Working Group
Stan Barber, Vice President, NTT America
Tony Hain, Senior Technical Leader, IPv6 Technologies, Cisco Systems
IPv6 Transition within Government: What the Future Holds Feb 7/07
IT IT Security - While there is no silver bullet when it comes to preventing attacks by organized hacker, this webcast will discuss the 5 key gaps in cyber security that hackers are able to consistently and repeatedly exploit
Speakers: Tom Kellermann, Vice President of Security Awareness, Core Security Technologies
Michael Yaffe, Director of Marketing, Core Security Technologies
The Five Key Gaps in Enterprise Cyber Security Jan 25/07
Finance Finance - Successful implementation and future applications using XBRL
Speaker:Martin Henning, Associate Director, FDIC Division of Insurance & Research, Statistics Branch
Financial Reporting Using XBRL Dec 12/06
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - Minimizing risks through efficient planning and execution
Speakers: Gary Gordon, Head of Disaster Preparedness, Boeing
Chris Brown, Technical Evangelist, Infrastructure Platform Group, Sybase
Contingency Planning and Disaster Recovery Dec 6/06
Finance Finance/IT - Overcoming Complexity and Security Issues
Speakers: Eric Kristoff, Director of IT, UBS
Stevan D. Vidich, PhD, MCSD, SCJP, Industry Architect, Financial Services Group, Microsoft
John Powers, Founder & President, Digipede Technologies
Grid Computing in Financial Services--Toward True IT Agility Nov 30/06
IT IT - Migrating to open source solutions in Europe
Speaker: Michel Ruffin, Software Coordination Manager, Chief Technology Officers Department, Alcatel
Open Source Software for the Enterprise--Europe Nov 29/06
IT IT & Telecommunications - Is your Mobile Workforce a Security Threat?
Speakers: Joseph Hungate, CIO, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)
Joan Fazio, Director, Product Marketing, iPass
Executing on your Enterprise Mobility Strategy Nov 29/06
Government IT - Improving Quality and Efficiency in Customer Care
Speakers: Daryl Covey, Chief Field Support Section at NEXRAD Operational Support Facility and President and Founder of the Government Customer Support Community of Practice
Rick Glew, Director of Marketing, IEX
Randy Saunders, Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Management Systems, Cincom Systems
Government Contact Centers Nov 15/06
IT IT - Interoperability and migration to virtualized storage systems
Speaker: Jeff Daniels, Chief Systems Engineer, Enterprise Information Systems, Lockheed Martin
Andy Ruby, Head of Infrastructure Design, Prudential UK
John Hinkle, CIO, Trans World Entertainment
Peter Utzschneider, Vice President of Marketing, Tangosol Inc.
Virtualization for the Enterprise Nov 9/06
IT IT - Strategically planning your identity management procedures and policies to mitigate identity theft and protect your human and information assets
Speakers: Jeff Nancy Callahan, CPCU, Vice President, Identity Theft and Fraud Division, AIG
Michael Miller, Associate Director, Senior Risk Manager, Barclays Capital
Loren Russon, Director of Product Management, Processes and Methodologies, Novell
Identity Management for the Enterprise Nov 7/06
Legal Legal/IT - Is your IT Department ready for e-Discovery?
Speakers: Dennis Brixius, VP, Risk Management and CSO, The McGraw-Hill Companies
Patrick Oot, Director, Electronic Discovery & Senior Counsel, Verizon Communications
Thomas Bookwalter, President, FMDC
Preparing for E-Discovery: From the Server to the Courtroom Oct 26/06
Finance Finance/IT - No Time for Declarations of Victory: Protecting Customers beyond Regulatory Deadlines (with results of a peer-to-peer survey)
Speaker: Lawrence Baxter, Former Chief E-Commerce Officer, Wachovia Bank
Jerry Tylman, Online Authentication, Fraud Prevention and Security, RSA Consulting Group
Protecting Your Online Banking Customers beyond Regulatory Deadlines Presented by RSA Security Oct 25/06
IT IT - Cost-effective data warehousing options
Speakers: Guy Charron, Assistant Director, Infrastructure Services, Statistics Canada
Bill Rittelmeyer, Information Resource Director of Reservation Systems Support, Marriott International
Kevin Coughlin, Director of Product Management, Symantec
Effectively Managing Your Data Storage Infrastructure Oct 12/06
IT IT -Examining open source software's place in the enterprise
Speakers: Ari Jaaksi, Director, Open Source Software Operations, Nokia
Joseph D. Foran, Director of Information Technology, FSW, Inc.
Bob Koviak, Sr. Director of Enterprise Solutions, OpenLogic
Open Source Software for the Enterprise - North America Oct 11/06
IT IT -Listen to computer forensics experts share their investigation tools and techniques
Speakers: Detective Andy Kleinick, Director, Computer Crime Unit, LAPD
Lee Imrey, IT Security Architect, US Department of Justice
Gerard Cocuzzo, Unit Chief , Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory, FBI
Best Practices in Computer Forensics Oct 11/06
IT IT - Building an Effective Secure Network Foundation
Speakers: Morian Eberhard, Vice President, Enterprise Security of a "Top 30" US Bank
Samuel Young, CIO, LaSierra University, California
Allan G. Pomerantz, Chief Security Officer, Philadelphia Stock Exchange
IT Security for SMBs Oct 2006
IT IT & Telecommunications - Seamless migration to next generation networks with integrated voice and data
Speakers: Craig Hinkley, SVP, Network Services, Global Enterprise Access and Desktop Services, Bank of America
Eric D. Bozich, Vice President, IP Connectivity and Security Solutions, Qwest Communications Corporation
Convergence of PBX and IP Networks for Today's Enterprise Sep 29/06
IT IT/HR Management - How IT partners with HR to develop the backbone for the remote workforce – How can IT contribute to this renewed teleworking drive in the context of disaster preparedness and business continuity?
Speakers: Joseph Hungate, CIO, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA)
Jason Sloderbeck, Director Security & Service Delivery, Positive Networks
Tim Cranny, PhD CISSP, Senior Security Architect, Senforce Technologies
Ensuring IT Security in an Increasingly Mobile Workforce Sep 28/06
IT IT/Business Strategy - Case study of the future value of BI and BPM integration to business organizations, including costs and benefits of implementation
Speakers: Manish Patel, Former Managing Director of Data Warehousing, Charles Schwab
John Brkopac, Director, Technical Product Marketing, Hyperion
Convergence of BI and BPM Sep 27/06
IT IT/Security/Telecommunications - Preventing network-based attacks on your VoIP infrastructure
Speakers: Ian Brown, Leader of Internet Security, Communication Research Network
Gustavo de los Reyes, Technology Consultant, AT&T Labs
Richard Polishak, Engineering Manager, Technology and Strategy, TELUS Communications Company
David Endler, Director of Security Research, TippingPoint
VoIP Security Sep 20/06
IT IT/Security - Listen to recognized practitioners who understand all too well that security is a business issue, and IT is a tool to drive business results, how they are addressing these threats strategically
Speakers: Dan Lohrmann, CISO, State of Michigan
Greg Avesian, VP, Enterprise IT Security, Textron, Inc.
Strengthening Strategic and Operational Cyber Security Measures Sep 8/06
Finance Finance/IT - Learn Complying with authentication requirements and ID theft countermeasures in online banking
Speakers:Bob Lee, Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection, FDIC
Dave Cullinane, CISSP, Chief Information Security Officer, Washington Mutual and President ISSA
Brad Keller, Vice President, eCommerce Business Risk Manager, Wachovia
Corey O’Donnell, Vice President of Marketing, Authentium
Ryan Hunter, Director of Product Marketing, Ping Identity
Online Banking Security July 26/06
BusinessStrategy Business Strategy/IT - Design, implement and maximize the benefit of your collaboration strategy
Speakers: Terry Barash, Strategic Portfolio Specialist, Collaboration Pattern Engineering/EE, Ford Motor Company
Miranda Mowbray, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Hewlett Packard
Neil Lock, BT
Collaboration Stratagies and Applications for the Enterprise July 20/06
IT IT - Ensuring a competitive advantage through infrastructure interoperability to maximize ROI
Speakers: Richard Burk, Chief Architect and Director of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Program, Office of Management and Budget
Dr. Stéphane Gagnon, Professor of Operation and Information in the Department of Administrative Sciences (DSA),University of Quebec in Outaouais (UQO)
Ernie Ostic, Principal Product Specialist, IBM Information Integration Solutions
Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) July 11/06
IT IT - Case study of the transformation to wireless Philadelphia
Speakers: Dianah Neff, CIO, City of Philadelphia
Stephen Rayment, Chief Technical Officer, BelAir Networks
Public WiFi Jun 23/06
IT IT/HR Management - Financial and strategic benefits of effective cooperation between IT and HR departments; key factors of building successful relationship both from HR and IT perspectives
Speakers: Casey Graves, 2nd VP, HR Support, Aflac
Carl Abercrombie, 2nd VP, IT Business Partnership Management Office, Steve Garth, Principal Product Director, Content and Records Management, Oracle Technology Marketing
HR and IT Collaboration May 11/06
IT IT - Information technology leadership
Speaker: J. Clark Kelso, State Chief Information Officer, State of California
Managing IT Transformation: IT Leadership May 10/06
IT IT - Securing IT to mitigate data loss and information breach
Speakers: Greg Garcia, Vice President, Information Security Programs and Policy, Information
Relationship Manager, National & Homeland Security Idaho National Lab (INL)
James Chou, Chief Technology Officer, Apani Networks
Information Security Feb 8/06
Government Government/IT - Dick Burk will deliver a keynote presentation on the OMB’s vision for IPv6 and offer suggestions on how to implement it seamlessly into your agency
Speakers: Richard Burk, Chief Architect and Director of the Federal Enterprise Architecture Program, Office of Management and Budget
Yurie Rich, Business Director of NAv6TF
IPV6 Transition Dec 12/05
Government Government/IT - Information regarding the development and content of FIPS 201, the standard's associated information security recommendations and guidelines, and the status of inter-agency implementation activities
Speakers: William Barker, Program Manager NIST Personal Identity Verification Project, National Institute of Standards and Technology
John G Moore, Chair Federal Smart Card Project Managers, GSA Office of Technology Strategy (ME)
HSPD-12: Smart Cards for Government Oct 18/05
IT IT - Explore the steps that need to be taken to build or evolve a privacy policy or approach, and to put it into practice
Speakers: Dan Caprio Chief Privacy Officer, US Department of Commerce
Kirk Herath, CIPP Chief Privacy Officer, Nationwide
Emily Andrew, Acting Chief Privacy Officer, United States Postal Service
Data and Consumer Privacy Oct 12/05

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