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September 10, 2008
Explore Different Ways to Fight Software Tampering and Piracy
  • Vince Arneja, Director of Product Management, Arxan Technologies, Inc.  Learn More
  • Avni Rambhia, Principal, Security Matters  Learn More
  • Explore Different Ways to Fight Software Tampering and Piracy

    Software piracy and tampering are growing problems that have totaled over $48B in lost revenue. These pirates and hackers have advanced software smarts that enable them to navigate through binary code, in search of exploitable opportunities.  They can attack license management systems, valuable algorithms and enterprise applications. Their prize is a revenue stream and unrestricted control, created from unauthorized usage, malware insertion and reverse engineering of software. Is this just a cost of doing business or are there ways to fight back?

    With application hardening and software protection best practices, companies can take back control over their revenue and competitive landscape in a phased approach or an immediate counterattack.


    In this webinar, Arxan Technologies will explore multiple options to safeguard critical software IP, revenue and brand by using its application hardening technology, GuardIT®. Arxan will also discuss its 7 Key Factors to Software Protection as a core component to creating an effective software protection strategy to thwart tampering, piracy and reverse-engineering.  


    Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s)


    Vince Arneja, Director of Product Management, Arxan Technologies, Inc.

    Vince Arneja leads Product Management at Arxan where he manages both, commercial and defense product lines, as well as R&D strategy.   Under his guidance, the Arxan GuardIT® product line continues to be the leader in the Application Hardening and software protection segments.  Vince has over 15 years’ experience in the technical management area, including product and program management. He has led teams and enterprise-level projects with a variety of small to mid sized software development companies, spending the last 8 years with information security (desktop and messaging security) ISVs. He started his career as a Senior Product Engineer, and holds a B.S. in Computer Science. 

    Avni Rambhia, Principal, Security Matters

    Avni Rambhia is a recognized industry expert in digital asset protection. She combines experience in strategy and design of protection solutions with experience in deployment of protected applications and infrastructure. As technical evangelist for Arxan Technologies, she bridges Arxan’s industry leading software protection technology with today’s commercial and defense anti-piracy and anti-tamper needs. Her career spans a range of engineering and product strategy responsibility at start-ups and established corporations. Past positions include Sr. Director of Product Strategy and Management at Arxan Technologies,  Program Manager at Microsoft Corporation, and VP Engineering of e-Vue. She holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington.


    Arxan is the leader in application hardening.   Arxan's patented GuardIT® solution empowers software vendors to safeguard their products against software piracy, tampering, reverse engineering, or any manner of theft. GuardIT complements license management and other traditional copy protection layers to comprehensively protect the overall application.  Software protection is applied directly to the compiled binary so that the software development process, release schedule and run time performance is unaffected.  Arxan's award-winning technology supports a full range of anti-tamper and robustness needs, from commercial application fortification to military grade assurance for protecting DoD technology.   Arxan Technologies is based in Bethesda, Maryland USA.

    For more information visit http://www.arxan.com/

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