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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 @ 1-3pm EDT
Securing the AS/400 for a 21st Century Network -
A Guide To Discussing Security With Your AS/400 Administrator

- John Earl, CTO, PowerTech Learn More
- Laura Koetzle, Vice President – Research Training, Forrester Learn More

  • If you ask your AS/400 admin’s, they’ll tell you the box is already secure, but can they prove it?
  • Given the critical data that often rests on these workhorse systems, can you afford to simply take their word for it?

A lot of energy has been put into securing the enterprise but, in site after site, AS/400 systems have received very little scrutiny from internal and external auditors. If you are relying on this native operating system, coupled with your local AS/400 admin’s expertise, to keep your data secure, studies show that your organization is likely overexposed and under reporting the risks on this critical infrastructure component.

This presentation will demonstrate the shortcomings of legacy security methodologies in 21st century networks and provide you with crib notes for discussing security concerns with your AS/400 staff.

  • IT Directors
  • Security Officers
  • C-level Officers
  • Internal Auditors & Compliance Officers

PowerTech is the security expert in managing evolving compliance and data privacy threats with automated security solutions for IBM Midrange Servers. Their ServerProven security solutions are straightforward and save your valuable IT resources, giving companies ongoing protection and peace of mind.

Because System i and AS/400 servers are used to host particularly sensitive corporate data, it is imperative that organizations practice proactive compliance security. As an IBM Advanced Business Partner with over 800 customers worldwide, PowerTech understands corporate vulnerability and the risks associated with data privacy and access control.



John Earl, CTO, PowerTech

John is a highly regarded speaker on AS/400 security, he has presented several hundred security sessions at System i conferences and user groups worldwide. In addition, he has educated thousands of IT auditors on methodologies to secure and audit the platform. John has over 25 years experience with IBM midrange systems and security, he has published numerous articles and columns for industry magazines, and served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Security for COMMON, the world's largest community of IBM midrange users. He is a three time winner of COMMON's Speaker Excellence award.

Laura Koetzle, Vice President – Research Training, Forrester

Laura has led both the security and risk management and the infrastructure and operations research teams at Forrester. Prior to becoming a director, Laura researched operating system security, security architecture, network security, security incident response, and systems management. Laura's work has enjoyed wide exposure in the media, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and The Economist. Laura has also appeared on CNN, CNBC, CBC, and Reuters Television, and she is a frequent speaker at national and international executive conferences.

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