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May 13, 2008
The State of System i (AS/400) Security 2008


  • John Earl, CTO, PowerTech Learn More
  • The State of System i (AS/400) Security 2008

    The PowerTech Group, Inc. has released its fifth annual review of the state of security on IBM’s System i platform (also known as AS/400 or iSeries). The study is compiled from over 200 system audits that were conducted by PowerTech over the last 12 months. The results demonstrate that the overall security of machines in the field is often both poorly managed, and poorly configured by the organizations that use it.

    98% of Fortune 1000 companies run some part of their business on this architecture, and some of the most sensitive information a company keeps is stored on the system. The study points out that a large percentage of systems are not configured correctly by IT departments with respect to security, resulting in a large number of systems being vulnerable to internal security breaches. The computing and networking demands of today’s enterprises require more open connectivity and targeted sharing of data between departments and key business partners. But many AS/400 shops have yet to embrace the new security technologies that are available in IBM’s architecture, leaving their critical data exposed.

    This presentation will reveal the findings of the study in 6 major areas and highlight some of the most common exposures. John Earl will provide recommendations for remediation of some of the common System i (AS/400) audit points.  

    • IT Directors
    • Security Officers
    • C-level Officers
    • Internal Auditors & Compliance Officers

    PowerTech is the security expert in managing evolving compliance and data privacy threats with automated security solutions for IBM Midrange Servers. Their ServerProven security solutions are straightforward and save your valuable IT resources, giving companies ongoing protection and peace of mind.

    Because System i and AS/400 servers are used to host particularly sensitive corporate data, it is imperative that organizations practice proactive compliance security. As an IBM Advanced Business Partner with over 800 customers worldwide, PowerTech understands corporate vulnerability and the risks associated with data privacy and access control.



    John Earl, CTO, PowerTech

    John is a highly regarded speaker on AS/400 security, he has presented several hundred security sessions at System i conferences and user groups worldwide. In addition, he has educated thousands of IT auditors on methodologies to secure and audit the platform. John has over 25 years experience with IBM midrange systems and security, he has published numerous articles and columns for industry magazines, and served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Security for COMMON, the world's largest community of IBM midrange users. He is a three time winner of COMMON's Speaker Excellence award.

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