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February 28, 2007 @ 1:00pm - 3:00pm EST
Distribution of Biopharma Products
- Clifford H. Harze, Consultant, C H Harze Pharmaceutical Distribution Consultant LLC Learn More
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Exploring Cost-Effective Ways of Maintaining Integrity of Biological and Pharmaceutical Products during Transportation

The biopharma industry has been identified as the fastest growing manufacturing sector by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This growth has lead to an increase in biological and pharmaceutical products with specific temperature andphysical attribute requirements.  The challenge facing the industry is how to maintain and protect the integrity of the product throughout the distribution process.


Cold chain logistics executives face the challenge of controlling products in each stage of the distribution process – from the manufacturing plant to the distribution center to the customer. Temperature sensitive items require specific storage environments. Temperatures must remain constant throughout the distribution process. 


How well do you control your product throughout the distribution chain?  What is the amount of adequate evidence you have about partners that transported and handled your product?


What are cost-effective ways of controlling the integrity of your product during the distribution process? Changing/updating packaging; eliminating transfer couching; building collaborative partnerships with the airlines, courier companies and inner transportation suppliers; are a few of the methods discussed during this web conference.

Take away points include:

  • Exploring Cost-effective ways of maintaining  certain conditions of biological and pharmaceutical products during transportation

  • Controlling temperature from one stage of distribution to another and managing it though each of these areas

  • Building collaborative relationships with your 3PLs and partners

  • Managing and protecting the integrity of products that being transported, refrigerated before  getting  to the destination point

  • Identifying and tightening limits of time for the product storage at the controlled room temperature.


VPs and Directors of:

  • Supply Chain
  • Packaging
  • Quality/Control/Assurance
  • Distribution
  • Clinical Materials/Operations
  • Logistics
  • Drug Supply Chain
  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Engineering
  • Warehouse Management

Within the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, including outsourcers and R&D.


    AcuTemp designs and manufactures reliable products for the storage and transport of temperature sensitive goods that enhance or save human life.  The company’s latest offering is the AcuTemp RKN thermal pallet shipper for the safe transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biological products. http://www.acutemp.com/


    Clifford H. Harze, Consultant, C H Harze Pharmaceutical Distribution Consultant LLC

    Mr. Clifford Harze, is an independent consultant with over 30 years experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and over 20 years in cold chain operations and development.
    He retired from Merck Pharmaceutical Co. Inc as a Senior Manager in Distribution Services where He was responsible for developing and implementing various productivity and quality improvements in a GMP environment for domestic and international vaccine distribution operations.   Mr. Harze was responsible for improving cold chain operations in several international markets.   Mr. Harze developed the operational structure and training for a -20C vaccine as well as providing leadership in development of a world wide cold chain management system for Merck and Co. Inc. Since retiring Mr. Harze has provided cold chain guidance to several companies, the CDC and USAMMA (United State Army Medical Material Agency).

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