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May  8, 2008
Improving Productivity in Asset Management for Life Sciences


- Bryce Johannes, Director of Marketing, Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc. Learn More

Collaboration, Harmonization and KPI with Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager

With increasing international competition and other pricing pressures, asset management is increasingly being targeted for cost reductions. At the same time, the FDA is training new inspectors that are better trained in the disciplines of asset management. So the pressure's on to improve productive and reduce costs without compromising quality or compliance to regulations.

Many companies, trying to reduce asset management costs, have targeted redundancies within the disciplines of asset management: maintenance, calibration and validation. The challenge has been to find a way to harmonize these departments without impacting the productivity or compliance of any one group.

This presentation discusses the rationale behind today's push for collaboration and harmonization of maintenance, calibration and validation; the role Key Performance Indicators (KPI) play in improving productivity and reducing costs; and how Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset Manager, designed specifically for this purpose, can help you achieve these goals. 


VPs, Directors and Managers of:

  • Quality
  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • Compliance

Within Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies in U.S. & Canada



Blue Mountain Quality Resources has been developing technologically advanced software applications for life science companies since 1989.  Designed for how work is done, these solutions improve compliance and enhance productivity with built-in flexibility to satisfy the unique needs of FDA-regulated companies. The company’s flagship product, Blue Mountain Regulatory Asset ManagerTM is a comprehensive browser-based solution that enables the collaboration of maintenance, calibration and validation personnel with asset owners to maintain assets and processes in a controlled and validated state.

Blue Mountain’s comprehensive services range from single-site software implementation, training, and validation to global, multi-site turnkey packages, including building and rationalizing asset management processes at new facilities or re-engineering existing procedures to improve efficiency and reduce risk. Companies that outsource all or part of an implementation to Blue Mountain know their costs upfront, gain access to a broad range of experience without diverting internal resources, and realize greater benefits from the software system.

For more information, visit http://www.coolblue.com/


Bryce Johannes, Director of Marketing, Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc.

Bryce Johannes is Director of Marketing at Blue Mountain Quality Resources, Inc., a developer of technologically advanced asset management software solutions for FDA regulated life sciences organizations since 1989.  In this role, Bryce keeps up with the latest industry trends, authoring articles and white papers as well as presenting webinars on a broad range of topics.


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