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January 25, 2007, 2:00pm – 4:00pm EST
The Five Key Gaps in Enterprise Cyber Security

- Tom Kellermann, Vice President of Security Awareness, Core Security Technologies Learn More
- Michael Yaffe, Director of Marketing, Core Security Technologies Learn More

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For the past decade corporations around the world have been hemorrhaging data to online criminal syndicates. These organized hackers no longer attack for fun, but now exploit vulnerabilities for financial gain. While there is no silver bullet when it comes to preventing attacks, this webcast will discuss the 5 key gaps in cyber security that hackers are able to consistently and repeatedly exploit.

Tom Kellermann, former head of cyber intelligence and policy management within the World Bank Treasury Security team will address the five key gaps in IT Security facing companies and discuss how this affects your company's risk profile.  Kellermann will provide an analysis of how operational and reputation-related risks have changed in the face of this emerging threat.  Mr. Kellermann will also provide recommendations for how companies can better manage these risks.

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Core Security 

Core Security—logo is provided in EPS file—link logo to www.coresecurity.com

Incorporated in 1996 by six founders with extensive backgrounds in information security, mathematics and communications, Core Security Technologies is now an international information security company with sales and marketing operations in Boston, Massachusetts and its development center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During its history, Core has developed commercial software products for other security vendors, collaborated with leading consulting firms to provide information security expertise and published extensively in the industry. Core Security Technologies developed the first comprehensive penetration testing product for accurately identifying and exploiting specific network vulnerabilities. With the introduction of CORE IMPACT, any system, security or network administrator can easily test the security of their network in an organized and repeatable environment, identify what resources are exposed, and determine if their current security investments are actually detecting and preventing attacks. www.coresecurity.com

IT Security Professionals

About our Speakers :

Tom Kellermann, Vice President of Security Awareness, Core Security Technologies

Tom Kellermann is responsible for building Core's relationships with key industry and government partners, and helping further the acceptance of auditing security defenses to reduce organizations' operational risk.  Additionally, Kellermann represents Core at US, international and industry security working groups, helping these organizations promote improved security practices and policies. Previously, Kellermann held the position of senior data risk management specialist of the Integrator Unit and was member of the World Bank Treasury Security Team for over six years. Kellermann holds a master's degree in international political economies from the American University School of International Service, and a BA from the University of Michigan. He is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM).  To view Kellermann's World Bank publications, please visit: http://www.worldbank.org.

Michael Yaffe, Director of Marketing, Core Security Technologies

In his role at Core Security Technologies, Michael is responsible for driving the company’s marketing and communication efforts. His responsibilities include strategic alliances, partnerships, public and analyst relations and promotion. He is an industry veteran with over 13 years of experience in marketing, communications and sales. Michael has a record of achievement in developing marketing strategy, communications, branding and demand-generation programs for emerging companies.

Prior to joining Core Security Technologies, Michael was Director of Marketing/Communications at NTRU, an information security company providing cryptographic solutions to enterprises worldwide. Prior to NTRU, he held senior marketing management positions involving strategic planning, product positioning and partnership development. Michael has also worked as a full time TV reporter as well as a direct sales representative.

Michael holds a B.S. in Marketing from Bryant College and a Master's Degree in Journalism from Boston University.

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