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March 7, 2007, 1:00 – 3:00pm ET
Digital Signage: Strategies for Maximizing Brand Promotion

- Pat Hellberg, Director, Brand Design Media, Nike Learn More

Using Digital Signage to Increase Brand Awareness and Sales

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Digital signage has been viewed as one of the greatest inventions for marketing and advertising professionals today. Now companies can advertise their products anywhere in the world – whether it is in airports, post offices, bus terminals, schools, public libraries or even retail stores. Wal-Mart’s “in-store television” reaches 200 million consumers monthly in over 5000 stores where shoppers spend $300 billion annually.

All of this is done by the click of a button. Companies will create the content of their product to be advertised, whether via the marketing, advertising or media department or by outsourcing to marketing/advertising companies. The content is then sent to a Digital Signage service provider, who transmits the signal to digital monitors all over the world. For the company it is a way to track their advertising dollars, for the advertisers and digital signage service providers and hardware companies it is a cash cow.

However there seems to be three problems that are arising:

  • Content Management: How do I differentiate your product from those thousands of products which are flashing on the screen
  • How do I know how many times my product has actually been view – which location will be ideal for my product
  • How to cross-purpose content to save money and promote brand and marketing consistency
  • Digital signage 101



SVPs, VPs, Directors, & Heads of:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Media
  • Brand Design/Brand Marketing/Corporate Branding
  • Merchandising

Pat Hellberg, Director, Brand Design Media, Nike

Pat has led a creative team that produces film, video and motion design content for Nike’s digital retail network since 2003. His team’s content also appears on Nike’s websites and in internal presentations. He has been involved with Nike’s film and video department since 1988 - first as a Senior Producer of video based content for internal presentations and later as the Design Director. In 1999 Pat became Director of Nike Film & Video, and in that capacity directed and managed the internal production group responsible for film and video-based content used for Nike internal presentations and retail installations

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