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Alternative Methods of Drug Delivery
June 4, 2007, 1:00 – 3:00pm EST
Alternative Methods of Drug Delivery

-Wesley Wheeler, President, Valeant Pharmaceuticals Learn More

The collaboration of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostic testing companies in order to create innovative ways to administer drugs and increase patent lengths.

Injection, ingestion, and inhalation have been the mode of traditional drug delivery.  With the advent of new technologies, the challenge for both drug and drug delivery companies is to provide both existing and rising drug technologies in a way that improves the benefits for patients, healthcare workers, and the healthcare system.

To offer these benefits, various methods are being developed.  The general idea with all of these approaches is the notion of self-administered, targeted, sustained release with strengthened bioavailability.  Determining which of the emerging tactics will meet all of these criteria is a complex, intricate, problem.  Meeting these challenges will require some amalgamation of drugs, delivery devices, and mechanisms currently underdevelopment.  This exact combination of technology, intellectual property, market, and stakeholder understanding is vital to achieve the next phase on the horizon.
Products that have been brought to the market or that are in clinical trials often require a blend of technologies from several companies, with complicated licensing and tactical partnering.  New classes of pharmaceuticals and biologics are promoting the speedy growth of drug delivery technology.  Because these new drugs can not usually be successfully delivered by regular channels, the benefits from targeted, localized delivery of particular causes is a further dynamic influence in this market. Gradually more delivery devices and drugs will be more closely tied.  The growing field of promising drugs and healthcare costs are compelling the requisite for alternative drug delivery systems and devices.  Join us at our event to get further knowledge in this growing field.

Take away points include:

  • Patents: increasing patent length through different drug delivery methods
  • Company Collaboration: assembling alliances between pharmaceutical, medical devices, and diagnostic testing companies
  • Evolution of New Methods:  recognizing novel ways to administer drugs


VPs, Directors, and Managers of:

  • Disease
  • Medical Affairs
  • Product Management
  • R&D
  • Clinical Development
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Clinical Research
  • Strategic Development

Wesley Wheeler, President, Valeant Pharmaceuticals

Mr. Wheeler is President, Valeant Pharmaceuticals. He is responsible for Valeant’s North American Region and Research & Development. He has grown the North American business by nearly 200% in three years, lead the acquisition of nearly 20 products and two small companies and is responsible for worldwide marketing.

Wes has over 25 years in all aspects of business including sales, marketing, development, manufacturing and M&A. Prior to Valeant, he was CEO of DSM Pharmaceuticals where he led the organization through a complete business turnaround by reversing a significant regulatory threat, significantly increasing new business, restructuring the organization, cutting costs and returning the company to profitability. Prior to DSM, he spent 13 years at GlaxoSmithKline in marketing, manufacturing and engineering. He led significant aspects of Glaxo’s two mergers and left the company as Sr. Vice President. Prior to GSK, Wes had a 12 year career at Exxon Research & Engineering Co.

Wes has a BS in mechanical engineering and a Masters in Business Administration.

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