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June 20, 2007 @ 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT
Exploring IPv6 - The Internet Protocol of Infinite Possibilities

- Dave West, Director, Field Operations Federal Center of Excellence, Cisco Systems, Inc.Learn More
D. Sean Siler, Program Manager for IPv6, Microsoft Corporation
Learn More

Imagine a government with the capability to assist its citizens with ease, confidence, and speed. For example, with IPv6, expanded IP addresses make peer-to-peer communication possible among an unlimited number of devices. Agencies can set up a network of peer-to-peer self-configuring IP devices that afford instant cross-functional access to real-time facts, data, and converged communications applications. This newfound flexibility allows employees to bring information to the point of need—making immediate, organized responses a reality in everyday and emergency circumstances alike.

Embracing IPv6 technology has many advantages, including improved routing capabilities and enhanced mobility features for wireless use. IPv6 can provide civilian agencies with capabilities that significantly improve operations and citizen services. The protocol can also enable the military to carry out its vision of network-centric warfare.

Join Cisco and Microsoft as we explore the infinite possibilities of IPv6.

  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • Project Leaders
  • VP, Directors and Managers of:
    • Network Architecture
    • Network Engineers
    • IT
    • Program Development


Cisco Systems, the leading provider of networking solutions for the federal government, is committed to the federal government market. A leader in information security and self-defending networks, Cisco has networking solutions that enhance safety and security to protect our citizens and keep our nation safe. Cisco networking solutions also help federal government agencies improve productivity and gain efficiencies and effectiveness. Cisco “connected government” solutions further governments’ abilities to interact with and protect citizens. See


Dave West, Director, Field Operations Federal Center of Excellence, Cisco Systems, Inc.

David West is the Director of Field Operations for Cisco’s Federal Segment. In this role, he oversees Cisco Federal’s Center of Excellence, which is responsible for delivering COTS products and solutions tailored to meet federal requirements. West identifies technical and competitive trends and then works across several functions to develop and execute strategic initiatives that deliver the right architectures and solutions to the market.

Previously, West was the Senior Manager, Systems Engineering, for Cisco’s Department of Defense (DoD) Operation. He was responsible for DoD System Engineers and Managers worldwide who provide pre-sales engineering support to both partners and customers.

West has held a variety of other positions at Cisco, including: Sr. Manager, Advanced Technologies, responsible for voice, security, optical, and wireless engineering and pre-sales support for federal customers and partners worldwide; Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering, in support of National Programs and Intelligence; Systems Engineering Manager, worldwide support for the Navy and Marine Corps.

A seven-year Cisco employee, West is a former Marine Officer and is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. He holds an MS in Information Systems from the Naval Postgraduate School.

D. Sean Siler, Program Manager for IPv6, Microsoft Corporation

Mr. Sean Siler is the Program Manager responsible helping Microsoft’s customers understand and deploy IPv6.  Previously he served as the IPv6 Technical Lead for Microsoft Federal.  In both of these roles has been able to actively assist commercial industries, the Department of Defense, and Federal, State and Local  Civilian, and many other agencies better understand and begin their migration to IPv6. 

Mr. Siler is a distinguished speaker and is frequently cited in trade publications. Some of his recent and soon to be released citations include: Hawaii IPv6 Industry-Government Focus Group (Panel Speaker); TechNet Magazine (Feature Article, IPv6: What’s the big deal, forthcoming); Military Information Technology, New Vistas for IPv6, Mar 8, 2007;  Washington Technology, NIST to Release IPv6 Profile, Jan 18, 2007; Federal Computer Week, Agencies Look Beyond 2008 Deadline, Feb 2007; Federal Computer Week, Agencies Push Toward IPv6 Deadline, Feb 2007; Federal Computer Week, Testing, Training Key to IPv6 Security, Feb 2007; Federal CIO Council (Key speaker, Jan 2007); Federal IPv6 Security Conference (Panel Speaker); TechEd 2006 IPv6 Presentation (Speaker); Federal Architect Forum (Speaker).

Mr. Siler began his career in Information Technology in 1991 as a Z-248 maintenance technician for the US Navy.  When he left the Navy in 2000 after a 13 year career, he was the on-site IT expert and secure network manager at the Navy’s East Coast Computer Area Master Station. 

After leaving the Navy, Mr. Siler returned to college, earning his Bachelors degree in Information Technology from Strayer University while running an independent consulting business.  He began working with Microsoft in early 2005.  He is a member of the IEEE, the Internet Society, and Mensa.

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