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Food Fraud

Food Safety, Authenticity and Global Supply Chain Integrity

March - April 2015


"Brilliant -- well organised."

- John Keogh, President & Principal Advisor, Shantalla Inc.

​"This is a fantastic format and it seems to work seamlessly. Thank you thank you thank you for organising it! I can't believe it's free!"

​- Nicola Temple, Science Writer

"This has been a very informative series on food fraud from many different perspectives."

- Tom Schoenfeldt, Organic Inspector, Lead Auditor for the International Food Safety Standard, Author

"Excellent presentations and very professional staff. Thank you!"

- Liên-Anh Tran, Global QM for Upstream Supply Chain, Nestlé


The purpose of this eCongress is to highlight multi-disciplinary, leading-edge research as well as provide industry guidance on how to become more proactive in fighting and preventing food fraud. Each webinar within the series will share practical tips, strategies and case study highlights to spread awareness and help you fight intentional deception using food for economic gain, including:

  • Understanding what food fraud is and what you can do to prevent it;
  • Points of vulnerability within the supply chain through the eyes of a criminologist;
  • Strategies for tracking and countering food fraud through forensic accounting;
  • New analytic screening technologies to promote authenticity and food integrity;
  • New guidance for industry on how to mitigate ingredient risk through improving food safety management systems;
  • Control plan preparation guidance to meet GFSI requirements coming into force in 2016; and,
  • The voice of the consumer in Europe: lessons learned following the horsemeat scandal.

Join us this March for this important, interactive webinar series on Food Fraud.

Don’t be a missing link in the food chain!

The following webinars will be presented (each session is approx. 60 min):

Who Should Attend?  

This eCongress will be of interest to anyone interested in preventing food fraud and ensuring the safety, quality and authenticity of the food and drink sector:

  • Food manufacturers
  • Ingredient & raw material suppliers
  • Retailers & distributors
  • Food Safety Authorities
  • Packaging companies
  • Certification & standards agencies

  • Consumer groups
  • Food scientists
  • Academics & researchers
  • Customs and border protection
  • Associations & non-profits


Wednesday, March 4, 11:00am EST (16:00h GMT) 

Webinar 1: The Globalization and Complexity of Today’s Food Network: A Recipe for Food Fraud (Keynote)

Globalization of the food supply, and the resulting complexity in supply chains, has arguably increased regulatory challenges and risks to consumers. Food fraud is a particularly challenging risk since it is intentional in nature, and designed to evade regulatory and quality assurance systems...

Keynote Speaker:
Karen Everstine, Ph.D.
Research Associate
National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD)
University of Minnesota

Bio: Karen is a Research Associate at the National Center for Food Protection and Defense (NCFPD), a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence based at the University of Minnesota. NCFPD was launched in 2004 as a research consortium to addresses the vulnerability of the food system to intentional contamination with biological or chemical...

Friday, March 6, 11:00am EST (16:00h GMT) 

Webinar 2: Understanding the Challenges of Food Markets: Identifying Criminal Opportunities

Food markets are frequently subject to food fraud incidents and there is a long history of food adulteration. However, many of these incidents are treated as being a ‘one- off’ episode when a criminological analysis suggests that these incidents are more likely to be....

Jon Spencer
Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice
University of Manchester

Bio: Jon Spencer is Senior Lecturer in Criminology at the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Manchester UK. He is currently co-ordinating a multi-disciplinary project that brings together scholars from Chemistry, Law and Business to investigate...

Tuesday, March 10, 11:00am EDT (15:00h GMT)

Webinar 3: Not Just DNA Tests: Food Fraud as a Counter Fraud and Forensic Accounting Issue

Professor Lisa Jack contributed to Professor Chris Elliott’s review of food safety, commissioned to review food safety after the 2013 horse meat scandal. She is currently carrying out research into the cost of fraud and resilience to fraud in the food industry, and developing ...

Lisa Jack
Professor of Accounting and Chair, Food Fraud Group
University of Portsmouth Business School

Bio: Lisa Jack is Professor of Accounting at University of Portsmouth Business School and has extensive experience in food supply chain research. She is also a qualified accountant, working as an auditor for 10 years before moving into ...


Tuesday, March 17, 11:00am EDT (15:00h GMT)

Webinar 4: A Look at Global Seafood and Botanicals Fraud and New Screening Technologies to Promote Product Authentication and Integrity

This webinar will be reviewing: · Systemic mislabeling and substitution of seafood and botanicals across the supply chain · Review of other studies, market surveys concerning various commodities globally Examples of economic, environmental and health-related impacts....

Robert Hanner, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, Centre for Biodiversity Genomics
Associate Director, the Canadian Barcode of Life Network
Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph

Bio:Dr. Robert (Bob) Hanner is an Associate Professor at the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario & Centre for Biodiversity Genomics at the University of Guelph. He earned a B.S. in Biology from Eastern Michigan University in 1992 and a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the...

Thursday, March 19, 11:00am EDT (15:00h GMT)

Webinar 5: Analytical Methods for Food Authentication

Food fraud and food authentication are emerging topics within the food sector. It is a major concern not only for consumers, but also for producers, distributors and authorities. These illicit activities result in considerable monetary losses worldwide and ...

Saskia van Ruth, Ph.D.
Professor Food Authenticity and Integrity
Wageningen University and Research Centre

Bio: Prof. Saskia van Ruth heads the Food Authenticity and Nutrients group at RIKILT Wageningen UR in the Netherlands since 2005. In 2012 she was appointed as professor Food Authenticity and Integrity at the Wageningen University, which doubles with her management...



Tuesday, March 24, 11:00am EDT (15:00h GMT)

Webinar 6: Ensuring the Integrity of Food Ingredient Supply Chains: Role of USP’s Guidance on Food Fraud Mitigation

The United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) released in 2014 a draft Guidance on Food Fraud Mitigation for public comment. This guidance document was authored by USP’s Expert Panel on Food Ingredients Intentional Adulterants – a group of volunteer scientific experts in the area of...

Jeff Moore, Ph.D.
Senior Scientific Liaison, Food Standards
Food Chemicals Codex
United States Pharmacopeia

Bio: Jeff is a senior scientific liaison at USP, a not-for-profit, science-based organization that sets public standards for medicines, dietary supplements, and food ingredients. Jeff joined USP in 2007 with the responsibility to ...


Thursday, March 26, 11:00am EDT (15:00h GMT)

Webinar 7: Food Fraud Mitigation Tool with Guidance on How to Prepare a Control Plan: Role of Industry

Recent food fraud scandals around the world have further increased the need to strengthen companies’ ability to combat fraud within their own organizations and across their supply chains. However, current food safety management systems (FSMS) are not specifically designed for...

Quincy Lissaur
Executive Director 

Bio: Quincy Lissaur is a management consultant with a BsC in Economics and over fifteen years experience. After five years with IF Consulting Quincy spent eight years with the British Standards Institution as a ...



Friday, April 10, 11:00 a.m. EDT (16:00h BST/UK GMT +1)

Webinar 8: Seafood Fraud: The Extent, Consequences and Emerging U.S. Response (Keynote)

Since 2011, Oceana has worked to expose seafood fraud in the U.S. In 2013, Oceana released one of the largest seafood fraud investigations in the world to date, collecting more than 1,200 seafood samples from 674 retail outlets in ...

Kimberly Warner, Ph.D. 
Senior Scientist
Oceana, Washington, DC

Bio: Dr. Kimberly Warner is a senior scientist at Oceana, the largest international advocacy group working solely to protect the world’s oceans. Since 2010, Dr. Warner has been responsible for ...



Thursday, April 16, 11:00am EDT (16:00h BST/UK GMT +1)

Webinar 9: Following the Horse Meat Scandal: The Consumer Perspective in Europe(Keynote)

The horsemeat scandal was a wake-up call, one which put food fraud on Europe’s radar. These incidents were only the latest in a long line, which shows the current system is too...

Ilaria Passarani
Head of the Food and Health Department
BEUC -- The European Consumer Organisation

Bio: Ilaria Passarani joined the European Consumer Organization (BEUC) in 2006. As Head of the Food and Health Department her main function is to provide BEUC and its members, intelligence, information and advice on ...



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