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Tuesday, April 22nd 2008, 1:00 – 3:00pm EDT
Building a Greener Fleet Program That is Safe, Affordable, and Keeps Drivers Happy
  • Diane Lopez, Manager, Corporate Fleet & Limo, Abbott Learn More
  • Thomas P. Murray, Project Manager, Corporate Partnerships Program, Environmental Defense Learn More
  • Matt Lefeld, Sourcing Specialist - Corporate Services Global Sourcing, Owens Corning Learn More
  • Building a Greener Fleet Program That is Safe, Affordable, and Keeps Drivers Happy

    Do you want to reduce the environmental impact of your company cars and trucks without sacrificing your safety standards or driver satisfaction? Have you been searching for more ways to reduce your fleet costs?

    In a recent survey of fleet managers, 77% percent said they had been asked by someone in their organization about the environmental impact of their fleet. More and more companies are taking a closer look at fleet emissions and looking for ways to reduce that impact. Combined with that initiative, fleet managers are being challenged to find new and innovative ways to cut fuel use without raising cost.


    In this webinar, you will learn how fleet managers from two very different fleets were able to reduce emissions, cut costs and keep their drivers happy. They will share best practices appropriate for any fleet and provide guidance on how to start building a program at your company.


    Key takeaways:


    • Best practices for implementing a program to reduce fleet greenhouse gas emissions
    • How to work with your environmental department
    • How to sell proposed fleet changes to sales leadership and to individual drivers
    • Different strategies for communicating changes to drivers

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    • Fleet managers
    • Procurement or sourcing professionals
    • Finance professionals
    • Environment, health and safety professionals

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    PHH Arval is one of the leading fleet management services providers in the United States and Canada. PHH provides outsourced fleet management solutions to corporate clients, including nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. Partnering together, PHH and Environmental Defense have developed PHH GreenFleet, North America's first and most comprehensive greenhouse gas management program for fleet vehicles. To date, more than 60,000 vehicles managed by PHH have utilized the program’s tools.  Fleets that have fully implemented the program have reduced their emissions on average by 14% and lifecycle operating costs by 4%.

    For more information visithttp://www.phharval.com/fleetServices/phhGreenFleet.html


    Diane Lopez, Manager, Corporate Fleet & Limo, Abbott 

    Diane Lopez is responsible for the oversight and management of the Abbott U.S. Fleet Program, Executive Automobile and Executive Limousine Programs, RideShare Program and Employee Shuttle Program. As part of Abbott’s 2010 goals program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) to 10 percent below 2004 levels, Diane integrated environmental criteria into the overall management of their U.S. fleet vehicles. She partnered with Environmental Defense and PHH Arval to offer many Abbott employees greener vehicle options. In the first year of the program, Abbott improved miles-per-gallon by 4.3 percent; greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by 4.2 percent; and overall cost is down 4.1 percent.


    Diane has over 17 years of experience in the fleet industry and manages a fleet of 6,500 vehicles. She stays active in the fleet industry as serving as Chair of the Northern Illinois / Southern Wisconsin Fleet Manager Association, and the Vice Chair of the NAFA Chicago Chapter.


    Thomas P. Murray, Project Manager, Corporate Partnerships Program, Environmental Defense 

    Tom Murray manages partnerships with leading companies to create environmental improvements that make business sense. Tom is currently leading Environmental Defense’s partnership with PHH Arval, one of the largest commercial fleet management companies in North America, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicle fleets by developing a climate-neutral fleet management service. In addition Tom led the organization's partnership with Citigroup and efforts to improve paper practices in the financial services industry.

    Before joining Environmental Defense, Tom served as a project manager with Jellinek, Schwartz & Connolly. In that capacity, he advised companies on environmental, safety, and health compliance, pollution prevention, and legislative and regulatory strategy. Tom has an M.B.A. from The George Washington University and a B.A., Political Science from Trinity College.

      Matt Lefeld, Sourcing Specialist - Corporate Services Global Sourcing, Owens Corning 

    Matt Lefeld works in the Supply Chain Development Program at Owens Corning, the world leader in building materials systems and composite solutions. As a member of the Corporate Services Global Sourcing team, he has concentrated his efforts on reducing fleet costs and improving sustainability in the supply chain. Working with PHH and Environmental Defense in the GreenFleet program, Matt convinced leadership to remove low-MPG sport utility vehicles from their fleet and replace with more fuel efficient vehicles. As a result, Owens Corning significantly reduced both emissions and cost in the fleet and chose a safer vehicle. Matt is a recent graduate from Bowling Green State University.

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