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October 4, 2007 1-3pm EDT
Real Intrusion Prevention (IPS): Maximizing the Security Wallet
  • Neal Hartsell, VP Marketing, TippingPoint  Learn More
  • A common misconception is that an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is nothing more than an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) deployed in-line with blocking capabilities. Although IPS and IDS both detect malicious or unwanted network traffic as completely and accurately as possible at wire speeds, there are critical differences. For example, while an IPS is an in-line device designed for automatic enforcement of network policy, an IDS is an out-of-band device designed as a forensic tool for security analysts. This fundamental difference can not only impact network performance and latency, but also affect network design requirements as well as the methods in which a hacker can potentially penetrate the network and access critical data and resources.

    Neal Harsell, VP Marketing for TippingPoint, will discuss the key differences between IPS and IDS that organizations need to consider when determining their network security strategy and address the key prioritized requirements needed for deploying an in-line IPS. Real-world case studies will also show how some large enterprises deploy IPS in their network.


    IT Managers, Directors, Heads

    • Security/Risk Managers,
    • Compliance Managers
    • Privacy/Identity/Fraud Managers
    • CISO
    • CSO
    • Chief Compliance Officer 

    TippingPoint, the leader in intrusion prevention systems (IPS), provides the IPS-Secured Network, which delivers attack control, access control and application control. TippingPoint’s IPS is complemented by the Digital Vaccine® service, powered by the largest body of security researchers in the world, DVLabs, which includes over 500 Zero Day Initiative researchers in addition to internal security experts.

    The TippingPoint IPS is an in-line device that is inserted seamlessly and transparently into the network. As packets pass through the IPS, they are fully inspected to determine whether they are legitimate or malicious. The TippingPoint IPS can be placed in-line at the perimeter, on internal network segments, at the core and at remote sites. These enforcement points can be centrally controlled to institute and enforce business-wide security policies. This pervasive presence allows the TippingPoint IPS to see all network traffic and protect against external as well as internal attacks.

    In addition, the TippingPoint IPS interoperates with TippingPoint’s Network Access Control (NAC) solution to ensure all malicious traffic is blocked from each endpoint and suspect or non-compliant traffic triggers other policy-controlled actions, including blocking, quarantining, alerting or rate shaping. Network and security personnel now have unprecedented control over the entire network perimeter with integrated policy-based visibility and control of users, devices and traffic flows.




    Neal Hartsell, VP Marketing, TippingPoint

    Mr. Hartsell brings over twenty years of strategic marketing, product marketing and product management experience in telecommunications and data communications. Mr. Hartsell has held Vice President of Product Marketing positions in a number of companies including Crossroads Systems, TippingPoint, and Surgient Networks. Additionally, he has held senior product marketing management positions at Cisco Systems, ECI Telecom, Northern Telecom and NetSpeed—a market leading start-up acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998. His product marketing experience has been centered on introducing emerging products and technologies into enterprise, service provider, and commercial data center network environments. He has also started, owned and operated his own marketing consulting business, Ativa Consulting, Inc.—primarily targeted at helping network security appliance companies formulate strategic business planning, marketing planning, and go-to-market execution. Mr. Hartsell earned a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina and a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

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