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Information Security

TechnologyFebruary 8, 2006 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EDT
Information Security

Securing IT to mitigate data loss and information breach

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    Information Security has been thrust to the forefront in recent months with many companies losing information and customer data.  Companies are making the move in a desperate attempt to protect consumer as well as critical data from invasion and security breaches.  The question by many consumers is whether government should make it mandatory for companies to ensure that customer data is properly secure, while government officials are seeing the recent attacks as a threat to National security.  These attacks have therefore left companies clamoring for answers to their now vulnerable IT infrastructures.

    Each of the presenters will provide a different view of the topic and discuss such areas as:
    • How the loss of personal data is prompting companies to embrace security.
    • Quantum encryption and applications around that type of low overhead but extremely random schemes


    • Can the Law and Regulation Improve National Information Security?
      Greg Garcia,
      Vice President, Information Security Programs and Policy, Information Technology Association of America  
      Learn More
    • Risk management approach to defending your information and systems from today's threats
      Michael Assante,
      Senior Relationship Manager, National & Homeland Security Idaho National Lab (INL) Learn More
    • Securing the Enterprise From the Inside Out
      James Chou, Chief Technology Officer, Apani Networks
      Learn More

    Apani Networks is the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter. EpiForce, the company’s flagship product, provides a transparent security layer for networked applications by encrypting data flows, enforcing machine-level access control and centrally managing security policy relationships.

    About Symantec
    Symantec is the world leader in providing solutions to help individuals and enterprises assure the security, availability, and integrity of their information. Headquartered in Cupertino, Calif., Symantec has operations in more than 40 countries. More information is available at http://www.symantec.com/.


    Chief Officer and Heads of:
    Technology, Information Technology, Information Security, Network Security, Data Management, Network Engineering


    Media Partners

    Covering front end to back end enterprise IT integration, Integrated Solutions shows growing organizations how to capture, generate, and retrieve data at all points of work and service.

    About the speakers

    Greg Garcia currently is Vice President for Information Security Programs and Policy with the Information Technology Association of America.  In this role he manages all programmatic and public policy aspects of information security, with a view to strengthening our national cyber readiness among the user and vendor communities.  Before joining ITAA in April 2003, Garcia served on the staff of the House Science Committee for a year and a half where he was responsible for industry outreach and legislative issues related to information technology and cyber security.  In particular, Garcia played an active role under the leadership of Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-NY) in the drafting and shepherding of the Cyber Security R&D Act of 2002. Garcia came to Capitol Hill after serving for two and a half years as the head of 3Com Corporation’s Government Relations Office in Washington, DC.  There, he was responsible for all aspects of the company’s strategic public policy formulation and advocacy.  From 1998-99, Garcia was Coalition Manager for Americans for Computer Privacy, a high profile grassroots policy advocacy campaign dedicated to overturning U.S. export and domestic use regulation of encryption technology.  This effort was successful after just one year of intense lobbying and high-end media strategies.  From 1992-98, Garcia lobbied international trade policy for the American Electronics Association, including export controls, customs, European and multilateral trade negotiations.  Garcia’s first career job out of college in 1987 was with a public policy consulting firm called Newmyer Associates, where he reported and consulted on international trade policy for Fortune 500 clients.  Garcia is a graduate of San Jose State University in California.  He is married with one son.

    Michael J. Assante, a recognized security and infrastructure protection visionary and new product development leader, brings a powerful combination of leadership/domain experience, technological vision and strategy development to the Idaho National Lab (INL).

    Prior to assuming his leadership position at INL, Mr. Assante was a vice president and Chief Security Officer at American Electric Power, the largest generator of electric power in the US, serving 5 million customers in eleven states. He provided leadership, developed and implemented strategies to enhance security and business continuity for AEP; he was also responsible for protecting and maintaining corporate facilities, critical operating assets and property; and ensured the security and continued preservation of all corporate information and proprietary data and the technology that supports it.

    He joined AEP as the head of information security in April 2002 and expanded his role later that year unifying information security, physical security and business continuity. During his tenure at AEP, Mr. Assante developed what is widely regarded as among the best security program among Fortune 500 companies. Leveraging his background in information security, physical security, military intelligence, and corporate security, Mr. Assante built a world class integrated information and physical security program for AEP. Mr. Assante has worked with the United States Federal Government and industry to build established critical infrastructure protection benchmarks and assessment methodologies for the energy utility industry.

    Selected for outstanding contribution at the RSA 2005 Conference and awarded the outstanding achievement in the practice of security within an organization. He has been recognized by SC Magazine among all Chief Security Officers as one of two finalists for the global 2005 awards as CSO of the year. He was selected as a finalist for Information Security Executive of the Year of the Midwest in 2005. In 2003, Mr. Assante was awarded best governance program “The Best of the Best – Best Governance Program,” Information Security Magazine, December 2003 for the establishment of an enterprise executive security committee.

    Prior to assuming a vice president’s position as Chief Security Officer at AEP, Mr. Assante as a reserve naval intelligence officer was filling a critical position at the National Infrastructure Protection Center. Based on his unique military and civilian skills and experience, Mr Assante responded to the attacks on September 11th and reported to the NIPC to lead the electric power critical infrastructure assessment team. Assante most recently served as Vice President, Knowledge Products Division at Vigilinx, Inc., a leading digital security company. In this position, Mr. Assante has total responsibility (P&L) for the company’s entire suite of knowledge-based services, products and operations, including the company’s product leader (IntelliSHIELD), as well as all information technology and software development. Prior to joining Vigilinx, Mr. Assante co-founded LogiKeep in 1997, where he pioneered the concept of network security intelligence and served as Chief Operations Officer (until Vigilinx purchased LogiKeep on February 1, 2001).

    A former U.S. Navy intelligence officer with experience in information warfare and information security management, Mr. Assante recognized the need to bring intelligence-type analysis to the networks of the corporate world by identifying risks and threats specific to the hardware, software and systems used by individual organizations. To meet that need, Mr. Assante developed what was called LogiKeep’s Network Security Intelligence System (NSIS) and is now Vigilinx’ IntelliSHIELD. The intelligence-based approach to digital security developed by Mr. Assante and his team is being rapidly embraced by some of the world’s largest and most respected companies and organizations, many of which are Fortune 500 or Fortune 50 customers. The list includes U.S. State Dept, NASA, Bank One, Cardinal Health, Nationwide Insurance, NCR, Eastman Chemical, Cablevision, Dresdner Bank (UK) and others. Additionally, print, radio and television journalists from around the world have turned to Assante & his IntelliSHIELD staff to obtain professional analysis of fast breaking security news. To date LogiKeep, Vigilinx and IntelliSHIELD have been featured in hundreds of media articles, radio and television programs. LogiKeep was awarded the Start-up of the Year award for 2000 by the Columbus, Ohio Top Cat Awards.

    Prior to co-founding LogiKeep, Mr. Assante spent over six years in various intelligence and information warfare roles in the United States Navy. There, he developed and gave presentations on the latest technology and security threats to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Director of the National Security Agency, and various other government officials. In 1997, Mr.Assante was named as a Naval Intelligence Officer of the Year. In 2002 Assante was selected as one of Columbus' Top 40 Under 40.

    Mr. Assante is a recognized industry expert, columnist and has appeared regularly at management forums, government symposiums, seminars, and conferences to address infrastructure protection and its importance in today’s global business environment. His staff has provided expert testimony to congress and he has advised owners and operators of critical infrastructure networks and has taken part in security and organizational assessments of those systems.

    Mr. Assante Co-founded LogiKeep and funded it by raising $9.1 million in start-up capital from a number of large private investors, primarily in New York. Mr. Assante and his Co-founder Derek Harp led the investor & management team through the transactional process that led to Vigilinx’ official purchase in February 2001.

    Mr. Assante holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Miami University in Ohio. He also has completed executive and technology seminars, federal law enforcement/investigations and numerous naval and military intelligence courses.


    Workshop Leader: Securing the Enterprise From the Inside Out
    James Chou

    Chief Technology Officer

    Apani Networks

    Jim Chou has 20 years of experience in start-ups and blue chip organizations. He has an extensive background in technology, engineering management and operations. Before Apani, Mr. Chou was vice president of engineering at Antenna Software and eBricks (Citadon), where he was instrumental in creating technology behind the company. He has held executive positions at Accenture, JP Morgan and HarperCollins. He was featured in Mary Cronin's bestseller, "Doing Business on the Internet," while at Apple. For his work at Apani and launching EpiForce 1.0, Mr. Chou was honored with a “Shaping Info Security - 2005” award by Silicon Valley Communications. Mr. Chou has an MBA from Duke and a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of New York.

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