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Monday, September 24th, 2007 @ 2-4pm EDT
Thought Leadership Forum: Security Strategies That Work and Lessons Learned From the World’s Leading Financial Institutions
  • Gary McGraw, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Cigital, Inc.Learn More
  • Roger Thornton, Chief Technology Officer, Fortify SoftwareLearn More
  • A Conversation with Dr. Gary McGraw Best Selling Author and Globally Recognized Authority on Software Security

    In the world of financial services, one security breach can decimate brand. The security challenges faced by banks are daunting:  regulatory pressures, including Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley require sophisticated risk management, hundreds of custom applications must be reviewed and maintained, and customer and firm data must be protected at all cost.  Clearly, security strategies are front and center in the banking industry. 

    Join us for a comprehensive, executive-level discussion about security strategies and best practices of today’s largest financial institutions.  Understand why forward-thinking CISOs have achieved the right level of sensitive data protection for their companies while many organizations still struggle.

    Join us for this live conversation with industry luminary Dr. Gary McGraw and security thought leader and entrepreneur, Roger Thornton.  Together they will explore today’s most pressing problems and solutions concerning security in the financial services industry.

    Your Thought Leadership Forum take-aways will include:

    • How two of the world’s largest banks built a sustainable, software security strategy.
    • Strategies that work for optimally deploying software security tools.
    • Why tools alone will not provide true Security Assurance
    • The four primary components to a successful software security initiative
    • CSOs
    • CISOs
    • CTOs
    • VP Security

    Within Finance and IT Security


    Fortify Software products protect companies from today’s greatest security risk: the software applications that run their businesses.

    Combining deep application security expertise with extensive software development experience, Fortify Software has defined the market with award-winning products that span the software development cycle. Its software security products, Fortify SCA, Fortify Manager, Fortify Tracer, and Fortify Defender, drive down costs and security risks by automating key processes of developing and deploying secure applications. Today, Fortify Software fortifies the software for the most demanding customer deployments, including the world’s largest, most varied code bases.

    Fortify Software is the software security vendor of choice of government agencies and Fortune 500 companies in a wide variety of industries such as energy, financial services, healthcare, e-commerce, media, telecommunications, publishing, insurance, systems integration, and information management.

    For over a decade Cigital has enabled some of the most well-known companies in financial services, communications, insurance, hospitality and e-commerce to resolve their mission-critical software business risks. Cigital consultants help companies protect some of their most valuable assets: company information, customer data, shareholder value and brand. Each client’s unique requirements are served through a combination of proven methodologies, tools and best practices. Cigital assures the reliable delivery and deployment of software that organizations build, buy and integrate. The company is headquartered near Washington, D.C. with offices in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles.

    For more information, visit http://www.fortifysoftware.com/

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    For more information, visit http://www.cigital.com/

      Gary McGraw, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Cigital, Inc.

    Gary McGraw, Ph.D,  CTO of Cigital, Inc., a software security and quality consulting firm with headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area. He is a globally recognized authority on software security and the author of six best selling books on this topic. The latest, Software Security: Building Security In was released in 2006, with Exploiting Online Games slated for release this year. His other titles include Java Security, Building Secure Software, and Exploiting Software; he is editor of the Addison-Wesley Software Security series. Dr. McGraw has also written over 90 peer-reviewed scientific publications, authors a monthly security column for darkreading.com and is frequently quoted in the press. Besides serving as a strategic counselor for top business and IT executives, Gary is on the Advisory Boards of Fortify Software and Raven White. His dual PhD is in Cognitive Science and Computer Science from Indiana University where he serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council for the School of Informatics. Gary is an IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors member and produces the monthly Silver Bullet Security Podcast for IEEE Security & Privacy magazine.

      Roger Thornton, Chief Technology Officer, Fortify Software

    Roger Thornton is the Chief Technology Officer and founder of Fortify Software in Palo Alto, California. Prior to founding Fortify in 2002, he led key development efforts at E*TRADE, guided a major architecture redesign effort at eBay, and served as an interim executive and investor to a number of other successful startups. Earlier in his career, Roger held technology and business leadership positions at some of the world’s leading technology companies including Cypress Semiconductor, Apple Computer (Taligent), and Sun Microsystems (JavaSoft).  An expert and pioneer in the field of software security, he has worked closely with numerous companies beginning to address information security through improved software development processes and technologies. He regularly shares lessons learned from those endeavors through published articles and is a frequent presenter on the topic at industry conferences.

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