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January 28, 2008
Management Consultants and Integrated Business Planning:
From Tipping Point to Turning Point

Essential thinking for consultants committed to leveraging technology and ensuring their clients derive maximum benefit from their services.

- Stephen J.L. Page, Chairman and CEO of BPMX PartnersLearn More
- Carlos Centurion, VP Strategy, River Logic Learn More
- Philip Higginbotham, VP Business Development, River LogicLearn More

The rules of engagement have changed for consultants. As their clients embrace more Performance Management technologies, consultants realize that using Excel as their primary modeling and analytics tool isn’t enough. With increasing competition in a global environment, clients put more pressure on their Consultants to bring more value and deeper insights faster.

Stephen Page, the leading recruiter for the top-tier consulting firms worldwide along with River Logic’s VP of Strategy and former McKinsey consultant, Carlos Centurion, and VP of Partner Development and former Deloitte consultant, Philip Higginbotham, reveal recent survey results on Consultants and Technology show why the tipping point on consultants redefining the rules of engagement is now the turning point.

The results of this formal survey show what software tools are being used by today’s Consultant. Participants will hear what their colleagues had to say about software that makes a difference and what’s being used in addition to or instead of Excel. Key to these results is the discovery of software tools that advance the insights of Consultants and bring value to their Clients beyond the BI and BPM technology their clients have implemented.

Hundreds of pre-qualified colleagues were contacted to weigh in on this relevant topic.

Key points:
  • What Consultants have to say about the new era of Integrated Business Planning
  • Why the Consultant industry should look to technology to advance insights and added value for their clients
  • A demonstration of how technology is leveraged for client benefit

Senior Manager, Director, Vice President, Partner, Senior Partner, Practice Manager specializing in:

  • M&A, Corporate Restructuring and Transformation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate and Business Unit Strategy
  • Operations
  • Business Advisory

River Logic, Inc. (http://www.riverlogic.com/) is an emerging leader of strategic modeling and planning software applications for businesses and management consultants. Its flagship product, Enterprise Optimizer® (“EO”), enables companies to identify quickly the decisions that have the greatest impact on their financial performance. EO uniquely links financial planning and operational performance to create a unified model of the business, detailing rationale for the best strategic, tactical and operational decisions that maximize financial performance.



Stephen J.L. Page, Chairman and CEO of BPMX Partners

Mr. Page has extensive experience with tier-one strategy and consulting firms around the world. For 23 years, Mr. Page served as Chairman and CEO of Page-Wheatcroft, a senior level executive search firm. Mr. Page identified CEOs, built Leadership Teams and developed growth and talent acquisition strategies for Global 1000, professional services and private equity firms. Mr. Page has considerable Technology and Financial Services industry experience with leadership positions in British Telecom, Univac FSD, RepublicBank of Texas and Central Bank of California. He obtained degrees in Mathematics and Telecommunications from London University as part of British Telecom’s Executive Management Program and graduated from Harvard’s inaugural Leadership in Professional Services Firms program.

Carlos Centurion, VP Strategy & Marketing, River Logic
Centurion comes to River Logic after eight years with McKinsey & Company where he was a co-leader of McKinsey’s North American High Tech Marketing knowledge development practice. He’s also the co-author of a series of reports on pre and post-merger management for the Corporate Finance practice. He received a BA in Economics and a BS in Business at Wake Forest and his MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.
Philip Higginbotham, Vice President Partner Development, River Logic

Mr. Higginbotham has extensive experience providing business advice to corporate clients. After beginning his career as a corporate finance analyst, Mr. Higginbotham spent five years in management and restructuring consulting where he assisted in the reorganization of financially distressed companies in an array of industries. Mr. Higginbotham joined River Logic in 2004. He received his BS in Finance and BS in Civil Engineering from Clemson University and his MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

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