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April 17, 2007 @ 1:00pm - 3:00pm ET
Open Source Software for the Enterprise 


- Nicholas Carr, former Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review, Author,
Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive AdvantageLearn More
- Stormy Peters, Director of Community & Partner Programs, OpenLogicLearn More


Lower Costs and Increased Productivity

By 2010, Global IT organizations will use open-source products in 80% of infrastructure-focused software investments and 25% of business software investments. Gartner

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More companies are migrating parts of their infrastructure to open source software ( OSS ). IT executives need software that is more flexible, customizable, open, robust, and efficient as well as less expensive from a total cost of ownership point of view.

Migrating to OSS is the best option to reducing the total costs of ownership of an IT system due to the suppression of most licensing costs and reduction of costs related to system administration. IT executives need to monitor and manage the development process carefully to ensure the developers are acting appropriately.

Join Nicholas Carr as he discusses the future of open source software in the enterprise and how it can be integrated into existing systems to lower costs and increase productivity.

Take away points include:

  • Overcoming the challenges of open source:
    • Selection overload
    • Productivity drains
    • Legal & compliance risks
    • Support & maintenance
  • Migrating to open source to lower costs, increase innovation, and increase productivity
  • Interoperability of open source with existing infrastructure


  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • CSOs
  • VPs, Directors of Network Architecture
  • Senior System Administrators
  • Senior Network Engineers

    OpenLogic is a leading provider of open source solutions that enable enterprises to safely and profitably acquire, support and control open source software.  OpenLogic offers enterprises support, indemnification and a certified library of hundreds of the most popular open source packages. Packages are continually monitored for updates, which are then certified and made available to OpenLogic customers. OpenLogic has pioneered a technical support model that provides the broadest open source coverage in the industry and is backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community. This model gives enterprises access to the expertise they need and the commercial-grade reliability they demand.


    For more on OpenLogic, go to www.openlogic.com/


    Nicholas Carr

    A former executive editor of the Harvard Business Review, Nicholas Carr is an acclaimed business writer and speaker whose work centers on strategy, innovation, and technology. His 2004 book Does IT Matter? Information Technology and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage, published by Harvard Business School Press, set off a worldwide debate about the role of computers in business.

    In addition to writing more than a dozen articles and interviews for HBR, Carr has written for the New York Times, Financial Times, MIT Sloan Management Review, Wired, Business 2.0, The Banker and Journal of Business Strategy. He writes a column on innovation for Strategy & Business, where he’s a contributing editor, and publishes the popular blog Rough Type.

    Carr has appeared as a business commentator on CNN, CNBC, BBC Radio and National Public Radio and is a sought after speaker on information technology. He holds a B.S. from Dartmouth College and an M.A. from Harvard University.

    Stormy Peters
    Director of Community
    & Partner Programs

    Stormy Peters joined OpenLogic from Hewlett-Packard (HP) where she founded and managed the Open Source Program Office. As an early adopter of open source, Stormy was responsible for HP's open source strategy, policy and business practices. She was also a founding member of HP's Linux Division.


    Stormy is a frequent keynote speaker on business aspects of open source software at major conferences such as the Open Source Business Conference and the O'Reilly conferences. She has addressed the United Nations, European Union and various U.S. state governments on open source software. Stormy is a co-founder of the non-profit GNOME Foundation, which is based on open source principles to encourage the development of a computing platform, comprised of free software, for use by the general public.

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