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September 11, 2008
From the Trenches: How One Organization Approaches Today’s Security and Compliance Challenges with Log Management
  • Brian Shellock, I/S Security Analyst, Lehigh Valley Hospital  Learn More
  • A.N. Ananth, President & CEO, Prism Microsystems, Inc.  Learn More
  • Security and Compliance – Today’s Biggest Buzz Words in IT

    In security, standard anti-virus and firewalls alone are just not cutting it anymore. Attacks from internal and external sources are increasing in intensity and sophistication. And the impact of a successful security breach is far more serious – both in terms of lost revenue and negative publicity. When you add on regulatory compliance and the need to demonstrate you have taken required actions, the challenge becomes immense.  


    Attend this webinar for an opportunity to learn from someone who’s been there. Someone that has faced the challenge and has successfully implemented a solution to meet today’s security and compliance concerns.


    Learn how a premier multi-site academic community hospital substantially increased their security profile by implementing a complete log management solution. As a hospital, they recognized that while there are some things, like hackers, that you can never be completely immune from,   with certain preventive measures  you can make it so hard for an attack to be successful that the risk becomes manageable.   Log Management enabled this hospital to minimize security risks by:


    • Monitoring and correlating critical log data from geographically-dispersed devices
    • Getting real-time policy-based alerting of suspicious behavior
    • Conducting forensic analysis on security incidents to shorten time to fix and to help prevent future breaches
    • Demonstrating compliance with preconfigured reports mapped to regulatory requirements
    • Substantially increasing IT security through automation without increasing staff


    Log Management enables you to do all this and more. See how.

    • IT Managers, Directors, Heads
    • Security/Risk Managers, Directors, Heads
    • Compliance Managers, Directors, Heads
    • CISO
    • CSO
    • Chief Compliance Officer
    • CFO


    Brian Shellock, I/S Security Analyst, Lehigh Valley Hospital  

    Brian Shellock is an Information Services Security Analyst at the Lehigh Valley Hospital, a leading regional health network in the Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton Metropolitan Area of South-Eastern Pennsylvania.

    Brian has been a system administrator and lead analyst for various security implementations within the health network including incident response, system auditing, log management, and management reporting for the past 5 years. He is the lead analyst for the implementation of EventTracker within the hospital network. Brian can be reached at Brian_M.Shellock@lvh.com.

    A.N. Ananth, President & CEO, Prism Microsystems, Inc.

    A. N. Ananth is the co-founder and CEO of Prism Microsystems, Inc. Ananth is a leading expert in IT compliance with over 20 years experience in IT-control and operations. He has consulted for many companies on their compliance strategy, audit policy and automated reporting processes. Ananth was one of the original architects of the EventTracker product offering, Prism’s enterprise log management solution, and remains active in strategic product direction at Prism. Ananth can be reached at Prism at ananth@prismmicrosys.com.


    Prism Microsystems, Inc. was formed in 1999 and is a privately held corporation with headquarters in the Baltimore-Washington high tech corridor. The company delivers business-critical solutions to consolidate, correlate and detect changes that could impact the performance, availability and security of a company’s IT infrastructure. 


    EventTracker, Prism’s enterprise log management solution, helps ensure confident compliance with PCI-DSS, SOX, and other standards by automating the collection, secure storage and analysis of event logs. EventTracker has compliance workflows built into the product and contains templated reports for both auditors and end-users. In addition, EventTracker enhances the overall security of the IT infrastructure and improves overall performance and availability of critical resources. EventTracker is engineered for quick implementation, ease of use and rapid ROI. It has over 600 customers in production across multiple sectors. Visit www.eventLogManager.com for further information.



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