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IT Security for SMBs
- Morian Eberhard, Vice President, Enterprise Security of a "Top 30" US Bank Learn More
- Samuel Young, CIO, LaSierra University, California Learn More
- Allan G. Pomerantz, Chief Security Officer, PHILADELPHIA STOCK EXCHANGE Learn More

Building an Effective Secure Network Foundation

Today’s SMBs are tomorrow’s large enterprises. Small and medium sized businesses face the same business problems as large enterprises. But, with limited HR, IT, and financial resources SMBs have to find more cost effective and efficient processes to leverage their growing operations.


Small and medium sized businesses rely on their IT networks to serve customers effectively, operate efficiently and collaborate with partners and suppliers. A secure IT network is a crucial part of the day-to-day business operation. IT Security threats are a great concern to SMBs since they may not have the resources to track down hackers, viruses and other threats. If the IT infrastructure is not secured, the entire system is vulnerable to attack and viruses, ultimately leading to damage of your information assets and a stoppage in business.


With IT threats becoming more sophisticated, companies are installing firewalls, anti-spyware products, continual anti-virus updates and constant monitoring of their systems.


Join us to hear CIOs from SMBs discuss their business practices in securing IT architecture and infrastructure and how the aligning of business and IT operations ultimately provide better customer satisfaction.

Take away points include:

  • Incorporating security into your strategic plan
  • Reducing implementation time and getting maximum ROI from security software
  • Streamlining business driven security processes within SMBs
  • Adapting a security awareness culture
  • Identifying system management to facilitate and control users’ access to critical online applications 
  • CIOs

  • CTOs

  • CSOs

  • VPs, Directors, Mgrs of IT

  • VPs, Directors, Mgrs of Network Architecture/Infrastructure

  • VPs, Directors, Mgrs of IT Security

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    Allan Pomerantz is the Chief Information Security Officer for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, the Nation’s oldest.

    Allan is responsible for the creation and distribution of Information Security Policies approved by executive management. In addition, he conducts employee awareness and training programs which emphasize avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Scams.

    In addition, in conjunction with the various technical system administration units, he is responsible for developing and implementing PHLX’s Defense in Depth Strategy which involves hardware, software, policies, and education.

    Allan holds the CISSP designation and is a member of ISSA and Infragard.

    He is a graduate of Penn State University with an MBA from Drexel University.

    Samuel Young, CIO, LaSierra University, California
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    Morian Eberhard, Vice President, Enterprise Security of a "Top 30" US Bank
    More Info Coming Soon!

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