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June 19, 2007 @1:00 – 1:30pm EDT
Three Simple Solutions to Accelerating Trial Completion
- Lynn. S. Bachrach, President and CEO, CRGLearn More
- Harry Bachrach, Principal and CFO, CRG Learn More
- Vicky Rochford, Senior Vice President, CRGLearn More

Why do clinical trials miss enrollment timeline goals? Join a group that has 14 years of success completing trials early and under budget and hear their insights and solutions.

The team from CRG will present three simple solutions to accelerating trial completion.

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Anybody responsible for meeting clinical trial timelines and budgets within the pharma and biotech industries.

Overall categories include:
  • Outsourcing
  • Project Management
  • Clinical Development

Founded in 1993, privately held and based in Villanova, PA, CRG is a risk-sharing patient recruitment company. CRG has a long track record of success in bringing in clinical studies early and under budget, having worked with most of the major and many medium-sized pharmaceuticals and biotechs on over 150 protocols in a variety of therapeutic areas. CRG differentiates itself in three ways. First, CRG finishes clinical trials at double industry rates. Second, CRG uses risk-sharing fees – meaning they are ‘in this’ with their pharmaceutical partners – winning together. Finally, CRG integrates media-based initiatives with proprietary site-based initiatives for the most cost-effective results. Further information about CRG can be found on the company's website at http://www.orgcrg.com/.

Lynn. S. Bachrach, President and CEO, CRG

Lynn S. Bachrach has 25 years of entrepreneurial experience including two business start-ups and running a public company. As Founder, President and CEO of CRG, she is very committed to providing ahead-of-schedule and under budget results on a risk-sharing basis with partner clients. Lynn started The Cardiac Rehab Company in 1989 and CRG in 1993. Before that, she was President and Senior Vice-President of C.P. Rehab Corp., and Senior Vice-President of C.P. Rehab Corp Midlantic. Earlier, she won recognition as the top salesperson for Datamedix Inc. and Meloy Laboratories. She earned her BA in Psychology from Antioch College.

Harry Bachrach, Principal and CFO, CRG

Harry Bachrach is a founder of CRG and another associated company. He is recognized as an innovative thought leader in patient recruitment. As Principal and CFO, he leads the company with regards to all key strategic, financial, and operational issues, and takes a personal interest in ensuring that CRG’s database of community and other researchers in select major therapeutic areas is the best in the industry. Prior to CRG, he had responsibilities for biological manufacturing and veterinary services at Merck Manufacturing Division. Harry earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.

Vicky Rochford, Senior Vice President, CRG

Vicky Rochford has 20 years of clinical and management experience and is CRG’s Senior Vice President and a company founder. She leads the development and implementation of our successful patient recruitment programs and also plays a key leadership role in business development and strategy. Prior to CRG, Vicky was involved in a consistently top enrolling independent outpatient research facility. Earlier, she was Vice President of Clinical Services for C.P. Rehab Corp. In addition, she has been a Cardiovascular Nurse Specialist and the Supervisor of an ICU/CCU. Vicky earned her Degree in Nursing with Honors from Sinclair College.

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