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Making Your Supply Chain Virtual
March 11, 2008
Making Your Supply Chain Virtual
  • Brian Tervo, President and CEO, TIE Commerce Learn More
  • Ray Mazur, Vice President, IT Homax Group Learn More
  • Making Your Supply Chain Virtual

    Master Data Management has become the most important activity for any company that wants to optimize their relationships with their partners in the supply chain.  Creating your ‘single source of truth’ with all your address and product information is the prerequisite to doing business electronically. The global eBusiness standards development organization UN/CEFACT explained how Master Data Management (MDM) is  the key to simplifying transactions in the supply chain and will help companies in making their Supply Chain Virtual.

    Case Study

    Implementing Data Synchronization at Homax Group

    In this webinar learn how applying a reliable Master Data Management (MDM) strategy can rescue your company from the perils of low-quality product data. With Master Data Management you can:

    • Achieve internal and external product information alignment
    • Eliminate many inefficient and costly product data errors
    • Speed time to market and merchandising for new products
    • Ease logistics headaches while freeing valuable resources
    • Meet quality standards and Data Synchronization demands

    Supply Chain Professionals

    Professionals in jobs relating to Information Technology, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Bar Bodes, Data Synchronization, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Compliance, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relations, Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Operations, Inventory Control, Packaging, Product Management, Business Analysts.


    About TIE Commerce

    TIE Commerce is a leading provider of B2B eCommerce software that bridges the gap between online and traditional business, enabling companies of all sizes to automate the exchange of business information electronically. TIE Commerce delivers TIE Kinetixä, a powerful electronic framework for business collaboration with software solutions for business-to-business integration, master data management, supply chain collaboration, digital channel communications, financial reporting and analytics. With over two decades of experience in electronic commerce, TIE Commerce today remains a key contributor to the development and implementation of global eBusiness standards. TIE Commerce corporate office is in Burlington, Mass. with additional offices in St. Paul, MN, the Netherlands and France.

    For more information, please visit: http://www.tiecommerce.com/


    Brian Tervo, President and CEO, TIE Commerce

    Brian Tervo, is President and Chief Executive Officer of TIE Commerce, Inc., a Burlington, Mass.-based eCommerce software firm where he is responsible for driving company vision, growth and profitability. Mr. Tervo has held a variety of positions in marketing, strategy, business development, and operations at TIE Commerce, Cyclone Commerce and DNS Worldwide. Prior to his career in electronic commerce industry, Mr. Tervo was a distinguished eight-year veteran of The United States Army National Guard and a Nationally Certified EMT/Paramedic. Mr. Tervo is a graduate of Northeastern University in Boston.

    Ray Mazur, VP, IT Homax Group

    Ray Mazur has been with Homax Group for the past 18 months as Executive Vice President of Information Technology. Ray provides a shared service for multiple divisions within Homax. His primary responsibilities are to provide strategic vision for Information Technology and Processes as well as support Homax’s Growth strategy.

    Ray was with Sherwin-Williams for the past 16 years prior to Homax and managed the supply chain for the company. Ray provided a shared service for multiple divisions within Sherwin-Williams. His primary responsibilities were to provide strategic vision for Supply Chain Systems and processes as well as provide Centers of Excellence in all Supply Chain System areas.

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