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March 27, 2008
Wrapped Apps – Enabling Software as a Service


  • Jeff Bennett, Vice President Business Development Wrapped Apps Corporation  Learn More
  • Bonnie Durkin, Marketing and Program Manager, Software as a Service IBM Learn More
  • Joe Nicke, Software as a Service - IBM Partner Programs Learn More

    SaaS in 30 to 60 days - Now that's rapid enablement!

    For software companies who wish to transition from an on-premise, perpetual licensing business to a SaaS business model, it shouldn’t be a painful or expensive exercise.  In fact, with the right technology and ecosystem partners, you can rapidly deploy a software as a service without changes to your existing software and without large capital expenditures.


    This presentation will provide a practical and proven method to help any software company adopt a SaaS business model and deploy a single-tenant application in 30 to 60 days.  This risk averse and inexpensive approach to SaaS enablement allows software firms to focus on their core competencies while leveraging SaaS partners to transform their existing business into a successful SaaS business model.


    About Wrapped Apps:  Wrapped Apps enables software companies to enter the SaaS model quickly and takes the risk out of costly R&D development and operations. The Wrapped Apps Service Delivery Platform (SDP) supports SaaS application deployment and transforms an on-premise application into a permanent, on demand commercial SaaS offering.  All the operational components required to deploy an online service are provided including multi-tenancy, metering, subscription management and SLA enforcement


    About IBM:  IBM has worked with hundreds of ISVs to help them deliver their applications in a SaaS model. Working with renowned SaaS experts IBM helps ISVs take advantage of this tremendous market opportunity but who are unsure where to start or what their next step should be. IBM understands the ISV adoption roadmap for SaaS and helps them identify an immediate next action to get your SaaS strategy on the fast track.



    The target audience of our solution speaks to ISVs (Software Companies) and Service Providers for Software Companies (ASPs/Application Hosting/DataCenters).

    • CIOs
    • CTOs
    • VP
    • Directors of Product Development/VP
    • Directors of IT Operations
    • Senior System Administrators/System Architects/SaaS Providers



    Wrapped Apps™ Corporation is first to market with a full feature Service Delivery Platform with Virtual Multi-Tenancy™ (VMT™) technology. The Wrapped Apps™ Service Delivery Platform (SDP) provides an automated management system for deploying and configuring applications and content online; with features such as automated provisioning, life-cycle management, user self-subscription, enterprise scalability, license compliance, and usage reporting. In contrast with the traditional approach of building multi-tenancy functionality into the application code and database; we offer a revolutionary Virtual Multi-Tenancy™ (VMT™) solution, which provides multi-tenancy functionality in the system layer of our SDP. This enables application and content providers to focus development efforts on their core offerings, and get to market quicker with reduced risk, complexity, and cost. As a result, most applications, whether single or multi-tenant, can be wrapped and published to our SDP ─ enabling life-cycle capability for online delivery ─ within 30 days.

    For More Information Please Visit: http://www.wrappedapps.com/


    Jeff Bennett, Vice President Business Development Wrapped Apps Corporation 

    Jeff Bennett, started his 16 year software career with Corel Corporation (1991-2000) as their executive responsible for North American Professional Services and Support. In 2000, Jeff joined the leadership team of Webplan Inc (now Kinaxis) and developed strong relationships with key integrators such as Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. In January 2002, Jeff founded ServiceVantage Corporation, a high tech consulting firm focusing on the support, service and SaaS initiatives of their impressive portfolio of clients. Jeff Bennett joined the executive team of Wrapped Apps Corporation in October 2006 and is responsible for business and partnership development to further expand the SaaS ecosystem.


    Bonnie Durkin, Marketing and Program Manager, IBM - Software as a Service  

    Bonnie Durkin is responsible for the implementation of IBM's Software as a Service partner programs worldwide.  Her focus is on program and marketing support for ISVs who have have already adopted or who are considering the Software as a Service delivery model.    Based in the midwest, Bonnie has held a number of roles in sales,  marketing, strategy and management in her 27+ years with IBM.  Prior to the Software as a Service role, she was responsible for IBM's program for Small and Medium business.

      Joe Nicke, IBM Partner Programs, Software as a Service  

    Joe Nicke is responsible for the implementation of IBM's Software as a Service enablement  programs for partners worldwide. These programs provide technical support to hundreds of application vendors who are adopting or who have already embraced the Software as a Service delivery model.  a 30 year veteran of IBM, he has been involved in IBM programs related to services, sales, and technical consulting.  His recent roles include management of IBM's Innovation Center in Chicago, global alliance manager for IBM e-Servers and development of worldwide marketing programs for WebSphere.

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