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May 24, 2007, 2:00pm - 4:00pm EDT
Financial Reporting Using XBRL
Bob Laux, Director, Technical Accounting and Reporting, Microsoft
Satish Appalakutty, Founder and Chief Architect, NeoClarus

Successful Implementation and Future Applications


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XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) provides an identifying tag for each individual item of financial data. Computers recognize these tags in any document form and are able to extract, analyze and store the data automatically and present the data in a variety of formats.


XBRL is flexible, handles data in different languages and accounting standards and is adaptable to individual business requirements. Preparers and users alike are benefiting from the use of XBRL in financial reporting. XBRL makes financial reporting more accurate, transparent and effective.


After 2 successful events on XBRL reporting in 2006 with Corey Booth CIO of SEC and Martin Henning, Associate Director, FDIC Division of Insurance & Research, Statistics Branch this year we are bringing together XRBL pioneers from leading US filers to share their real experiences.


Take away points include:


  • Managing implementation: metrics and employees involvement
  • What are the investments?
  • The capabilities of XBRL format to file supplemental data
  • What is the XBRL future?






C-level Officers, VPs and Directors involved with:


  • Information Technology
  • Compliance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Finance
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    NeoClarus provides companies with a streamlined collaborative, secured web-based application to create, transform, validate/audit and distribute time sensitive financial information. NeoClarus solution enables enterprise with a collaborative web based platform to prepare, audit and distribute their financial statements in XBRL with ease, efficiency and accuracy. We provide pre-defined and re-usable maps, and updates on SEC legislation on a regular basis automatically.

    NeoClarus offers an on-demand collaboration solution, whether you’re an internal or external to the organization, this solution provides a real time view of each XBRL instance while enabling with cross-referencing, real-time checks and balance and pin-point the errors in the XBRL instance to the detailed level, that insures accuracy, compliance and consistency.

    NeoClarus offers a turnkey solution, that enables the filing community to embrace the XBRL technology with ease, and with no liability what so-ever. The solution enables the filing community to offer an on-demand web-based solution to their customers within a short period of time, and operate the same way you do today, but expand your companies offering to include an innovative new way to provide electronic filing in XBRL.

    Bob Laux, Director, Technical Accounting and Reporting, Microsoft

    Bob Laux is the Director of Technical Accounting and Reporting at Microsoft Corporation. Mr. Laux is responsible for Microsoft’s technical accounting, including interacting with and responding to accounting standard setters on numerous issues. Technical accounting responsibilities include responding to GAAP questions and issues within Microsoft. He is also responsible for Microsoft’s comment letters on new accounting pronouncements and representing Microsoft at standard setters’ public roundtables.

    Prior to joining Microsoft in 2000, Bob was an Industry Fellow at the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) where he was responsible for coordinating the activities of the Emerging Issues Task Force. Prior to joining the FASB, Bob spent eight years at General Motors managing their external financial reporting and interacting with and responding to accounting standard setters.

    Satish Appalakutty, Founder and Chief Architect, NeoClarus

    Satish Appalakutty is the Founder and Chief Architect at NeoClarus, has over 15 years of Software Architecture and Management experience.

    His expertise is in the domain of Financial (ERP), CRM and high-performance transaction-based systems. Prior to NeoClarus, Satish was a Co-founder and Director Engineering at Encover, where he was instrumental in integrating Encover's application to various back-end applications within an enterprise.

    Prior to which, he was at,, where he was a member of the initial team that developed the infrastructure that handles tens of thousands of transactions a day.

    Satish has held senior engineering positions at E-Trade, KivaSoft and Informix.

    Satish has a Masters in Business Administration specializing in Computer Management, from University of Pune, India.

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