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November  4, 2008
Sonora As One of the Largest Aerospace Clusters in Mexico

Speakers for this event:
  • Martha Campa, Investment Promotion Director, Economic Development Council for Sonora  Learn More
  • Eduardo Saavedra, Vice President of Business Development, The Offshore Group  Learn More
  • Maria Elena Rigoli, President, Sonitronies  Learn More
  • Sonora As One of the Largest Aerospace Clusters in Mexico

    Take a look into the great advantages that the State of Sonora offers for investment, from its excellent location to the industries already located and growing in the region, including medical, metal-mechanic, electronic, automotive and aerospace, among others.



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    Senior CEOs, Business Development Directors, from the Aerospace industry


    Martha Campa, Investment Promotion Director, Economic Development Council for Sonora  

    Martha Campa has a Bachelors Degree in International Trade & Commerce and is presently Director of Foreign Investment Promotion of the Sonora Economic Development Council (EDCS), entity in charge of promoting the State of Sonora worldwide in order to attract foreign investment into Sonora’s economy, as well as stimulate the exports of Sonoran products and services. 

    For over five years Ms. Campa was representative to this Council in Los Angeles, California, as well as Director of Foreign Trade Promotion in Sonora.

    Furthermore, her experience and participation around the world in several trade missions, seminars, congresses and international trade fairs give her an integral background which enables her to broadly promote the State of Sonora.

      Eduardo Saavedra, Vice President of Business Development, The Offshore Group

    Eduardo Saavedra has 20 years of experience in international trade between the U.S. and Mexico.  Over the past 11 years his roles have focused on supporting multinational manufacturing operations in the areas of information systems, logistics, customs, and more recently business and strategic development.

    Eduardo is a graduate of the University of Arizona in Systems Engineering and his achievements include the successful startup and management of manufacturing operations in Mexico, improving efficiencies in terms of costs and time in international supply-chains, and creating organizational focus on providing outstanding customer service.

      Maria Elena Rigoli, President, Sonitronies  

    Maria Elena, President of Collectron International Management, Inc. and it subsidiaries, Sonitronies, S.A. de C.V. and Sonora S Plan, has 25 years experience in the Maquiladora Industry and has been involved in successfully starting up over 85 companies in Mexico, thus increasing employment opportunities in the State of Sonora.

    Accepting challenges and growing in today's business world is not an easy task for any women. Maria Elena Gallego de Rigoli, through hard work and dedication, has matured in a complex organization that requires full knowledge of both cultures (Mexican and American) as well as strong leadership skills.

    The strongest values that distinguish Maria Elena are honesty, loyalty, respect, and integrity.

    Maria Elena, who has always been concerned about our environment, developed a project within the State of Sonora Mexico called "Reciclarte". This creative project educated elementary students about the importance of recycling in today's world.

    Due to all of her successful achievements and her concern for children and the environment, Maria Elena received in April 2008 from the State of Sonora Mexico recognition known as "Business Person of the Year" by COPRESON. Maria Elena is the first woman to ever receive such a prestigious recognition, making her an icon in today's business world.

    In the last five years, Maria Elena has led her team on starting over 12 Companies in the State of Sonora. Four of those belong to the Aerospace Industry.


    The Economic Development Council for Sonora provides investment promotion services for the manufacturing industry. The State of Sonora, Mexico helps companies interested in investing in Mexico through the process, from site selection to final establishment of the facility. See why Sonora is called “The State of Productivity”.

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