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September 25, 2008 
TME Market Trends and Vignette Media Solution:
How to Make Your Multi-Media Online Strategy a Reality...Now!

- Daniel Taylor, Senior Analyst, Consumer Research, The Yankee Group  Learn More
- Lee Shepstone, CTO of Media, Vignette Learn More

What is your multi-media online strategy? Do you have one?... You might not survive long without one.

In this Webcast, Yankee Group and Vignette will discuss the current market and consumer forces at play in the TME industries:

  • The rapid shift away from traditional TV and print advertising to digital channels and towards digital distribution of entertainment products.
  • The emergence of Video, TV, gaming and infotainment that will require organizations to quickly adapt to digital distribution business models.
  • The need to monetize digital content and drive online advertising revenues. 

These fundamental business challenges will only become more burdensome as the type of content demanded continues to get more and more complex and the number and type of hand-held devices to deliver it to continue to proliferate.

To meet these challenges, you need a solid multi-media online strategy that provides you with modular components that enable delivering of compelling internet and mobile sites – complete with user generated content,  social networking features, behavioral analysis, and content recommendations. This strategy should also provide the infrastructure and tools to generate additional revenue through the monetization of digital content.

You'll then see a demonstration of Vignette Media, a solution that sets Vignette apart as the only WCM company to have a solution 100% focused on the needs of the Media and Telco/Entertainment markets. Vignette Media allows you to manage editorial, promotional and marketing content, and digital product catalogs in one integrated platform, thus enabling your customers to monetize and merchandise digital media using a single integrated console, workflow and publishing process.



VPs, Directors, Senior Managers of:


  • IT
  • Marketing
  • New Media
  • Development of internet, web or online strategies

 For Telecom, Media, or Entertainment companies.



Vignette helps organizations improve the way they connect with their key audiences by providing software for building great online experiences and managing the content that fuels those experiences.  In an era when organizations are driven to connect with their audiences online in ways that are personal, social, transactional, and available across multiple channels, Vignette delivers these capabilities in whatever combination and proportion our customers require.

Vignette pioneered the Web Content Management space more than a decade ago, and today our customers include some of the world’s most prominent brands in virtually every industry.  Today, our award-winning solutions power some of the world's most powerful online brands and enable organizations to have more meaningful interactions with their customers. Vignette is headquartered in Austin, Texas with operations worldwide.



Daniel Taylor, Senior Analyst, Consumer Research, The Yankee Group   

Daniel Taylor is a senior analyst in Yankee Group’s Consumer Research group, where he focuses on emerging advertising-supported business models as well as traditional interactive online advertising markets, including search, display, video, social networking and other types of applications and content where advertising features prominently. In this role, Taylor bridges the gaps between traditional media, new media and communications network providers.

Taylor has more than 15 years of high-technology experience. Before Yankee Group, he was managing director for the Mobile Enterprise Alliance, Inc. (MEA), the leading global voice promoting and encouraging corporate adoption of mobile workforce solutions. In this role, he worked extensively with online marketing tools, social networking and new communications technologies to grow membership to more than 2,500 IT managers in 40 countries. Before the MEA, he worked as a telecommunications industry analyst, first at Aberdeen Group and then at Giotto Perspectives. He began his career in digital imaging and video networking, serving in a variety of product management roles.

Taylor earned a B.S. degree in engineering mechanics from Johns Hopkins University and has completed graduate coursework in systems engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2006, he was recognized with an Award of Merit by the Society for New Communications Research.

Lee Shepstone, CTO of Media, Vignette 

Lee has been with Vignette nine years and is currently serving as Chief Technology Officer, Media for Vignette.  In this capacity, he is responsible for the media products line, including Rich Media Services and Vignette Media (part of the Digital Services Hub initiative), and is focused on the Telecom, Media, and Entertainment sectors.  Lee previously served as Chief Architect in the EMEA region, where he led the architecture and design for large customer-facing Web sites for Vodafone, Sky, Telecom New Zealand, O2, Vizzavi, Telecom Italia, and News International.  Prior to Vignette, Lee worked for Shandwick Interactive as technical and design lead, implementing enterprise online solutions for Shell International, Egg Bank, and the European Space Agency.


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