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October  1, 2008
Privileged Access Control: A Security Compliance Focus
Speakers for this event:
  • Kris Zupan, CEO/CTO, e-DMZ Security  Learn More
  • Larry Brock, CISO, Dupont  Learn More
  • Privileged Access Control: A Security Compliance Focus

    This presentation will discuss the unique issues and requirements to meet the growing security and compliance concerns associated with allowing privileged access to critical resources from internal users, remote users, suppliers, vendors and other internal and external users.

    Driven by both the expanded use of outsourcing for critical system and application management, and the need for many industries to create network/resource separation between development and production networks, regional networks, or other role/operational separation.

    The issues of how to secure, manage and audit these critical connections continues to grow.  Add growing regulatory and compliance concerns to the mix and the task becomes more daunting.  For many, traditional VPNs and NAC solutions alone are no longer enough to solve all the issues associated with today’s privileged access control environment.

    Some of the key takeaways from this discussion include:

    • Understanding the key elements of a strong privileged access control strategy
    • Understanding the unique issues associated privileged password management as part of an overall privileged access control strategy
    • Understanding the unique issues associated with privileged remote vendor access as part of any overall privileged access control strategy
    • Compare and contrast requirements and available technologies


    • Information Security Professionals 
    • CISOs
    • CIOs
    • IT Infrastructure Management
    • Internal and External Security Auditors


    Kris Zupan, CEO/CTO, e-DMZ Security  

    A seasoned veteran in the field of distributed Security, Kris Zupan built and managed one of the largest Firewall and UNIX Security deployments while in tenure with a Fortune 10 Financial Services organization.  The Security Model he established there earned laudatory comments from Regulatory Agencies. 

    Mr. Zupan founded e-DMZ Security on the concept of developing innovative leading-edge COTS solutions for most demanding and critical enterprise access control requirements -- privileged access control.

    Larry Brock, CISO, Dupont 

    Larry Brock has been working for DuPont for 27 years in Information Technology, Research & Development and Marketing.  He has worked in several functional groups and businesses across DuPont, including the Corporate IT group, Imaging, Fibers and Nylon.

    Within IT, he previously was the CIO of the Flooring business unit.  He has lead the development and implementation of several large systems including manufacturing product control, materials management, and data warehouse systems.  While working in the Corporate IT group, he led the migration to open-based systems for both networking and computing.

    Larry has served as an Information Security Officer within the US Air Force with primary assignment to the National Security Agency (NSA).  Larry holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in electrical engineering.


     e-DMZ Security is a provider of privileged access control solutions for the enterprise.  Driven by security and compliance requirements, e-DMZ Security has designed and developed unique enterprise-class solutions for the management and control of shared/privileged passwords and administrative sessions.  Our flagship product the Password Auto Repository (PAR) was an industry first and award winning solution dedicated to the release control, change control and secure storage of shared/privileged passwords such as root and administrator.  PAR delivers individual accountability and compliance to the management of the enterprise’s most critical account passwords.

     Our eGuardPost extends beyond administrative password management to include full session access control, session recording and replay.  eGuardPost provides a control point for the enterprises most critical external and/or internal connections.  With dual connection authorization controls and full DVR-like session recording and replay, every keystroke, mouse movement and application access is recorded, stored and available for audit and compliance review.

    For more information please visit:  http://www.e-dmzsecurity.com/

    For information about the recorded archive for this event contact Xtalks at (416) 977-6555 ext 371, or email register@xtalks.com

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