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From Traditional Anti-Virus to Security-as-a-Service
August 26, 2008

  • Ryan Sherstobitoff, Chief Corporate Evangelist, Panda Security Learn More
  • From Traditional Anti-Virus to Security-as-a-Service

    Over the past five years, the anti-virus market has experienced tremendous growth as many new technologies have emerged in response to current conditions. What was once a market consisting of very few players has evolved into a multi-billion dollar enterprise consisting of dozens of companies with huge assortment of anti-virus products varying in focus and quality.


    Despite this growth, the technology behind anti-virus today is highly inefficient when it comes to protecting against modernized threats. This is fueled by the fact that vendors simply can't keep up with all of the new malware surfacing each and every day. The situation has created a breakdown in the quality and effectiveness of their underlying core technology.


    When we examine this security model further, the small and medium size business (SMB) market will be affected the most. The traditional anti-virus model introduces significant challenges for SMBs who have tight budgets for security. This is especially true as they often do not have the expertise or resources in-house to manage and administer complex anti-malware solutions.

    The best alternative that an SMB can take when it comes to security is out-sourcing their services to a hosted infrastructure and/or adopting a Security-as-a-Service model. This helps reduce complexity and time to market when implementing new security technologies and will not require a high degree of skill to maintain the solution.


    Learn about:


    • How existing traditional AV solutions are no longer effective against today’s threats
    • How Security-as-a-Service will save you money in terms of overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • How the adoption of “in the cloud” services will affect the SMB market
    • Introduction to Panda Security for Managed Office Protection


    IT Security Professionals including

    • CISOs
    • CSOs
    • Chief Compliance Officers
    • CFOs
    • VPs, Directors, & Managers of IT, Security, Risk/Risk Management, Compliance

    Ryan Sherstobitoff, Chief Corporate Evangelist, Panda Security

    As the Chief Corporate Evangelist at Panda Security US, Ryan Sherstobitoff oversees and manages the US strategic response to new and emerging virus attacks. Sherstobitoff’s extensive experience includes work designing and managing network infrastructures as well as mobilizing and managing security technologies throughout widely dispersed large-scale networks. As an intrinsic part of designing security infrastructures, Ryan has worked on a variety of security technologies in a myriad of platforms and environments, including financial, industrial, and service infrastructures. Ryan holds industry certifications in Microsoft MCSE, Microsoft MCSA, A+, Cisco CCNA and Comptia A+ Certified.


    Panda Security is a global provider of IT security solutions, with clients in more than 200 countries and products available in 23 languages.


    Our mission: To provide our customers with the most reliable protection against security threats, to keep their information and IT assets safe with minimum resource consumption.


    Potential security threats include all forms of malware (known and unknown), SPAM, hacking attempts, phishing, hoaxes, and other tricks used by the unscrupulous in an attempt to gain entry into systems and steal information. In order to battle back against ever-more sophisticated and secretive intrusion methods, Panda Security has developed an entirely new global security model

    called “Collective Intelligence”. This has resulted in new products with some of the highest levels of detection ever created and an unprecedented level of protection and security for our users.




    Founded in 1990 in Bilbao, Spain the company was known as Panda Software for its first 17 years. Under this brand, it became market leader in Spain in 1995, began its international expansion in 1996, and now has direct sales presence in 56 countries through an extensive network of subsidiaries and franchises.


    The year 2007 opened a new era in the company’s history with several important changes. Looking for a way to better reflect our commitment to providing global security for all computer users, the brand was changed from Panda Software to Panda Security. Recognizing the importance, potential, and value of the company, investment groups, like Investindustrial and Gala Capital, have entered the company’s share capital.


    Products and Solutions


    Panda Security has product lines for computer users at every level. Our products include security software solutions for home, small office, and enterprise level networks; hardware devices for the ultimate in “perimeter” network protection; managed security services and online detection and

    removal solutions.


    All of our products are backed by some of the best tech support in the industry available on a 24 hours, 365 days a year basis.


    For more information visit: http://www.pandasecurity.com/


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