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September 16, 2008
Five Information Management Best Practices for Enabling The Joint Commission Readiness Review in 2009
  • Paul Reymann, CEO, ReymannGroup  Learn More
  • Mary Berkman, Senior Healthcare Consultant, ReymannGroup  Learn More
  • Jim Stickley, CTO & Co-Founder, TraceSecurity, and internationally renowned security expert, regularly featured on The Today Show, CNBC, and author of the upcoming book The Truth About Identity Theft  
  • Dariel LeBeouf, SVP Communications and Education Services TraceSecurityLearn More
  • Five Information Management Best Practices for Enabling The Joint Commission Readiness Review in 2009

     Are you:

    • Aware that The Joint Commission requires compliance with new Information   Management standards in January 2009?
    • Concerned about how your hospital will cost-effectively meet the January 2009 TJC Information Management Standards?

    Join our panel of industry experts for an engaging 1-hour e-seminar to gain a better  understanding of the best practices that will simplify your TJC Readiness efforts, while establishing an automated clinical IT governance, risk, and compliance (IT GRC) foundation for delivery of high quality care.  We will discuss how the adoption of automated IT GRC SaaS solutions enable delivery of quality care, TJC Readiness, cost containment, and security of sensitive health information.

    From new TJC Readiness standards to renewed interest in HIPAA compliance and HHS Office of Inspector audit criteria, hospitals are realizing the clinical value of adopting an automated approach to IT governance, risk, and compliance in healthcare. Prudent IT GRC positively affects the performance and delivery of quality care.

    Attendees will receive a broad introduction on how IT GRC is helping healthcare organizations meet today’s clinical risk management and compliance challenges such as:

    • How to adopt a SaaS best practice model to help enable compliance with TJC Information Management Standards that take effect January 2009.
    • Best practice strategies that will drive down the cost IT risk management and compliance.
    • Why IT Risk Management is the foundation for Delivery of High Quality Care.
    • And more.



    This webinar is for community hospitals and other healthcare organizations challenged with how to meet standards of The Joint Commission due by January 1, 2009 and understanding how taking a best practices, proactive approach to GRC in IT improves quality of care and drives down operational costs. 

    • Chief Medical Officers
    • Chief Medical Information Officer
    • Compliance Officer
    • Chief Nursing Officer
    • COO
    • CIO
    • CTO
    • Privacy Officer
    • TJC Coordinator
    • IT Director/Manager
    • Healthcare Consultants
    • Journalists

    Paul Reymann, CEO, ReymannGroup  

    Mr. Reymann is one of the nation's leading financial institutions regulatory experts and co-author of Section 501 of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Security rule. Fortune 500 companies have leveraged Mr. Reymann’s subject matter expertise to develop successful go-to-market strategies for information security and technology products and services within key vertical markets.


    He has more than twenty years experience in the financial services industry, including thirteen years with the Department of Treasury's Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) in Washington D.C. There he guided the regulatory agency's Technology Risk management activities and authored several key regulatory directives and advisories on emerging risk management issues, including the industry's first regulatory directive on "Transactional Internet Banking."


    Mr. Reymann is recognized in the prestigious 2006 Heritage Registry of WHO’s WHO. He is referenced frequently in industry news and magazine articles.  He is also the author of numerous articles and papers on technology risk, transactional web sites, customer information, network security and other technology and safety and soundness topics.


    Mary Berkman, Senior Healthcare Consultant, ReymannGroup  

    Mary is a ReymannGroup subject matter expert with 24 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is well versed in the patient, business, and operational challenges within the industry. Her expertise originates from direct experience in patient care, healthcare administration and operations, and the funding of healthcare grants.


    As a nurse administrator, she has directed and facilitated clinical operations in numerous nursing departments, which has enabled her to maintain a hands-on knowledge base of emerging trends occurring within healthcare. She has also worked closely with Medical QA Committees in identifying issues and developing operational resolutions to patient care processes, and benchmarking clinical practices to professional standards.


    In partnership with researchers from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Mary developed and managed one of the first telehealth disease management programs for Congestive Heart Failure Patients, which was funded by the Kellogg Foundation. She is also the author of numerous papers on technology risk management, delivering quality of care, and cost containment best practices in healthcare. 

      Dariel LeBeouf, SVP Communications and Education Services, TraceSecurity

    Dariel LeBoeuf is Senior Vice President of Communications and Education Services at TraceSecurity where he's responsible for the creation and implementation of training programs to ensure overall customer success.
    Additionally, Mr. LeBoeuf will continue his role of forging strategic third-party relationships. He joined TraceSecurity in 2004 as VP of Sales and was responsible for growing the sales by 500%

    Mr. LeBoeuf graduated from Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree Quantative Business Analysis.



    TraceSecurity, the leader in risk management and security compliance solutions for mid-sized companies and organizations, offers an integrated, on-demand SaaS (software as a service) solution to assess risks as well as achieve, maintain and demonstrate security compliance while significantly improving security posture. 


    Key to TraceSecurity’s success is the company’s comprehensive patent-pending methodology that helps clients address all of the critical components of a successful risk assessment and security compliance program; people, process and technology.  


    TraceSecurity’s comprehensive solution automates regulatory compliance audits, board level reporting, policy management, vulnerability assessment, and employee education and testing, plus offers onsite risk assessments, security audits, and social engineering.  The security awareness programs include an exhaustive set of standard offerings as well as custom designed courses.


    With more than 800 clients, TraceSecurity supports the risk management and security compliance efforts of organizations in healthcare, financial services, insurance, government and other regulated sectors.


    For more information about TraceSecurity, visit www.tracesecurity.com/



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