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October 21, 2008
USID - The Accurate RTLS Alternative to RFID
  • Terry Aasen, President & CEO, Sonitor Technologies  Learn More
  • Jeffrey Falwell, Senior Project Consultant, Seton Medical Center / Dell Professional Services  Learn More
  • Cathy Cocco, Business Development Executive, Sensors and Actuators Emerging Business Opportunity Group, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences  Learn More
  • USID - The Accurate RTLS Alternative to RFID

    Presentation Learning Objectives:

    ·         Operational ROI significance of Real Time Location Solution applications in Hospitals.

    ·         Planning of RTLS deployment. What to consider. Scope & Performance. Technology. Software. Installation and Deployment.

    ·         Experiences from existing hospital deployments, challenges, solutions, and results.

    ·         Most common RTLS applications in ED, OR and hospital wide.

    ·         Avoiding pitfalls and driving the ROI benefits. The significance of accurate RTLS input and advantages of USID vs. RFID/iR/WiFi.


    Three part Webinar Structure:


    1. Provide detailed knowledge of ROI opportunities attainable with the right RTLS solutions. What are the most important hospital considerations to accommodate not only current, but also future RTLS needs and ROI opportunities? There are many RTLS technologies claiming various advantages; what is most important when selecting a technology?  What are the performance differences of USID (Ultrasound ID) and RFID/iR/WiFi?


    2. The second part will be a case study presentation from Seton Medical Center (Austin, TX), covering:

    ·         Things to consider when selecting RTLS technology

    ·         Advantages and Disadvantages considered

    ·         Suggested process for selecting your solution

    ·         Criteria used for selection

    ·         Experiences and ROI indications


    3.  The “full RTLS picture” from IBM’s perspective. IBM will share their expertise in the field of RTLS with different technologies and solution. IBM is now leading the way in the development and integration of enterprise wide, custom Sensor and Actuator (S&A) solutions to provide dramatic benefits for health care providers, caregivers and patients.


    • Hospitals
    • Long-Term Care
    • Director of Clinical Engineering or Biomed
    • Management Engineering

    Terry Aasen, President & CEO, Sonitor Technologies  

    Terry Aasen started the Sonitor Technologies’ US subsidiary and has been its President and CEO since 2005.

    Norwegian by birth, Mr. Aasen has spent the last 20 years in the United States as an executive with several leading global technology companies. Prior to his position with Sonitor Technologies, he was CEO of Laerdal Medical Corporation, a leader in the field of Emergency Medical Care, therapy and training equipment. Before this, he was CEO for VingCard and Elsafe, both global leaders in hotel security systems. Mr. Aasen has also served as a Vice President for a Siemens subsidiary.

    Jeffrey Falwell, Senior Project Consultant, Seton Medical Center / Dell Professional Services  
    Jeff Falwell is a Sr. Project Consultant with Dell. He is currently serving Seton Family of Hospitals in Austin Texas as their IS Project Portfolio Manager. Jeff brings expertise from his 20 year career as an IS Director, Business Consulting Manager and Engineer. Jeff has worked in Healthcare, Telecommunications, Business Consulting, Consumer Goods Manufacturing and an Electric Utility. Jeff holds a Nuclear Engineering degree from Purdue University; an MBA from St. Joseph’s University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
      Cathy Cocco, Business Development Executive, Sensors and Actuators Emerging Business Opportunity Group, IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences 

    Cathy Cocco is a Business Development Executive in the IBM Sensors and Actuators Emerging Business Opportunity group. She is focused on Healthcare and Life Sciences and brings expertise from her 19 year career with IBM in Manufacturing, Development Engineering, Marketing and Sales. Prior to working with RFID and other Sensor and Actuator technologies, she was assigned to a major IBM telecommunications account in China and held business and channel development positions with the top IBM partners in High Performance Computing. Ms. Cocco holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Cornell University, a Masters degree in Reliability Engineering and an MBA.


    Sonitor Technologies is a leading RTLS technology developer and provider with focus on the healthcare industry, with close to 30 successful hospital deployments using its unique ultrasound based technology.


    Seton Medical Center is Austin's largest medical/surgical acute care center, with 446 beds. The Seton Family of Hospitals, a not-for-profit organization, is the leading provider of healthcare services in Central Texas, serving an 11-county population of 1.7 million.

    IBM is a leading integrator and implementer of RFID solutions worldwide using barcode, passive and active technologies across many industry sectors. IBM provides IT and process redesign and integration services to assist healthcare organizations in realizing tangible value from their IT-enabled initiatives.


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