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November 3, 2008
Greening Your Truck Fleet: Technology, Tools, and Techniques
  • Rachel Beckhardt, Project Manager of Corporate Partnerships, Environmental Defense Learn More
  • Kevin Snow, Chief Engineer and Hybrid Application Development Lead, Eaton Corporation Learn More
  • Ezel Baltali, Fleet Services Applications Engineer, PHH Arval Learn More

  • Greening Your Truck Fleet: Technology, Tools, and Techniques

    Looking for strategies to reduce your truck fleet’s impact on the environment without spending a ton of money?

    Many organizations are seeking ways to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions not only from their cars and vans, but from their medium and heavy duty trucks too. With increasing government environmental regulations, the high cost of fuel, and the potential to reduce waste and save money, “greening” your truck fleets makes more sense now than ever before.

    In this web seminar, we will cover:

    • How to tie corporate environmental goals to your truck strategy
    • New truck hybrid technologies available in the marketplace now
    • Case studies of organizations utilizing hybrids and other technologies and the expected payback period
    • Government emissions regulations in effect and under review and how they impact your business
    • Best practices for when to use the correct tool, technology or driver behavior training for reducing your truck’s fleet emissions


    Companies with Class 3 trucks or above

    • Fleet managers
    • Procurement or sourcing professionals
    • Finance professionals
    • Environment, health and safety professionals

    In association with: National Truck Equipment Association


    PHH Arval is one of the leading fleet management service providers in the United States and Canada. PHH provides outsourced fleet management solutions for a wide range of vehicles - from cars to medium to heavy trucks, trailers and tractors. Our clients include nearly one-third of the Fortune 500 companies. Partnering together, PHH and Environmental Defense have developed PHH GreenFleet, North America's first and most comprehensive greenhouse gas management program for fleet cars and trucks. To date, more than 60,000 vehicles managed by PHH have utilized the program’s tools. Fleets that have fully implemented the program have reduced their emissions on average by 14% and lifecycle operating costs by 4%.

    For more information visit: www.phharval.com/green


    Rachel Beckhardt, Project Manager of Corporate Partnerships, Environmental Defense 

    Rachel works with market-leading companies to create environmental improvements that make business sense. Rachel currently leads corporate partnerships in the transportation sector, building on Environmental Defense's partnership with FedEx Express, as well as the paper and packaging industry. She manages EDF’s online Paper Calculator, which measures the environmental impacts of paper choices.

    -          Speeding the commercialization of hybrid trucks: Encouraging the widespread adoption of these high efficiency trucks

    -          Paper Calculator: Calculate environmental impacts of paper choices

    -          Restaurant Associates: Developed set of green dining best practices

    Rachel holds an M.S. from Tufts University’s Agriculture, Food, and Environment program and a B.A. from Bates College.


    Kevin Snow, Chief Engineer and Hybrid Application Development Lead, Eaton Corporation 
    Kevin has been employed at Eaton Corporation for eleven years as a Chief Engineer and Hybrid Application Development Lead.  Kevin lead the development and field test of 24 hybrid utility trucks with Eaton's patented ePTO feature at 14 different utility companies in the U.S. and Canada.  This program was facilitated by HTUF (Hybrid Truck User's Forum).  The results compared favorably to the independent test results of up to a 60% fuel consumption reduction.  Eaton's hybrid utility trucks are now in production.  Kevin is currently developing additional hybrid applications for the medium duty truck market.  Kevin has earned five U.S. patents including the convertible model transmission and a diagnostic and update system. Kevin Snow was born in Kalamazoo, MI where he attended college at Western Michigan University earning a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering.  Kevin was on the Sun Seeker solar powered electric car race team at WMU. 

    Ezel Baltali, Fleet Services Applications Engineer, PHH Arval


    Ezel Baltali is currently a Fleet Services Applications Engineer with PHH Arval in the Trucks division.  Ezel led and managed the 2006-2007 PHH Fuel Economy study, an 18-month study utilizing PHH Onboard telematics to improve customers’ fuel economy.  Following the study, Ezel was quoted and interviewed by Forbes, Fleet Owner, and Automotive Weekly regarding the results.  Ezel has also worked with PHH Business Analytics to prepare Maintenance and Repair studies, Cost-per-Mile analysis, and residual analysis.  In addition to these studies, Ezel is working on the PHH study about the California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. This study includes information on how PHH truck clients can save money through various lease structures and replacement strategies as oncoming mandates are enforced.

    Ezel received his Bachelors degree in Engineering Mechanics from Johns Hopkins University in May 2005.  In January 2009, Ezel will attend the University of Miami Executive MBA/MSIE program. Ezel has been with PHH since 2005.

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