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April 23, 2009
Quality On Time™ results with APOLLO:RDA™ (Remote Data Access)

Speaker for this event:

   Jennifer Trudel,  Training Manager, MDS Pharma Services  Learn More

Quality On Time™ results with APOLLO:RDA™ (Remote Data Access)

This web-based training class is geared to clinical program managers, clinical trial managers and directors of clinical trials to expand their understanding and to learn the intricacies involved in managing the Central Lab component of clinical trials through the APOLLO:RDA™.


APOLLO:RDA™ module allows our clients to access the same real-time data and statistics that our Project Managers and Alliance Managers use to manage each project. Our customizable dashboards allow each participant to keep critical factors top of mind to proactively resolve issues before they can impact a trial. Get the results when and where you want them through automated fax, online through APOLLO:RDA™ and electronic data transfer.


Through detailed performance graphs, customizable reports and early warning flags, we provide our clients clear visibility into the status of their programs anytime from any web accessible system down to the test level.


This webinar is part of a series sponsored by MDS Pharma Services

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April 23/09
Quality On Time™ results with APOLLO:RDA™ (Remote Data Access)
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Clinical program managers, Clinical trial managers and Directors of clinical trials who would like to expand their understanding and to learn the intricacies involved in managing the Central Lab component of clinical trials through the APOLLO:RDA™ module.



Jennifer Trudel,  Training Manager, MDS Pharma Services  

Jennifer Trudel has coordinated training for the Global Central Lab business unit of MDS Pharma Services for four years. Prior to working for MDS Pharma Services, Jennifer was part of the training team at AstraZeneca for five years. She also has experience in quality assurance, laboratory operations (microbiology), and various aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing.


MDS Pharma Services offers a full spectrum of resources to meet the drug discovery and development needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We are committed to meeting your drug discovery and development milestones with Quality On Time.  With numerous facilities strategically located around the world, we apply advanced scientific and technological expertise  throughout the drug discovery and development process – from lead optimization, pre-IND research, early stage development: clinical research (bioequivalence, phases I-IIa) and early stage development:  bioanalysis through to global clinical development (phases IIb-IV), central lab and centralized cardiac services.  For more information, visit our website at www.mdsps.com.


MDS Pharma Services is a business unit of MDS Inc. (TSX: MDS; NYSE: MDZ), a global life sciences company that provides market-leading products and services that our customers need for the development of drugs and diagnosis and treatment of disease.





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