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November 19, 2008
BCP and the Human Factor: Building Resilience From the Inside

Speakers for this event:
  • Gerald Lewis, Ph.D., International Consultant and Trainer  Learn More
  • Roland Johnson, President, Office Shadow, Inc.  Learn More
  • BCP and the Human Factor: Building Resilience From the Inside

    Only by understanding the psychology of your staff and building this learning into your recovery plans can you optimize your resilience to major disruptions.


    Join OSI and Gerald Lewis Ph.D to listen to an insightful discussion into getting the most from employees, associates and business partners when standard operating procedures just don’t apply.  As Gerry says “You can get your phone lines back up, your computers backed up - yet your employees may still be messed up." 


    Office Shadow, Inc. will introduce Shadow-Planner BCP software tools and discuss how the ‘Plan’ has to be so much more than a recovery ‘manual’.  If you need an index to find something, you probably won’t bother.  How can we develop and structure plans so that our well thought out procedures really are the lowest path of resistance when there is smoke in your eyes and staff are not thinking clearly?



    Executives involved in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Management, IT Security, Compliance.

    Industries:  All industries, including Financial Services, Energy and Utilities, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Government.


    Office Shadow, Inc. (OSI) is the US division of the global Office-Shadow group, the provider of Shadow-Planner.

    Shadow-Planner is the world's leading web-based Business Continuity, Risk and Compliance Software and is formulated to support the entire BCM program lifecycle. Based in NYC,OSI provides Shadow-Planner software and services throughout the Americas especially to the US Financial services community.

    For more information visit http://www.office-shadow.com/

    Gerald Lewis, Ph.D., International Consultant and Trainer 

    Dr. Lewis, an international consultant and trainer, works with government agencies, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and private businesses on a wide range of work, behavioral health and organizational issues.  His focus is facilitating organizational recovery and resiliency with the emphasis on “people-recovery.”


    He has authored numerous articles and three books: Critical Incident Stress and Trauma in the Workplace (1994), Workplace Hostility: Myth & Reality (co-author, 1998) and Organizational Crisis Management: The Human Factor (2006)


    Dr. Lewis is co-founder of The Human Resiliency Training Institute (HRTI) offering a wide range of web seminars that focus on human factor issues.  He is also on the faculty of Boston University and Clark University.


    For more information about Dr. Lewis:  http://www.geraldlewis.com/



    Roland Johnson, President, Office Shadow, Inc.

    Roland Johnson is President of Office Shadow, Inc. He heads up a team of BC professionals based on Wall Street focused on enhancing the resilience of North American business. Prior to joining OSI Roland helped companies in Europe, Canada and USA select and exploit software technologies for nearly 20 years. Roland has an MA in Physics from Oxford University, an MBA from Warwick University and developed an MSc in Economics and Financial Markets for Warwick University. He lives in Manhattan with his wife.

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