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Friday, November 14th, 2008 
Minnesota: Join Our Culture of Innovators

Speaker panel:

Dale Wahlstrom  
Learn More
CEO, BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota
Former Executive, Medtronic - Cardiac Rhythm Management Programs  

Eric Wieben, Ph.D.  Learn More
Director, Mayo Clinic Genomics Research Center
Project Leader for Mayo Clinic and University of Minnesota's partnership: The Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics  

Gunda I. Georg, Ph.D.  Learn More
Professor and Department Head, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy,
University of Minnesota

Robert Vince Endowed Chair
McKnight Presidential Chair in Medicinal Chemistry
Director, Institute for Therapeutics Discovery and Development 

Mike McBride  Learn More
Senior Director of Industry Relations, Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc.

Vickie O’Neill  Learn More
Vice President of Drug Delivery, Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc.

Minnesota:  Join Our Culture of Innovators

Find out why innovative biotech and pharma companies are moving into Minnesota. They are taking advantage of the “Landing Strip” Minnesota provides in the heartland, with entrée to the world-renowned researchers of Mayo Clinic, the University of Minnesota, Medtronic, 3M and 500 other companies belonging to the second largest life science organization in the world.   


It’s no wonder Minneapolis / Saint Paul were just chosen by Business Facilities in September for their Editors’ Location Picks 2008 as an area that has “continued to accelerate growth.”  


Learn the secrets to Minnesota’s quiet success and how they could benefit you:


1. The Mayo Clinic’s breakthrough partnership with the University of Minnesota and how it’s

    leading to powerful research in biotechnology and medical genomics

2. From the University’s Therapeutic Discovery to its newly established technology transfer function which makes
    partnering with industry easier and more profitable

3. How Minnesota's renewed approach to building a strong commercial capability for large and small molecules
    may provide prospects for business

4. How a biopharma firm thrives in Minnesota’s medical device milieu






Bioscience Park Land Giveaway Competition

       ·  Learn how you can rise to the challenge and enter Nobles County’s business planning competition to win land
         in the Worthington Bioscience Park

       ·  Glenn Thuringer, Manager of Economic Development and Membership Services, Worthington Regional
         Economic Development Corporation, will be on hand with information about this promotion 
Learn More


Want to locate near the Mayo Clinic?

      ·  Attractive lease packages will be made available to webinar registrants to locate in the premier world medical
        center community.

       · Gary Smith, President, Rochester Area Economic Development Inc., will be on hand with information about
        this promotion 
Learn More




You’ll learn how the State of Minnesota is smartly aligning its resources with academia and industry to produce results. For example:


     ·  $300 million in bioscience corridor construction projects at the University of Minnesota, plus four bioscience

       parks with educational and strategic partners

    • All are actively seeking industry collaborators, users, and partners

     ·  $93 million in the Mayo-University genomics partnership

    • Learn how the research spin off benefits innovators, never mind improves the health and lives of people everywhere

     ·  Funding of the BioBusiness Alliance

    • The Alliance mission includes systematic help for newcomers to the state – the “Landing Strip” if you will -- in close collaboration with the State’s Office of Business Development.
    • See the just launched interactive BioMap™ which shows most of Minnesota’s bioscience capabilities.

Come to Minnesota and get put on the map!

  • CEOs
  • VPs and Directors of Business Development, Strategy, Planning and Operations
  • Chief Scientific Officers
  • VPs of Research & Development
  • Directors of Drug Development
  • Directors (or Presidents/Vice Presidents/Assistant/Associate Directors) of Clinical Research
  • Members of Boards of Directors
  • Shareholders and other Stakeholders in bio/pharma companies

Within the pharmaceutical / biotech / biomed industry



Dale Wahlstrom, CEO, BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota

The Alliance is an organization dedicated to the advancement of bioscience based businesses in the state of Minnesota. Prior to being appointed CEO of the BioBusiness Alliance, Dale was with Medtronic for 24 years where he served most recently as Vice President of Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management Venture Programs. Prior to this position, he was the V.P/G.M. of the Cardiac Rhythm Management Therapy Delivery business. He currently serves on several academic, industrial advisory and governors boards.  

Dale received his M.S. in Systems from the University of St. Thomas in 1994, and his B.S. in Engineering and Technology from St. Cloud State University in 1978.

Dale currently has nine patents in medical device technology with more pending.

For more information visit www.biobusinessalliance.org

Eric Wieben, Ph.D., Director, Mayo Clinic Genomics Research Center

Dr. Wieben is the Director of Mayo Clinic Genomics Research Center, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and the Mayo Project Leader of the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics.  He is also on the Board of Directors of the BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota.

As the son of an Army officer, Eric grew up in many locations including France, Japan, Senegal, Israel and Kansas. He graduated from high school in Israel.  Dr. Wieben earned a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences with highest distinction at  Indiana University and a Ph.D. in Biology from Yale University.  Dr. Wieben completed his post doctoral fellowship at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology before joining the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Mayo in 1983.  Dr. Wieben chaired the department for 7 years during a time when the department was facing major challenges from the genomic revolution.

Dr. Wieben's current and primary research interest is in the area of pharmacogenomics. He is collaborating with Dr. Richard Weinshilboum to determine how genes influence the response of individuals to drug therapy.  They are working to define the range of individual genetic variation in the  genes that code for drug metabolizing enzymes, and how that variation can influence both the effectiveness of the drug and the likelihood of adverse side effects.


For more information visit www.minnesotapartnership.info

  Gunda I. Georg, Ph.D. , Professor and Department Head, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota

Gunda Georg, a world-renowned researcher in drug discovery and development, was lured away with her team from a university in another state to head up Minnesota's Department of Medicinal Chemistry. She is highly regarded for her research on discovering and developing potential drugs to treat cancer among several areas; and she is among the top 5% of researchers receiving NIH funding.


For more background, please see http://www.pharmacy.umn.edu/faculty/georg_gunda/

Mike McBride, Senior Director of Industry Relations, Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc.

Mike McBride is an industry veteran, spending more than 20 years in a variety of roles in the pharmaceutical industry.  McBride has led national account sales teams selling over-the-counter, generic & branded pharmaceuticals to drug wholesalers, retail drug chains, long-term & acute care buying groups and government pharmacies.


In his current role as Sr. Director of Industry Relations, he’s active in a variety of industry councils with trade associations such as the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA), National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) and National Community Pharmacist Association (NCPA) serving drug wholesalers and retail pharmacies.  His involvement allows Upsher-Smith to be closely connected with emerging issues impacting its customers.  Leading the company’s managed care efforts, McBride helps Upsher-Smith remain on the forefront of the dynamic healthcare delivery system—ensuring patient access to the medical and economic benefits of the company’s products.  As part of Upsher-Smith’s Corporate Development team, McBride applies his industry knowledge and background to connect Upsher-Smith with other leading and emerging drug companies.


McBride is a St. Paul, Minnesota native, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse.  He currently resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota with his wife & two daughters.


For more information visit www.upsher-smith.com

Vickie O’Neill, Vice President of Drug Delivery, Upsher-Smith Laboratories Inc.

As Vice President of Drug Delivery at Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Inc., a privately owned specialty pharmaceutical company based in Minnesota, O’Neill’s primary focus is to identify, evaluate and develop drug delivery platforms that support Upsher-Smith’s strategic direction.  Prior to heading up the new drug delivery initiative, she had responsibility for the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Analytical Services functions at Uphser-Smith.  Under her leadership, the team successfully developed and launched several 505(b) NDA and ANDA’s.  Previously O’Neill was Vice President of Business Development and Project Management at Upsher-Smith.  Her business development achievements included licensing a preclinical New Chemical Entity (NCE), three late stage Phase III 505(b) NDA’s and several exclusive U. S. distribution agreements for currently marketed products.  O’Neill also instituted Upsher-Smith’s project management system which reduced development time and improved the productivity of the company’s R&D efforts.  With three issued patents and five pending applications, O’Neill has established a precedent of patenting Upsher-Smith innovations, thus ensuring that the company’s products and processes are protected.


O’Neill has a Bachelors of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and a Masters in Business Administration.  She is a licensed pharmacist and is a Certified Project Management Professional.  O’Neill is a member of the Licensing Executives Society, Project Management Institute, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, Controlled Release Society and the Drug Information Association.   She is on the Advisory Board of the Drug Delivery Partnerships and is a frequent guest speaker at local and national conferences.


For more information visit www.upsher-smith.com

  Glenn Thuringer, Manager of Economic Development and Membership Services, Worthington Regional Economic Development Corporation

Glenn has held this position since April of 1998 serving both the city of Worthington and the county of Nobles.    He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Management; Minor in Agri-Business from Dakota Wesleyan University, Mitchell, SD. 


Worthington, MN, a community of approximately 11,000 residents located in Southwest Minnesota is offering a land giveaway in their 100 acre, site-ready bioscience park. The bioscience park, located adjacent to Interstate 90 and Minnesota State Highway 59 received $2.5 million during the 2005 legislative session for infrastructure work which was recently completed.  The park will be the future site of a training and testing center.  Applications for the first phase of the land giveaway will be accepted until March 1, 2009.  It is anticipated that the winner will be announced in early April 2009.  For details on how to apply, please visit www.wgtn.net and click on the "Land Giveaway" banner.

  Gary Smith, CEcD, President, Rochester Area Economic Development Inc.

During his economic development career Gary has negotiated and facilitated hundreds of business development projects ranging from start ups,  retention and expansion of existing businesses, as well as the location of Fortune 500 firms.   These projects have resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs and the investment of almost $1 billion in area economies.


Gary started his career in 1978 and obtained Certified Economic Developer status after fulfilling  the requirements for this professional designation in 1987.  Gary is also certified by the National Development Council as an Economic Development Finance Professional.  In 1989  Gary his wife Connie and two boys moved to Rochester, Minnesota where he assumed his current position, President of Rochester Area Economic Development Inc. 


Originally from Burlington, IA he attended the University of Iowa where he earned his BA. in Political Science.  He received his MBA from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. 


For more information see www.raedi.com


Minnesota is the medical device mecca -- but what about bio?


Minnesota’s biobusiness economy is diverse, distinctive and growing compared to states with similar biobusiness economic growth goals. Now it’s documented by the first comprehensive statewide assessment. From biomaterials to biofuels Minnesota leads in research and application. And it goes back to the same culture of innovation that has driven us to develop masking tape, Cortisone, the pacemaker, the supercomputer – and now hundreds of large and small molecules in the pipeline.


The keys to Minnesota’s unmatched drive turned out to be our heritage of tinkering – a survival skill of self sufficient farmers – combined with our core strengths in algorithmic computation and exceptional educational system, which underlies everything from cardiac pacing to bioinformatics.


Minnesota has over 580 FDA-registered entities, and enjoys the highest per capita of Fortune 500 companies. Businesses benefit from Minnesota’s strong research and clinical presence, and local technical and management talent. Just ask:

       ·  locally based SurModics, with its drug-delivery and biomaterials expertise,

       ·  Japanese polymer giant Teijin who invested in Cargill’s earth-friendly renewable biopolymer business, or

       ·  Nestle Health Care whose Swiss parent chose Minnesota as its US headquarters,


Seeing is believing. Come explore Minnesota. Join our culture of innovators.   




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